Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas Angel

This is a UFO from an older The Cross Stitcher magazine and is a pattern by Joan Elliott. I have decided to stitch on this for the week of the 25th instead of ornaments. I have soo many ornaments that need to be put into ornaments that I decided to take a break from them. This is what I have done so far
Justin stopped over to visit for a while. Fixed dinner for us. After he left, Allie came over and Dylan, Allie, and I watched The Proposal and it was so good.
I also watched today's General Hospital.

Well I am hoping to stitch on more of this for the week.

Thanks for all the well wish for Dylan, we appreciate them. he is doing better.

Catching up

I have been stitching and had a pretty busy weekend.
Dylan came home Friday night and then spent the night at his girlfriend's house. Ended up getting bit by something. We were all at a Grad party and showed me his bit. Wasn't to bad but by Saturday night it was all swollen and red so we took him to the ER. They took lots of blood and hooked him up with saline and antibiotics. Told us he had blood poisoning. Late morning it got worse so we took him back to the ER. They drew more blood and informed us they didn't test the blood the night before. He does not have blood poisoning but an infection on the skin. Bunch of idiots. So they wouldn't allow him to drive for 6 hours, back to PA and he is to keep his leg elevated for a couple of days. So he couldn't go back to school this week. Today his leg looks pretty good and keeps taking his antibiotics and ibuprofen.

I did manage to get in some stitching time.
HAED Rapunzel

And yesterday I stitched on LK Halloween Rules

We found a car for Dylan. It is a '95 Riviera and is in really good shape. Not to bad on miles and Dylan knows the owner. He will have it on Friday.
I will post more tonight on what I am stitching on. UFO The Cross Stitcher - Joan Elliott Christmas Angel. I will stitch on this instead of Christmas ornaments, every month, until done. I have sooo many ornament stitched up that need to be made into ornaments and what a good way to commemorate Christmas every month plus finish a UFO :-)

Thank you everyone for all the comments you have been leaving, I appreciate it so much.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Somebody turn off the furnace!

Geesh, it is 10:30 at night and I still can't walk around in my house. I left the a/c family room to grab a snack, out to the kitchen, and started sweating as soon as I walked down the hall. I am not one to complain about the cold but just all the snow so I can gripe about this heat and humidity. The a/c still can't get this room below 77.

We weren't to busy at work and I got out a little early as the work was done. Had Weight Watchers tonight and lost 1.8 lbs. So it is the 1.2 that I had gained over the 4th of July and then another .6  I was hoping to lose at least 2 lbs but I am happy with this. I have 9 more lbs to lose by Labor Day, my personal goal.

Tonight I did put in another 100 stitches on Rapunzel. I wanted to give up so many times as it was just to hot to stitch and I was uncomfortable but I trudged on.

I watched:
Live with regis and Kelly
General Hospital
Supernatural season finale - finally!

Well I am going to go to bed and hopefully fall asleep. I have an a/c in the bedroom.

Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate them very much!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


let down your hair. Boy do I have a long ways to go on this, before you see any hair lol. There is so much confetti stitching that it seems I am not making any progress. But I finished 2 squares tonight.
Another hot and humid day today and we already have a heat advisory for tomorrow from noon to 7pm. So I will be watching movies and stitching all night.

Here is tonight's progress:
I watched : Live with Regis and Kelly
General Hospital
movie: No Strings Attached, which I loved.

That is my last Netflix movie. I have cancelled their service because now they want to charge me separately for getting DVDs and watching it on their website or through video systems. I know a lot of people are starting to unsubscribe from them. Besides I haven't been watching them much. I also have all the movie channels on Dish Network plus movies that I DVRd a while ago and movies that I downloaded online.

I want to thank you all for the comments, I appreciate them more than you can know.


Monday, July 18, 2011

HAED and Halloween

So where do I start since my last post. Thursday I got out of work at noon, went home to do some laundry and do things online before going to WW. BIG change of plans. Dylan called at 2:30 and said he was on his way home, from PA, and his car had smoke coming out of it. He was an hour from his apartment but was going to try and make it home. Not to long after that his car died, transmission went. We just put in almost 2 grand to keep this car running and with new struts. Hoping it would last him til December. No such luck. So I had to go and get him. 5 hours later and signing the title and giving the car to the tow truck company, because we had no way to get it back here, Dylan starts driving us here. We didn't get home til 3:30am Friday. No sleep. I called into work and explained the situation and needing to see if we could get a loan and I had things to do at the DMV. Anyways, no loans because Dylans school loans are in my name and Scott can't get a loan because he has his truck loan, Justin's car loan and cosigned for my car loan. So guess who has my car in PA? We are hoping something will come up in a week or 2 and we will be able to get him something.

Saturday was mine and Scott's 23rd anniversary and we didn't have money to go out. So I asked Scott to take me to a place I have been wanting to go to. The Rochester Public Market. OMG! I fell in love and spent and saved money on everything from produce to meat and seafood. I bought Scott a Delmonico steak, as he loves them. That was his anniversary gift from me.

Then we came home and we had to get ready to go and take care of his parents. Had a cookout and I made a fresh salad. Stitched on HAED Rapunzel

Sunday was hot and humid so I told Dylan if we are going to get groceries then lets leave early. So got that all done. He went and visited with some friends before going back to PA and was taking his girlfriend, with my car.

Sat in the A/C family room and pulled out my new Halloween Start called Lizzie Kate Halloween Rules. I love Lizzie Kate and can't wait to stitch on this again on Sunday.

I also have started a LK Halloween Rules Blog SAL. If you are interested please email me needeleratgmaildotcom

Today Justin informed me that he is moving back home this week. Well ok then, sooner than I thought but of course he is welcomed back home.
I stiched some more of HAED Rapunzel but the above pic also includes the little bit that I did.
Yesterday and tonight I got caught up on Live With Regis and Kelly, General Hospital and the last 3 episodes of Oprah. Plus last night I watched True Blood, and Falling Skies.

Well good night everyone, hope I didn't bore you to much. Will try to post more progress on Rapunzel, tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 finishes and a page 2 finish

I actually finished 2 things that were part of the Crazy january Challenge. I am now down to 4 January Challenges to finish. I am very pleased about that. Once they are done I will be rotating with the 5 HAEDs I have started. I have the next 6 HAEDs pulled out of my stash lol. 1 is a stocking for Justin. I also want to throw in a UFO til it is done. But right now I am concentrating on Fragile Heart and Rapunzel since they are 2011 SALs. I also will be starting the Lizzie Kate Halloween Rules Flip Its, on Sunday. Can't wait to start it.
Anyways, here are pics of what I did.

 JBW Designs - A Very Merry Autumn (chart is available)
28 ct lambswool, GAST
1/12/11 - 7/10/11

The Drawn Thread - It's Halloween (chart spoken for)
32 ct Belfast linen, DMC, kreinik, MH beads
1/10/11 - 7/10/11

I finished page 2 of Fragile Heart and have started page 3. As you can see there isn't much to page 3. I will stitch on this again tomorrow night and then back to Rapunzel. I have also decided how I want to finish Fragile Heart. I want to sew it on a black canvas tote bag. I am so in love with this piece and the colors :-)

I have also found that HAED QS(Quick Stitches) are alot more fun as there isn't quite as much confetti stitching and hence the title they really are quicker to stitch up. So if I am to do more HAED SALS it would be for QS.

Dylan will be coming home this weekend and taking his girlfriend back with him, for a week. He will bring her back next weekend.

Saturday will be mine and Scott's 23 Anniversary. I don't know where the time goes and we hit a bump a few years ago but came out stronger.

I am listening to Queen of the Night by J.A. Jance and am enjoying it. I also have started the book The Secret Life of Damien Spinelli. It is based on a character on General Hospital.

I have also been catching up on TV shows on the DVR and watched the series finale of Smallvile. So sad to see it end. I still have to watch the season finale of Supernatural and the last 3 days of the Oprah show. Tonight I watched Pretty Little Liars and The Nine Lives of Chloe King. They were on last night but I was watching Avatar with Allie (Dylan's girlfriend). We have decided to sit here and watch a movie once a week. 

The weather Monday and Tuesday was terribly hot and humid. Today was beautiful but they say it will be a hot and humid weekend.

Well I think I rambled on enough, goodnight,

Monday, July 04, 2011

Busy weekend!

This was a crazy weekend.
Dylan came home Friday so I got my car back, yippee!!
Scott and I went to Shelbi's (Dylan's ex) Grad party. It was nice to see her and we are proud of her. I did very well there with my eating. Parties are for socializing and not the food.
Then we had Scott's 30th class reunion , that evening. Had a great time. Also did very well with my eating but I did have 2 drinks.

We had Scott's best friend's son Grad Party. Saw a few people we haven't seen in a while. Ate healthy there as well.
Then we had Allie's (Dylan's girlfriend) Grad party. Well I didn't do to well there. I had 4 drinks and the meatballs and baked ziti were awesome. So I went for more. I didn't eat any junk food though and not any cake. So I may have gained a lb or 2 and will not get mad on Thursdays weigh in.

I wanted a family day today with Scott and the boys and of course Allie. So I had pork going in the crockpot all night and we ate at 1 today. We had pulled pork sandwiches , potato salad and grilled zucchini. It was nice all being under the same roof again, even though it was only for a couple of hours.

When they all left ,and Scott went to bed, since he had to work tonight, I pulled out my laptop. Read emails, facebook, BBS and a few blogs.
Then I pulled out my stitching.  HAED QS Fragile Heart was calling my name. I will stitch on her for 2 weeks and then go back to Rapunzel. I watched 3 days worth of Live with Regis and Kelly and 3 episodes of General Hospital.

I forgot to tell you what else happened to me over the weekend. Friday night Allie dyed my hair. I wanted something different and most of you know I am blonde. I have been blonde since a child. My hair was getting darker in my 20s but I continued to keep it blonde. Well I had her dye it brown and then put blonde streaks through it. I LOVE it! Will have to get a pic taken and post it. It is a lot different than what I am used to.

Well thank you all for reading this. Hopefully I will have more progress pics tomorrow night :-)