Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mondays Update

I have been stitching a little bit on Cedar waxwing.

I have been dying to have the Cheetah Gigher scissors. The stores here didn't have it and Customer Service told me they can't order them in for me. So I ordered them online. I had a GC that i received for Christmas and this was what I really wanted. i ordered them Tuesday and was told it would take 4-8 business days. My email said they were mailed out on Wednesday and I got them on Friday. Talk about fast. i want to make a beaed fob for them and I have the colors that I need but now have to shop for a Cheetah charm.
So the fob that Carol made me, for my birthday, went on my Gingher stork scissors.
TV watched:
Rumor Has it - DVD
finished Popped by Carol Higgins Clark
now reading- Burned by Carol Higgins Clark

Friday, April 20, 2007

A finish and a start

I had a productive day. Ifinished Angel stitching Christmas Joy. Then I started Brown House Studio Cedar waxwing from the JCS 2003 Issue.

Not sure how I will finish them.
I went to Kelly Services in the morning for a job. I have an appoiintment with them on Wednesday to find out how well I know computers and they will train me in the areas that I need help with.
I sat down and decided that I need to watch all of this seasons Gilmore Gilrs that I have been DVRing. So I did get 3 watched yesterday.
Then last night I watched :
grey's Anatomy
Also yesterday I read a little bit. I finished Jinxed by Carol Higgins Clark and I started Popped by Carol Higgins Clark.
I don't know what DH and I are doing today. he wants to get his haircut and I need my eyebrows waxed. Then I have to pick up DS#2 and his girlfriend right after school and bring them home so she can spend sometime here with DS.
DH has had to do some repairs around the house and has finxed both of our sons floors and this weekend he has to replace part of the floor in the kitchen. Then I will buy a braided rug to cover up what he is replacing. i don't want to replace the tiles as I want a new home in 2 years and I don't want to spend anymore money on this place than I have to. it is an old trailer and starting to fall apart. We aren't sure yet if we want to put in a double wide in its place or just buy a place. We kep leaning towards a double wide as we also have a nice size addition on the trailer that we are keeping and the double wide places say that they can just put the double wide right up against the addition.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

stitching away

I had a pretty good day today. Sent out a resume for a substitute teachers assistant. Filled out an online application for our local bank. Then sat and stitched while watching TV.

Stitched on Angel Stitching from the JCS 2003 issue.

Tv watched:
7th Heaven - DVR
Ghost Whisperer - DVR
7th Heaven - DVR
Desperate Housewives - DVR
24 - DVR

Jinxed - Carol Higgins Clark

Monday, April 16, 2007

A finish!

I decided to get out of my stitching slump and I actually finished this Christmas ornament, that I started in February. it is Kitty & Me Gingerbread man from the 2003 JCS ornament issue.
Then I started Angel Stitchin Christmas Joy from the 2003 JCS ornament issue.

Prayers to all the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings, that happened today. Such a tragedy.

Over the weekend the weathermen predicted a horrible winter storm for us. We only ended up with a couple of inches and it was very heavy wet snow. The morning commute was real bad and DH drove me to Curves as he didn't want me driving. Sorry for those of you that ended up with the storm.

TV shows watched:
The Producers - DVD
Bones - taped
Medium - taped
Medium - taped

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Checking in

Thank you to Carol for my scissor fob. I received it right before my birthday and I couldn't find your email addy, either. I just love it and I have a pair of scissors that i want to buy and will put the fob on it.
Prayers are needed for my Pastor's family. My Pastor serves 2 churches and her DH was killed in a motorcycle accident on Saturday. He was also a Pastor at 2 churches. DS#1 has been babysitting for them, for several years now and the son is 7 and does not understand what has happened, except that his dad won't be coming back home. She has been helping DH and I through this tough time in our marriage and has been very helpful. Now she will need the support of family, friends and congregation.

I haven't stitched in almost a week. I have been reading a series by Carol Higgins Clark.