Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spring Angel progress

Well I have stitched a lot on this all week.
I am loving the colors on this piece. Spring Angel by Joan Elliott. It's out of a The Cross Stitcher issue, from several years ago.

Movies I watched this week:
Think Like A Man- I was surprised that I liked this.
Iron Lady- Better than I thought it would be
The Thanksgiving House - Hallmark movie - Loved it!
Puppy Love - Hallmark movie I had DVRd a while ago - Loved it
Under The Dome - Stephen King 13 week series. Not sure if it was a mini series that started in the summer and continues or if it is all done with episode 13. I just finished episode 9. I am really enjoying this series I will finish it tomorrow night.

I will continue stitching on this piece through next Saturday and then will pick another UFO to stitch on during December. I have about 15 UFOS that I started in January and some are quick stitches and can be done in a week. I am hoping their number comes up soon so I can have a finish :-)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spring Angel

Since my last post, I had fallen really hard and did damage to my left leg. When I had gotten to Myrtle Beach, for the Pals Cross Stitch retreat, it had gotten worse. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with Cellulitis. So I was on antibiotics and pain pills. Not allowed to go shopping or walk the beach. I did get to stitch a lot. I also had a lot of fun anyways.
I also found a new home for our dog, or I should say my hubby did. She was hyper 24/7 and she wouldn't listen to me at all. I couldn't put a leash on her as she would try to bite at me. She is now at a home with a lot of land and 2 other dogs that she can play with. She goes on 5 mile hikes and seems much happier there. I gave it almost a full year and feel like I had failed her. I have owned several other dogs and 1 I trained as a puppy and never had this problem.

My stitching mojo is back and I have been stitching on Spring Angel by Joan Elliott.
I love the colors on her and am enjoying stitching on her. I will move to another UFO in December. I will choose another UFO every month.

I also have been reading again. Right now I am reading Sex, Lies, and Vampires by Katie Macalister. It's ok.

I am hoping to update my blog weekly now. I also should have some news to share with all of you by the end of the week. I need to have it official by then.