Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another progress update

For 2 night I have been stitching away on HAED SK Sunny. If I didn't have plans for this whole weekend I probably could make my goal of finishing it by Sunday night. But I am not going to sweat over it. It will be done in July :-)
I watched a new show tonight. Craft Wars on TLC at 10pm est. It was a lot of fun to watch.

Still reading 50 Shades of Grey and listening to Tailspin by Catherine Coulter.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alot of Sunny progress

I was determined to stitch a lot on this today and all this week. Remember my goal is to finish it the end of this month. So after grocery shopping and doing some laundry, the remote and needle became my friend.
I watched:
Unknown - good
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows part 2
True Blood

So here is my progress pic

Thanks for looking and leaving comments.

Now I am going to go read some more of 50 Shades of Grey - ohhhh sooo steamy.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

progress on SK Sunny

I made quite a bit of progress today. If you remember my goal was to finish it this month. I only have 7more days. I am trying to get all the confetti stitching done and then it is all filling in big blocks of color.

The Tourist
Cinderella Story- Sing me a Song
Sixteen Candles

June Tusal

I forgot to post the other day for TUSAL. I only stitched on HAED SK Sunny and most of the threads I was using, I didn't need to cut off and put in my ort container. So here is what I have:

This is Sunny progress for today:

While I was trying to take these pictures, I had a little help.
This is Princess Ruby. She was Dylan's kitten when he first moved to PA. But after a month he had to find a new apartment. The new roommate was allergic to cats. So, of course, i took her. She is now about 2 years old. She doesn't care for Dylan anymore and seems to prefer me and my hubby. She can be quite a handful.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Serious Stitchers

I have started a new Yahoo group for serious stitchers with UFOs and WIPs that want all the encouragement they need to finish them. No challenges or SALs for new starts. OT is limited but there is something different every day to talk about.
I couldn't have done this without my moderators:

Please join us at Serious-UFO-WIP-Stitchers

Sunday, June 17, 2012


This weekend was IHSW. I only stitched for about 2 hours. But it is closer to a finish. Here is what I have so far on HAED SK Sunny.
I only have a couple more rows to go and it will be finished.

I was tagged

I was tagged by Julie and have to answer the following. Then I will have to come up with questions and tag 11 people. This is just for fun.

1.)  Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry?  (If none of these are acceptable, you must choose a flavor that is!) Hmmmm. If soft ice cream then it is vanilla. Ice cream is chocolate and strawberries fresh from the store LOL.

2.)  If you could meet any famous person, living or dead, and ask them one question (ONLY ONE), who would it be and what would you ask them? John Stamos - will you marry me?  Tee hee hee

3.)  What's the hardest thing you've ever done and why was it so difficult? Going back to work after being a SAHM for almost 18 years. I love being home and doing what I want. Time to clean, be on the computer, stitch more and read more.

4.)  Who did you look up to as a child, and do you still look up to them today?  (This can be a parent, a rock star, an athelete, whatever.  You can also list multiple people.) I don't really remember looking up to anyone. My maternal grandmother because she could cook awesome and she painted. My maternal grandfather because he always spent time with me, he helped me learn to drive andwe always went on long bike rides.

5.)  List the pros and cons (for you, keep it personal) of what you do for a living.  If you could go back and do it again, would you do the same thing, or change it?  What would you change it to, and why? I am a forage lab technician. The pros - I only work with 2 other women so no backstabbing since we all get a long well. cons- putting up with the clients when things don't go their way. Even though we do the best we can.

6.)  What's your favorite meal?  (You can say anything in response to this, including dinner, breakfast, tea, lunch, etc.  It can be your fave meal of the day, or meatloaf and mashers.  Up to you.) I love seafood, any kind so as long as it has that in it then I am happy.

7.)  What's your favorite way to communicate your ideas to others?  How often to you partake of this method of communication? In person. Things come out wrong in emails and txting.

8.)  What's the nicest thing you've ever done for someone you don't know?  Talking to en elderly woman , who had just hit a dog. Everyone, including my DH was helping the woman whose dog was hit. The lady kept crying she was sorry and never saw the dog. He just came out of nowhere. No one asked her if she was ok. I stood by her til the cop got there, to make sure she was ok and to let her know it was an accident. The owner of the dog did not blame her at all.

9.)  What's the number one problem with the world today? POLITICIANS!!!!!

10.)  Do you like technology, or are you one of those people that only puts up with it when they have to?  (By tech, I don't only mean computers.  I mean smart phones and HDTV and digital radio and iPods and everything.) I like technology. I have a smart phone and I can read my emails and Facebook when I am not home. I can go online to find something or a place and I like my navigator to get me to new places. I also have an ipod that has audiobooks on it. I can listen to it when I am in a certain job at work also.

11.)  If you could have one perfect day, who would you see and what would you do?  (Get descriptive here people.  Write a paragraph or two.) I would love a romantic day with my husband. No cell phones or anything. Just to drive to a beach and have a picnic then after that drive to a state park to see all the wildlife when it is dusk out. Just him and I since we don't ever do anything.

Here are the people that I would like to see answer questions: And their questions below

1. Rachel of TimRachel's Blog
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3. Sylvie from Coonie & Plume
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11. Ruth of Musing Badger

  Now go and post these questions to your blog and answer them. Then pick 11 of your favorite blogs and give them questions.

1. Coffee or tea?

2. How old were you when you learned to Cross Stitch?

3. Who do you work for and what do you do?

4. Do you live in an apartment or a house?

5. What kind of car do you drive?

6. If you could live any wheres in the world, where would it be?

7. Are you a game person? videos, board games or card games?

8. If you could see anyone in concert , who would it be?

9. Do you like to read and if so do you have a favorite author and genre?

10. If you are married , how did you meet? if you aren't married what characteristics do you look for in a spouse?

11. Can you sing or play an instrument?

Have fun playing along.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

June Wipocalypse

It's that time of the month to post what I have stitched on since the last Wipocalypse

Mirabilia Halloween Fairy
I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted. I have been stitching though. I have put aside Halloween Fairy so I can finish Sunny.

I also have been busy making jewelry so I can start doing home parties. I am excited about that.
I really don't have any other news from my end. I have been reading and listening to audiobooks. I finished The Hunger Games series, still on the Catherine Coulter FBI series. I also started a new book by a new author. She is married to my cousin and I am enjoying this book very much. It is called The Fairytale Keeper and is book 1 of a trilogy. It is by Andrea Cefalo. It just hit the bookstores and Amazon June 1.