Thursday, October 26, 2006

productive day

I put away all my floss and charts. I have been stitching on Twisted Oaks Designs model piece so no pics. Watched disc 3 of season 2 of Gilmore Girls. Tonight I watched Smallville and Supernatural. No reading time again :-(

I am home

I am back from Myrtle beach and I had a great time with the Cross Stitch pals Fall Fling. Above is a picture of everyone that was there.
I won these 3 ornaments in an exchange :-) I just love them!
I bought this tshirt from Down Sunshine Lane. it is perfect!
These are all of the patterns that i cam home with. I either bought them or they were in my registration packet. Now I can't buy anymore til next years reunion.
I bought this fabric as well. the heatherfield was on sale and a piece of fabric was in my registration packet.
While in MB I finished July, August and September LK Stamps. I was so proud of myself.

I also finished Vermillion Stitchery ornament from the 2003 JCS ornament issue. Then yesterday I stitched on Imaginating, Inc. ornament from the 1999(?) JCS issue.

I had so much fun at the convention. The first couple of days there it was overcast and rainy but it was warm. I was so busy that I never set foot on the beach. I usually walk every morning, on the beach, but this year didn't. Next year is the 10 year anniversary and my whole family is going :-)

I am getting back into my routine at home and a little tired. I am watching season 2 of Gilmore Girls, on DVD. I am also stitching a model piece for Twisted Oaks designs. That is moving quickly for me.

I forgot 2 pics. Friday at the Pals reunion, someone paid for me to take the ornament class. I finished 2 ornaments there and didn't take pics. the class was taught by Mary of M Designs. She is a sweet lady as is her whole family. Thank you Mary for the wonderful class.

A BIG thank you to Amy for putting on this reunion as it is a lot of hard work and time.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Checking in

I arrived in Myrtle Beach yesterday. Having a great time seeing everyone again. I am here for The Cross Stitch Pals Reunion/Fall Fling. It is raining but I don't care as I am away from home. Will post more later.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I am in Cincinnati, Ohio

Yesterday I woke up to an inch of snow. Buffalo is an hour away and they got 2 feet. Anyways our school was closed due to power outages. The boys were mad as it was homecoming and the dance was supposed to be last night. Anyways, I was supposed to meet a friend after the dance, and drive the thruway. But the thruway was closed for 18 hours so I had to change my route to get to her. We met up at 6:30 last night and headed out. For those of you who don't know, I am on my way to the Cross Stitch Pals Reunion in Myrtle Beach. We got in Cincinnati early this morning and stayed at an Inn. We will pick up 2 friends who live here and head to Tennessee for the night. I will check in here when I get a chance, again.

Friday, October 13, 2006

WIP pic and an exchange pic

I received this Halloween exchange from Julianne, through US exchange board. I just love everything.

This week I stitched on the stocking. I finished the backstitching on the left corner and started another section and then backstitched that. i am on another section now. This will be put away til I get back from Myrtle Beach. Yes, I am going to Myrtle Beach for the Cross Stitch Pals Reunion. I leave tonight and will be there on Tuesday.
I am taking my laptop so I am hoping to keep this updated a few times.

DS#2 is doing well with his leg. He did hurt it a little more but a different section. Just a small pulled muscle. he slipped and fell in the shower but is ok.
Today was our first snowfall, a very wet one and everything is covered and beautiful but way to early. There is no school as the town is without power. They are being told they might not get it back til Tuesday but I find that hard to believe. Tonight was our Homecoming dance and the boys each had a date. Now it looks like that won't happen either.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yesterday did not go as planned!!

I had planned on going to Curves, workout and then scrapbook with my instructor there. She is doing and album that is a gift for a wedding Friday. I went around the circuit twice since I have a bad cold or sinuses. Then started to help her with the scrapbook. My cell phone starts ringing and I notice the number is for the school. DS#2 has broken his leg and will I come get him. Our ambulance service no longer transports and to wait for the city one would take at least 30 min. Since DH is just up the road from where I was, I went and got him. Get to the school and DS is in tears. Nurse said he turned green and almost was sick. Get him to the ER, they were waiting for us. It is his right leg. He has a fracture on the right side and a torn ligament on the left side. Has pain pills, crutches and pills for the swelling. No cast, just a leg brace. All the nurses just love his eyes. My son seems to attract girls/women of all ages. I take him to school as it was ending, to get work he missed and tons of girls are ooohing and awwing over him. I told him he is a little man whore LOL.Now to tell you what happened. They were playing football in gym and a another boy landed on his leg. I am sure that this other boy feels horrible and I told DS to be nice to him tomorrow.Meanwhile I have been sick and all I wanted to do was sleep. Waiting in the hospital sure is tiring as well, must be the smell of meds. DS is having a fit because he can't work this weekend so no money coming in. Plus we have to wait on him and he really hates that. He is very independent. He is 14 and I can't believe this is his first broken bone. He has always been a little daredevil and expected him to hurt himself many times before now.He is sleeping soundly now and DH will drop him off at school in the morning. He has a key for the elevator, at school and will get help from friends to carry his books and such. I am sure most of them will be girls :-)So no stitching for me or reading a book. I am awake at this hour , almost 3:30am because I went to bed at 8 and guess I got enough sleep. I will go back to bed soon.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

BC Snappers is DONE!!!

Woohoo I finished it. All I have to buy is some black snaps for a couple of them. This will be done as a wallhanging and is a Christmas gift.

Von wanted to know since I go to Myrtle Beach a few days earlier than the convention, if I take time for myself. Yes I do. Some years DH goes with me , some years DH and both boys go with me. We make it a vacation for all of us and then when the reunion starts they go off and do things together. But this year and 2 years ago I rode with 3 other women and had a blast. We stop in Tenessee for a night and then in Manning , SC with Amy(owner of Cross Stitch pals) and then head on to the Beach.

Tony Stewart won todays NASCAR race and coasted most of the last lap since he ran out of gas. That was amazing.
Buffalo Bills beat Minnesota, woohoo!!!

Tonight is Desperate Housewives. I will DVR it though as I have to pick up DS#2 from work at 9.
Friday and yesterday I finished up the DVDs season 2 discs 2 & 3 of grey's Anatomy. I have Gilmore Girls season 1 to watch as I borrowed that from DS#1's friend.