Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's that time of the month. TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch-A- Long). So here is this month's.
All the orts in here are from:
SamSarah Designs The 1892 Pledge
LK Halloween Rules
Joan Elliott Christmas Angel- the sparkly thread
Elizabeth's Designs A Colonial Garden
Marty Bell's Rocky Mountain Christmas

Speaking of RMC ( Rocky Mountain Christmas), I have pulled it back out and will be stitching 1 week a month on it.
So Linda, let's see who can finish first. You are a faster stitcher and have more time. I know I am way ahead of you but I do believe you may finish first :-)

Thank you everyone for the comments.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

IHSW progress

I didn't stitch as much as I would have liked. Seems I was really tired this weekend and was asleep on the couch by 9pm both Friday and Saturday. That isn't like me at all. I usually go to bed around 11.
Anyways I did stitch a little bit on HAED SK Sunny. This is on 25 ct evenweave 1x1.
 Then today I pulled out LK Halloween Rules. I am pretty sure this will be finished in March. I finished Greet a Ghost, stitched some more of the border and then started Howl At the Moon. So I have this pattern and then 1 more before doing the bottom border. I am so close.

So that is how my IHSW went. How was yours?


It is International Hermit Stitching Weekend. I have been stitching a little bit and will post pics tonight.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Garden is finished

I finished Elizabeth's Designs A Colonial Garden. It was given to us at a retreat in March 2010. I only did the gate and a little bit of the wall, while there. I pulled this back out last week and finished it this afternoon. It is done on 30 ct weeks linen. I didn't care for this linen but then again I am not a big fan of linen.
Elizabeth's Designs - A Colonial Garden
30 ct weeks linen

Last night Justin picked a paper, #8 was written on it for my next WIP/UFO to finish. It happens to be HAED SK Sunny. I put in a few stitches on it today. It was a SAL in 2010 with the HAED BB. So this will be my main project til it is done. I do like the colors in it.
This is page 1 of 3

Justin and I went to the movies tonight, We saw Chronicle. I rate it a 3/5. I liked the storyline. The acting was fine and the special effects were great but it dragged quite a bit and the main character walked around with a camera on everyone so it was like the Blair Witch Project.

Well time for bed. I am sleepy. Thank you to all who read my blog and leave comments.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Spooky, Garden and exchange

yesterday I watched quite a few of my DVRd TV shows. I stitched quite a bit on LK Halloween Rules.
 I finished the chart Brew Some Fun and started the Ghost chart
This is the picture of the whole thing so far.

Tonight I pulled out A Colonial Garden
If I don't finish it tomorrow night then it should be done Thursday night. This I will frame and give to my SIL.
Tonight I watched:
Live With Kelly! - getting bored with the show. She is inot The Bachelor and does the night befores dialogue. She is into Jersey Shore , which I find disturbing. I guess I will have to see who she gets as her regular cohost.

Some of General Hospital
Hart of Dixie

Last night I finished reading The Edge by Catherin Coulter and this morning I started Riptide by Catherine Coulter.

I almost forgot to post a pic of my Valentine Exchange. This is through my stitching Sisters Yahoo group. I loved it all. Thank you so much Linda J.

Thanks for visiting and the comments. I appreciate them all.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

bracelets and a WIP

I have promised some friends to post my bracelets.
This first one is the bracelet that my sister gave me for Christmas. I had to fix it as the charms were falling off and every time i put it on and off all the beads would fall off. So one bead night at Michaels and the instructor showed me what I needed to fix it. I love this bracelet.

This past Friday night was another bead night at Michaels and I made me a Valentines bracelet.
I love jewelry and especially bracelets and this has been so much fun.

Yesterday morning Scott took me to get groceries, as still without a car. Then got ready to get our taxes done.
I am able to go to Myrtle Beach this year for Pals Fall Fling. I have missed the past 2 years and you have no idea how much I have missed it.

I stitched all night on Elizabeth Designs A Colonial Garden. I am hoping to finish it this week.

I also read a few more pages of The Edge by Catherine Coulter. I am almost done reading it.

Thanks for visiting and all the comments.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

It's a frog night

I want to know which one of you sent that darned frog my way? That wasn't very nice at all. Actually I have never ever done what I did tonight. The letters of A Colonial Garden is what I had to frog. I am a little tired so I will blame that for my mistake. I actually backstitched the words on the wrong side of the project. Ok, I know it's funny but really, did you have to snort to? Well despite that, I still did pretty well tonight.
 So the bushes are done and the sunflower, along with the words. Since there is backstitching and specialty stitches it seems to be stitching up quick.

Last night I went to the movies with Justin (DS#1). We saw One For The Money. I liked it and my son thought it was hilarious. I have read all the books and he hasn't read any. I didn't care for Debbie Reynolds as the Grandma. Morrelli didn't look Italian and Ranger was really nice looking but his body type was wrong. He also spoke more in that movie than I think he did in all the books. He never had much to say and always called Stephanie "Babe". The acting was great! So Justin and I have decided to go to the movies every Wednesday. It is 1 night he week he doesn't have to work and I miss going to the movies. We have a list of what we want to see.

Today I read a little bit more of the book I am reading. The Edge by Catherine Coulter. Love it!

Tonight's TV:
The Vampire Diaries
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

Tomorrow night I am going to bead night at Michael's. I know I will have fun.

Night everyone and thanks for all the comments.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Colonial Garden

I had Justin pick a number for the next UFO to stitch on. Elizabeth's Designs A Colonial Garden was picked.
So tonight I pulled it out and worked on it.
I started this in March 2010 at a retreat in Syracuse, NY. All I had done was the gate and some of the right wall. Tonight I finished that side of the wall, stitched the left side and the branches. There is quite a few specialty stitches in this so I am hoping that will make this go quicker.

Tonight I watched:
Live with Kelly!
General Hospital - what is going on with Kate?

I also started a new book last night, The Edge by Catherin Coulter. Another one of the FBI series. It is really good so far.

February WIPocalypse

I did really well since last month. I had started a few more Crazy January Challenges.
I stitched on:
LK Halloween Rules

HAED SK Rapunzel

2 finishes:
Joan Elliott - Christmas Angel

SamSarah Designs The 1892 Pledge

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Pledge is finished

also is my 2nd finish of the year.

I am Happy Dancing!!!

SamSarah Designs - The 1892 Pledge
WeeksDyeWorks 30 ct Havana Linen
Crescent Colours floss
3/20/10 - 2/6/12

Someday this will be framed.

Today I also finished reading The Target by Catherine Coulter. The next book to read is The Edge by Catherine Coulter.

Tv Watched:
Live With Kelly!
General Hospital
Hart of Dixie
Smash - wasn't impressed

Thank you everyone for reading and the comments. You are all the best.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Valentines and Halloween

Decided to do some Valentine Bracelets this morning. They are stretchy with no metal on them.
The one on the top is mine.

The center one is for my manager, she can't wear metal on jewelry so this is perfect for her. Shhh don't tell her.

the bottom one is for the other coworker. I hope she likes it.

They were fun and easy to make. I have had these beads for years. Trying to use up what beads I have so I can buy more and different kinds.

So when I was done playing with the beads, oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. As I was setting up the beading spot on the kitchen table, the container with all the green beads fell on the floor and broke. Beads every wheres of different sizes. Out came the vacuum, knee high pantyhose, and a rubber band. Put the knee high over the vacuum hose and held it in place with a rubber band and voila. All picked up and put back but in a different container. I did have 1 cat who "tried" to "help" me.

I noticed my neck was hurting bad this morning and spread to my shoulder. So when Scott got home, from work, he massaged it and then we put a heating pad on it. It is still a little sore but much better.

Pulled out my stitching for the SuperBowl. LK Halloween Rules. I stitched while they were playing and stopped for the commercials.
My favorite commercials:
Audi with the vampires
Pepsi with Elton John
Naked M&M
Chevy Acopolypse
VW car with dog losing weight
Doritos with the baby and grandmother
There was a few other cute ones

So I did get a little accomplished with Halloween Rules

Tomorrow is back to The 1892 Pledge.

I also read some more of The Target by Catherine Coulter.


Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate them.

Saturday progress

I ended up going to the LNS in E. Rochester and bought red and pink things for a Valentines exchange. Scott was looking at all the nice scissors and saw a Dovo set of 3 in a beautiful leather case. So he asked how much it was. $275. He said that would make a nice gift for me. Hmmm wonder if he will ever buy it. Then I had to go grocery shopping. So we headed to Wegmans in Pittsford. We didn't make it inside. The parking was all the way into other parking lots and Scott hates crowds so we said forget it and headed back to Le Roy and Tops. Love Wegmans, not a fan of Tops.
Fixed pork chops for dinner with Scott's parents.
I stitched all day on The Pledge and so much closer to a finish.
Last night's movie was Lifetime movie channel's premier of Secrets of Eden with John Stamos. Such a great movie and John is so nice on the eyes!

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments. I appreciate you all so much!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Friday's stitching

Nothing exciting happening around here. I did sit and stitch while watching TV last night.
I will be stitching more on The 1892 Pledge again today. I am hoping to finish it this week. Then another UFO will be pulled out. At this time I do not know which one. They are all numbered. I have papers, with numbers on them, in a basket so I have Justin pull a number out and that will pick my next UFO.

I watched:
2 epsiodes Live With Kelly
2 episodes General Hospital

I also listened to Breaking The Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford. I am halfway through that. I also read some more of The Target by Catherine Coulter.

Thanks for visiting and all the comments. Also on my sidebar is the new follow by email.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

I Pledge

Hi everyone. I have been stitching, honest. Just didn't post last night. I did stitch some more on SamSarah Designs The 1892 Pledge. I am hoping to have it done this month.
I am moving right along on this piece.

I have been reading The Target by Catherine Coulter and it is hard to put down. I am also listening to Breaking The Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

Tonight's TV shows:
The Vampire Diaries
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

I am tired so I don't have much to say tonight. Good night and thank you so much for the comments.