Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday SAT

I didn't stitch much this week. Justin and I went to the movies on Thursday and saw Despicable Me 3D. Loved the movie. Laughed so hard I had tears pouring down my face.
Then we went grocery shopping. Him and I are doing Weight Watchers. My mom gave me all her stuff so Justin and I have been fun buying for that and eating healthier. But then I had to buy other food for Scott and Dylan. They don't eat here much so not a problem. Then I went to a couple of websites and even found one for points in restaurant food. Some days I can't eat all the points I need and some days I go over 1 point. I have learned so much online from other weight watcher members.

My coworker let me borrow all 3 High School Musicals. So last night I stitched on Joan Elliott's Spring Angel for the SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sister's Yahoo group. I didn't get a lot stitched on this as I was watching the TV more than stitching. I did get this much done on it.
I plan on stitching on more of this today. Not to hot this morning so I will clean and I have no plans for today. Maybe just veg out.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Have a question

As I finish things in my goal list, to the right. How do I put a line through it instead of deleting it? Thanks for all of you who can help me.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Halloween SAL day

Sunday with the Stitching Sisters Yahoo group is for Halloween stitching. Last week I started Cat-O-Lantern and I finished the tail today. Working on the cat's body next.

Dylan and I went and visited with my parents before going grocery shopping.My mom has all of her Weight Watchers stuff so i picked that up. Seems simple enough.
Then Justin vacuumed the house and furniture while I went around spraying everything with a flea spray and gave the dog a bath.
Sat down with my stitching and listened to a couple of chapters from Web of Evil by J.A. Jance. Then at 9 True Blood came on.

Thank you for those who have been leaving comments. I do try to reply back to you. I am getting out of my funk and feeling a little better. I appreciate all of you.

Friday, July 23, 2010

HAED Happy Dance!!!!

My first HAED finish Woohoo!!!
I stitched this as part of the SAL with the HAED BB. I have 3 other HAEDs that I need to finish.

Tonight was Friday SAT with the Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sister's Yahoo group. I ended up watching 3 movies tonight.
She's Out of My League 4 stars
Get Smart 3 stars
The Haunting of Molly Hartley 3 stars

Yesterday we had our work done by noon so I left work, took Scott out for lunch and then later on I took Justin to the movies. We saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice , which was a 5 star. Great graphics.
Then I went to A.C. Moore. I love their pads of paper that are $1. Plus I bought little wooden cutouts of ladybugs, butterflies, bees and dragonflies. I had the round magnets at home so I made needle minders out of them.
Then I went to Joann's Etc. since they have fabric and I love the project bags through Stitch a Gift and I change mine every month. I have 6 or 7 of them now and wanted some made with material that I picked out so I will be sending those fabrics onto the ladies to make them for me.
I am winding the 3800's on bobbins now but I ran out of bobbins so I am hoping to pick up more tomorrow. Plus I have a bag of DMC that are a mix of numbers that need to be wound. I see the light at the end of the tunnel :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm So Excited and I just can't hide it!!

That song has been going through my head the last 15 minutes I was up stitching on this. LOOK!!! It is almost done. Now I am getting antsy LOL.

I plan on going to the movies tomorrow after work, so I may not get it done tomorrow. But I know I will get it done on Friday.

I watched General Hospital and wound more floss on bobbins. All the 3700's DMC are now wound and tomorrow I will get them in numerical order in the Jammer. I will need to buy some more bobbins though for the next set of DMC numbers.

Then I pulled out my Ipod and listened to a few more chapters of Web of Evil by J.A. Jance. Great series.

Tonight's movie was Footloose. It was on CMT and since Justin and I saw the musical on Sunday he had informed me that he never saw the movie. So for about my 30th time seeing it we watched it together. He loved the movie!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday movie/family night

It is Tuesday again and a Netflix night. We watched The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Aniston. Funny movie.
Then Pretty Little Liars came on and Justin and I watched that.
When that was over I put it on General Hospital and wound more floss on bobbins. I am at the 3700s DMC now.
While watching the movie and Pretty Little Liars I stitched some more on HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. I got more of the flesh done and some of the tail. I am sure hoping it will be done the end of this week.

I have been feeling like I am in a funk. Not sure if it the changes going on this year or what. I feel time for a change and want to move out of state but Scott won't move. Then I feel like maybe I should just pack up my stuff, the dog and my cat and just go by myself and start over a new chapter in my life. Not sure where this is all coming from. Justin is in college and Dylan is moving to PA. I am ready for a change. I have been living in this house or I should say trailer for almost 23 years and am bored. It is old and Scott doesn't want to put money into it but he doesn't want a mortgage either so he doesn't want to buy a new place. Scott has had to work OT since February with no end in sight so I only get to spend time with him on Saturdays and this is getting really old as well. I am grateful that he has a job but they also take advantage of that and making it mandatory OT. My stitching friends all live out of state and the one that I have here I haven't seen since March. She is always busy.Anybody else ever feel like this?

Thanks for the comments that are being left, I really appreciate them.


Monday, July 19, 2010

busy day at work

The day started out slow at work, Monday you know. Then a mistake was made but was able to be fixed , no big deal. Just one of those days and we got done late. Got caught up on reading Bulletin Boards(proboards and another one). Read a couple of blogs :-)

Then sat and watched General Hospital and wound floss on bobbins. I might be able to get this done this week, well then again I did find more extra floss lol.

Then pulled out my stitching and watched a movie, Mr. Woodcock. Has Billy Bob Thornton and Susan sarandon in it. Billy Bob played Mr. Woodcock and I really wanted to reach through the TV and slap him. He was a terrible teacher. I also watched tonight's episode of Rizzoli & Isles. Not sure if I want to continue watching this series. I do like Angie Harmon but she plays the same kind of roles over and over again so it seems like I am watching the same show. She needs to broaden her acting career and they need some new blood out there.

I did manage to get quite a bit done on HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. I am really hoping to finish it this week.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This weekends events

Happy 22nd Anniversary to my sweet husband. Unfortunately he had to work.
I stitched for the SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. I stitched on HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep.
I also watched General Hospital and the movie Fred Clause.
This is how much progress that I made.

SATURDAY: I stitched for a few hours on HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. I watched 2 movies. Speed racer , which was cute and then Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.
The SAT today was with Only One Ewe BB and stitching Sisters Yahoo group.
Scott took me out for dinner for our Anniversary. We went to a new place to us in Clarence. It is called Old Red Mill. Scott had Prime Rib and I had Surf-n-turf= Prime Rib and snow crab legs. It was excellent food and Scott said the best Prime rib he has had in a while. We will go back there again.
Dylan and I went grocery shopping then I took off with Justin and we saw a local theater group do the musical for Footloose. It was at a high school an hour away from me. Along the way there was a Quilt store so we stopped. I was looking all around and making comments to Justin. I don't know if it was the owner or just someone that worked there , but she was really nice. I told her that I didn't quilt and I was a just a cross stitcher and wanted fabric for my finishes. She said we are not just cross stitchers but we are fiber artists. I liked that and had never heard us referred as that. I told her that my husband would have a fit if I got into another craft lol. She said that he can't be to bad if he brought you to the store. LMAO!! I told her Justin was my 20 year old son and not my husband. She said no way. I do not look old enough. I told her yes, I am 45. She wouldn't believe me lol.
So we found the school with no problem and the musical was great. Justin had 2 friends in it , and that is why we went.
Came home and started a new Halloween piece for Sunday SALs with Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. This is called Cat-O-Lantern by Springberry Kreek Designs. I bought this 10 years ago during a Cross Stitch Pals retreat. I can't wait to work on it again.
I also watched Tale of Despereaux and then True Blood.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

more mermaid progress

I didn't stitch yesterday as I love stitching with the ceiling fan light and I broke it Monday night. When I pulled the chain it turned out the lights but didn't retract back in. Scott took it apart to see if he could fix it instead of buying a whole new ceiling fan with light. This one is old. But it is fixed and I got to stitch tonight :-)
So last night was movie night with my 2 boys. We watched The Werewolf with Anthony Hopkins. We rated it a 1/5. It was boring, slow and stupid. We could not get into it at all.
I then watched General Hospital and wound more floss on bobbins. I am almost done doing that , woohoo!
I also finished reading The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. I rated that a 5/5. As with his other books you will need kleenex.
Today I watched General Hospital and wound floss on bobbins. Then a new Charlie Brown special was on so I watched that. It was cute. I also listened to a couple of chapters of Web of Evil by J.A. Jance. I have enjoyed these chapters.

So here is what I accomplished stitching on HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. I really want to finish this. I started an incentive piece with Only One Ewe BB and it is supposed to be done in August and I don't think I will make it but I will stitch on that next. I am really trying to finish things that have already been started.

Monday, July 12, 2010

WIP and new TV series

I had a pretty productive day. Got home from work and did a few things online. Then sat and watched General Hospital while winding floss on bobbins. Then end is near for that.

Read for 2 hours. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. Really good and am about 3/4 of the way through it. I also started an audiobook today. Web of Evil by J.A. Jance.

Then tonight I watched True Blood, that I had DVRd last night. A new show on TNT called Rizolli & Isles. It is based on the books by Tess Gerritsen. Angie Harmon plays the detective. Her character is pretty much like her character when she was on the Women's Murder Club based on the books by James Patterson.

So while watching those 2 shows I got in some more stitching time on HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Halloween Sunday and a finish

A lot was a accomplished today. I found out how to get to a Hobby Lobby and it is an hour away so I looked up our grocery store chain to see if there was one close to Hobby Lobby and there is. So Justin and I head out. Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays so that employees can spend the day with family and worship. I wish more stores did this. So I treated Justin for lunch at the store's cafe. Got the grocery shopping done and came home.
Last night Justin and I had the TV on and saw a new summer series on ABCFamily called Pretty Little Liars. I look it up and we missed the first 5 episodes so we watched them online today. Love the show. I ended up finishing the beads and backstitching on Mill Hill treats Collage. This was a kit and I am glad that it is finished. I started it several months ago.

Mill Hill Treats Collage
Perforated paper, DMC, beads

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Wednesday night I stitched some more on HAED SK Sunny. This is the new SAL with the HAED BB.
Thursday night I didn't stitch at all. I got out of work and took Justin to the movies. We saw the new Twilight movie, Eclipse. We enjoyed it. It was nice because neither of us want the popcorn and pop. It gets to expensive. So we ate at home afterwards. We are thinking of going to the movies every week. Just the 2 of us. We want to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice , which starts this week.

Last night was SAT with Let's Stitch Blog and Stitching Sister's Yahoo group. So I pulled out HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep and got some more done on that. I watched Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's episodes of General Hospital and then watched a movie from Netflix, Remember Me. It had Pierce Brosnan in it and the girls who plays Claire in Lost, and the actor who plays Edward in the Twilight series. Was slow at first and then it got better and the ending was a big surprise and needed kleenex.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

More progress

on HAED SK Sunny. This is part of her hat. So glad that I bought the water soluble marker instead of using the air soluble marker that I did have. Also don't have to worry about ruining stitches when pulling out basting threads.
While stitching on her I watched General Hospital (naughty Noah Drake) and then watched Coraline , which I did not like. Loved the book.
Very hot and humid with air quality warning and including tomorrow.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Playing catch up, new start, Dylan's prom and grad pics

This is Dylan's senior prom. He had a good time. It was at a Country Club and he said some of the food was good and some wasn't. Danced quite a bit.

His graduation day was nice but Hot. Thank god it was inside with a/c. Scott, me, Dylan, and Justin. Love my guys. We then took Dylan out for dinner at a steak house called Delmonico's.
My new start. HAED SK Sunny by Myka Jelina. This is a freebie SAL with the HAED BB. I got quite a bit accomplished today. Watched 1 1/2 weeks of General Hospital and am FINALLY all caught up :-)
I plan on stitching on this piece all week. Then I have an RR to stitch on and more of HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. Not much stitching happened in June and no reading. Played Sims 3 a lot lol.

Friday June 2 Scott, Justin and I went to my cousin Liz's house for a party. had a great time. Really good food and then the local school had fireworks so we all went there to watch them. Saturday July 3 we went to friend's of the family. It is a tradition to spend the 3rd with them. We always have a good time and they have their own fireworks. Then Sunday July 4 we celebrated Dylan's grad party and combined it with my sister's 40th birthday. We had a pig roast and a lot of other food. I drank all weekend lol. Had Smirnoff's, Twisted Tea and some other new alcoholic thing with blueberry lemonade, mmmm. Scott and I had today off so I spent it cleaning up my computer desk and table tops. Then gridded out the fabric to start the HAED and as you can see above started stitching on it.
I was supposed to go to calling hours tonight but the weather just kept me in the house, Hot and humid and we had an air quality warning. It is also in effect for tomorrow and Wednesday. Back to work tomorrow.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

June Goals

I am going to make this simpler and try to meet most of them.

HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep
Mill Hill Treats Collage
JCS ornament

Books/audiobooks - 4

organize floss