Sunday, August 29, 2010

finished the exchange piece

I haven't had much to say. I didn't stitch for a couple of days so today I vowed to finish the exchange and I just did, a few minutes ago.

Sunday is my grocery shopping day and Dylan usually goes with me. So today was our last day to do this as he moves next Saturday. I am excited for him but nervous at the same time. My baby is leaving us, to go to school, out of state, for 18 months.

I pulled out my stitching and got caught up on General Hospital. Can't believe what the tramp did , on Friday. If you watch it then you know who I mean. I also watched tonight's episode of True Blood. The season finale is in 2 weeks.

Not much else going on.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Working out

No pics again tonight.
Movie night with Dylan. We watched Cop Out with Bruce Willis. Hilarious movie. Then he pulled out the cards and we played euchre. It was nice without us fighting. 18 know it all most of the time lol. Plus him moving to PA makes it an emotional time for both of us.
I stitched on the exchange piece as well.

Got out of work a little early again today. Did my thing online and then worked out for 15 minutes with Disco Abs and walked a mile At Home. Felt great! But out of shape lol.

I think I am going to play with my stash before I go to bed.

Night all and thanks to my readers and for those who leave comments. Means a lot to me.

Monday, August 23, 2010

This and That

No pics today. I can't show what I am stitching on as it is an exchange piece and it was due in July. So getting it done this week. I don't know why I kept forgetting about it. The person also reads my blog.

Work was dead today so did some cleaning up of things and making bags, thrilling :-)

I have been renting exercise DVDs from the library to see what ones I might like to buy. Well today I worked out with 3 of them:
*Leslie Sansone Walk At Home 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk - A definate one I loved and will buy.
*Chery Burke presents Disco Abs - oh yeah , loved it. Took the time to teach you moves and a good workout
*Fame Dance Workout - way to advanced for me.

Pulled out my cross stitching and watched General Hospital. Then I listened to the audiobook Cruel Intent by J.A. Jance. Then watched a Lifetime movie called Bond of Silence, based on a true story. Very good.

I weigh myself almost every morning with my Wii and I lost another 3 lbs since Thursday. I am hoping that it is right.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

SAL weekend

I stitched a lot this weekend. Scott mentioned visiting his parents yesterday but we never did. I don't know why he changed his mind. So we were home all day and so I stitched. it was a SAT with OOE BB and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. I got quite a bit done. The TV was one but I never watched a whole movie.I did manage to get more done on HAED SK Sunny.

Today I woke up to rain. It was cool out as well, which I enjoyed. So after getting things done online I pulled out Springberry Kreek Cat-O-Lantern. Sunday is Halloween SAL with Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. I got the top part of the cat done and started working on the pumpkin. I have loved this design since I bought it in 1999 and am so glad that I finally pulled it out.
Today I did watch a lot of TV. I watched General Hospital from Friday and oh the ending had me so mad.
Then I watched a few Lifetime Movies that I had DVRd:
One Hot Summer
Joy Fielding's The Other Woman
Gospel of Deceit

Tonight I watched True Blood. Only 2 episodes left for the season.

I am still doing well eating healthy and staying with Weight Watchers and eating the points. I learned to eat more of the filling foods and it does work. The Wii said that I have lost 3 lbs since Thursday morning. Not sure how accurate it is.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weigh In Thursday

We had another new employee start today. I knew who she was because her son is friends with my son. She is very nice and I believe will fit in real well.

I got out of work early so I checked on emails, facebook and blogs before going to WW meeting. I weighed in and lost 1.8 lbs for a total of 3 lbs in 2 weeks.

I came home and fixed a Mexican salad. I had one at Lovin' Cup on Saturday. It was really good so I made one close to it. It was really good and healthy.

Then I sat down and stitched on HAED SK Sunny and watched 3 episodes of General Hospital. I am caught up for the week.

Thank you for those who read my blog and/or leave comments. I appreciate it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HAED update

It has been a movie every night this week. Last night Justin and I watched Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Very good movie that we rented from netflix. Tonight's movie Dylan and I picked out from the library. Couples Retreat. Very funny.

I did stitch on HAED SK Sunny while watching the movie. I also listened to a new audiobook on my ipod. Cruel Intent by J.A. Jance. Very good so far.
If you remember on Monday i had told you about the new employee at work. We liked her and she liked the work. Well Tuesday morning she came in early and said she wasn't staying. She was really upset and having troubles breathing. Seems she had an allergic reaction from work , the day before. She had been up all night with health problems. She felt horrible that she had to quit but her health was more important. She was in tears and we felt horrible for her. Of course her health is more important. She thanked us and said we made her feel welcomed. We were very sorry to see her go. So we have a new employee starting tomorrow. Hopefully she will work out.

Tomorrow is WW and I get weighed. I will post a progress on that. Hopefully I lost weight :-)

Thank you for those who leave comments. They mean a lot to me.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Crazy Mondays

A new work week. We had the new employee start today. She seems nice. She said it was overwhelming. I know she will catch on quick. Couldn't finish our work since the power went out and everything we do runs by electricity. I have no idea if the manager was able to finish.
Came home and read emails, some blogs and Facebook.
Then did some laundry while stitching. I got more white done on her face. I also watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. It was cute.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Halloween Sunday

Today is Halloween SAL with Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. I got some more backstitching done on the left side and more stitching on the right side. I watched Life on the DVR. It was from 4/18. Then I watched a movie from LMN. It was called Ring of Deceit and was on my DVR. Also watched tonight's episode of True Blood, on HBO. Only 3 episodes left for the season.

Springberry Creek - Cat-O-Lantern
28 ct white evenweave

This weekend was busy. I forgot to scan what I did on HAED SK Sunny, on Friday night. I watched a few episodes of General Hospital and the finale of Pretty Little Liars.

Saturday I had my bookcrossing meeting but my mom was the only one who showed up. I had a mexican salad, very good and within my WW points. Then when I got home Scott and I went to the Erie County Fair. The company I work for is a sponsor plus we did work for the forage feed that was there. Because of that I got free tickets. We spent 3-4 hours walking and enjoying it all. I had my yearly Gyro, mmm and used 15 WW points and so I used some of my weekly WW point allowance. I did real well this weekend with WW.

Today Dylan and I went grocery shopping. Buying healthy sure is expensive but will be well worth it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


This is what I have accomplished all week, on HAED SK Sunny. I was hoping to finish the column.

Dylan's 2 friends from his class, are also going to PA with him to the same school. They found an apartment and move Sept. 4. Registration is that wednesday and orientation is Thursday.
Justin started training for his new job at Target. He will go back to school in 2 weeks and will be a Junior at SUNY Brockport.

I am still doing well with WW and lost 1.2 lbs since last Thursday.
I have also been working out with the Wii. The thing is my cat, Molly always wants my attention and keeps climbing on the Wii board and curling up between my feet. I have to keep moving her.

I didn't go to the movies this week, with Justin so nothing to report. I have been watching all the General Hospital episodes this week.

Well I am getting tired so chat again real soon :-)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Halloween SAL

Today is Halloween SAL with the Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. So I pulled out Cat-O-Lantern by Springberry Kreek. This seems to stitch up quick in the hours that I work on it.

This morning I went to Wegmans and got groceries for the week. Dylan wanted to sleep in and I couldn't wake up Justin so I went by myself.
Got some things done online and played a little bit of Sims2.

While stitching I listened to a couple of chapters of Hand of Evil by J.A. Jance. Then I watched a Lifetime Movie Network and the movie was The Devil's Teardrop. I think it was based on a book by Jeffery Deaver. I am also pretty sure that I read the book a few years ago. It was a good movie.

worked out with the Wii Fit for 30 minutes. That is including the free jogging for 10 minutes , which had me sweating up a storm.

Saturday SAT

Saturday was another SAT. This time with Only One Ewe BB and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. I put in quite a few stitches on HAED SK Sunny. This is also a SAL with the HAED BB and the SK SAL runs from Aug. 6-Aug 12. Today is Halloween SAT for me but tomorrow I will be back on SK Sunny.

Scott decided to go to Walmart yesterday. So we stopped for lunch at the Omega Grill in Geneseo. I had a cajun steak sandwich. So I used my weekly 35 WW points to have that. Since he likes to eat somewheres every Saturday I save my points then.
I bought kitchen scales for the food. I bought the last box that I need to organize the Misc. brands of overdyed floss.
While I wasa stitching I was watching movies:
Patricia Cornwell's At Risk
Patricia Cornwell's The Front
I enjoyed them both.

Justin bought me Wii Sports Resort back in April and I finally pulled it out and played for an hour so I burned some calories as I don't sit and play. I stand and move right along and get right into it all.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

a little bit of this and a little bit of that (picture heavy)

Tuesday night is family night with my boys. Dinner and a DVD. We ended up watching Hot Tub Time Machine. I rated it 3 stars. The storyline was good and the acting but the use of the F word was a little to much by one character.

Wednesday night was movie night at the theater. I took Justin to see Charlie St. Cloud and it is an awesome movie and we rated it 5 stars. You will need kleenex! Zac Efron does an amazing job in this movie.

Thursday I worked til 3 and I wanted to join Weight Watchers that evening. Well it starts at 4:45 and in the same town where I work. I did not want to drive back home only to have to turn around again and go to the other side of the town I was already in. So I took my laptop and went to a new coffee shop in Batavia, NY. It is called Coffee Culture and I really liked it in there. It is open late at night and they have a wide variety of coffees, teas, chillers (smoothies) and breakfast food, sandwiches , wraps, and soups. I just got a chiller , which was very good. They also have free wifi, hence my taking my laptop. I left there at 4:30 and headed to WW. I joined and got weighed and my slider and little booklet to get started. I have been doing Weight watchers for 2 weeks with my mom's WW stuff that she doesn't use anymore. I enjoyed the meeting.

Today I got out of work at noon because we weren't busy and I already had in enough hours. I wanted to go for a walk but the sky looked like it was going to rain. So instead I worked out with Wii Fit Plus. I have not used it since April. Well since then I have lost almost 9 pounds. I am thinking because of my eating healthy the past 2 weeks. Anyways I worked out for 30 minutes and burned 172 calories. So I feel pretty good about that. I will post about my accomplishments at the end of every post.
Then I pulled out HAED SK Sunny. Tonight was a SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. I watched 3 episodes of this weeks General Hospital and then a Hallmark movie was on tonight: Lies Between Friends, which was really good. I got a few squares done on Sunny.
I forgot to tell you. Monday I finished getting all of my DMC on the bobbins and into the Jammers. Woohoo!!! It felt great to get that done after several years. I need to buy 1 photo box with index labels so I can store the Misc. overdyed brands that I have. Then all of my floss will be done.
I also have started listening to Hand of Evil of J.A. Jance and am enjoying it.

Well I guess I am caught up for the week.
Tomorrow I hope to stitch more, on HAED SK Sunny.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Saturday SAT and Sunday Halloween SAL

I stitched on Joan Elliott's Spring Angel, for a few hours on Saturday. This is a SAL with Only One Ewe BB and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group.

It also was a Movie day with Lifetime Movie Network. Scott and I watched:
Total Stranger
Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life
Seven Deadly Sins

Sunday was a SAL for Halloween with the Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. So I pulled out Cat-O-Lantern and got quite a bit done on it.
Before I stitched , Scott and I went to an Antique tractor and truck show.Not my kind of thing but Scott wanted to go and since he does a lot for me then I went along. We just walked around once and never stopped to really look at one. Don't know why, There also was a flea market but I didn't find anything. Came home and pulled out my stitching and watched Lifetime Move Network again.

Living With the Enemy- saw this before
Ann Rule's To Late to Say Goodbye

I have decided to go to a Weight Watchers meeting. I have been following it for a week and doing really well with eating healthy and staying within my points. Even went out for a sub yesterday. Had a 6" roast beef on Wheat with veggies and a little oil. Normally I have it on Italian sub roll with mayo as well as oil and I usually order a whole sub. So this was a big change for me but I didn't feel that i deprived myself. So there is a meeting by me on Thursdays at 5:15. The problem is it is in the town where I work and I get out of work at 3. I don't want to go back home, after work since it is a 20 minute drive one way. Then when I go to the meeting it is on the other side of the town where I work. There is a Starbucks and another coffee shop so I just need to find out if they have free wifi. I can order a coffee or tea and spend time on the internet before going to my meeting.