Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hi everyone

I am coming back to the world of cross stitching and reading again. I have had a lot going on and was in a funk. I haven't stitched since May. Read about 2 books since then. Been depressed and just a lot going on but I am taking my life back and bringing the happy things back into my life.
I even revamped my facebook and got rid of a lot of people and will be getting rid of a few more this week.

So what have I been doing. Well I have been playing a lot of Sims 3 and I mean A LOT!! I have had a lot of fun doing it to. I have been watching the LPs on You Tube and learning more of playing the game. If any of you are Sim 3 players please let me know, I only have my son, Justin to talk to about it.

I haven't watched any movies this summer and the only tv shows I watched were General Hospital and Pretty Little Liars. I DVRd all of True Blood and will be watching the series this whole week. I am also DVRing The Dome which is based on the Stephen King book. Also The Cove series by Nora Roberts that has been on.

I will post once a week and share my progress of stitching, reading, shows I watched and maybe a little Sims 3 talk.

I don't get to read to many blogs anymore since my internet server is strict on my data usage and no longer start at 0 when the new bill comes in. It is a 30 day rolling system and with 2 of us using the internet it makes it hard to do much. Cable won't come down my road and neither will the phone company for DSL so I am stuck.

I have pulled out HAED Literate Dragon and will finish page 1 before moving onto something else from my UFO pile.

I am catching up on Janet Evanvoich. I just finished Notorious Nineteen and am now reading Wicked Appetite.

General Hospital has been great, mad about a few dragged out things and happy about others.
Loved how Pretty Little Liars ended for the summer. I also watched the season finale of Supernatural, today. Then started True Blood and will continue with this for the week.

During Christmas time I stopped watching Revenge all together and really want to pick up where I left off. I did DVR the season finale but hoping the season is now on CD so I can buy it.
Alot of new shows starting this fall and will give them a fair share.

I have been watching LPs on You Tube by QUXXN. She passed away in July and it was very sad as a fan of her channel. I just finished up with her LPs for Showtime. I have decided not to watch her LPs anymore that she had and will find someone new to watch. I played Appaloosa Plains from the Pets expansion pack and actually had my sim be a horse person. That was playing outside my comfort zone but I had a blast with it. I then was reading the forums and challenges that are out there. So I bought Monte Vista world and made my own challenge based on another challenge out there. I had a sim be a man whore lol. I put the aging on epic and had him be an author and he makes a lot of simoleons ( money) and have a female sim move in with him til she gives birth. I move her out and move in another sim to have a baby with. He raises them and if you want more details you can ask if you want to so I don't take up a lot of time on here. I am stopping this challenge for a little bit and getting ready to play Starlight Shores that came with the Showtime expansion pack. I can not wait to play that.
My inlaws had moved into the nursing home a few months ago and my FIL has gone down hill. He is now in hospice and doesn't have much time left. Please keep us all in your prayers.

We also had major roofing leaking as in buckets and pots and pans all through my bedroom, laundry room and hallway. The roof is fixed and now have to replace ceiling tiles and floors.

Dylan is supposedly a father of maybe 2 so that is on my mind all the time. Long story there and not something I want to get into on here but could use your prayers there as well.

Justin got promoted at Target as a team leader for food. He is liking that a lot. He wants to get an apartment but can't afford it on his own. So he is still at home and helping out here when he can.

Scott is still as busy with his 2 jobs as before. Then he worked on the roof during the weekends when he could. Now finding time to replace things inside the house..

Well I guess that is all it in a nutshell of what has been going on in my life for a few months. Some good, some not so good. I am learning to be happy again and keep the others from bringing me down. I did have a 30th class reunion and I have one every 5 years but this was the best one ever. It started on a Thursday night and lasted through Saturday night. Weather was perfect too.

I will post again in a week.