Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Back

I didn't stitch at all last week. Well maybe an hour. I am feeling all better and have been busy.
Friday night I went to Bead Night at Michaels. It is not a class but just a place to bead with others. Besides the instructor, I was the only one there. I made a beautiful necklace, for me. I will have to post a pic this week.

Saturday I spent at a mall that I didn't like. But I was with friends and family. Some I haven't see in a very long time. So that was a plus. Sunday I went with Justin and Allie(Dylan's girlfriend) to the Walden Galleria Mall, as that is my favorite and have most of my Christmas shopping done. I also stitched on LK halloween Rules but I didn't take a pic.

Tonight I stitched on Joan Elliott's Christmas Angel. I really like this piece.
 I am trying to get caught up on TV shows, on the DVR and have a few to watch online. Will take me a week or so lol.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I tried really hard to post

every day this month. Then I ended up getting sick and not stitching at all and sleeping a lot. So please forgive me. I am hoping to pick up the needle tonight but no promises.
I did go to the doctor's today and I have acute sinusitis and am on meds. Plus I got my flu shot.
Anyways even if I don't stitch tonight, I will be tomorrow, I hope lol.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Almost a row done

I was trying really hard but to tired to stitch and concentrate anymore, tonight. I made pretty good progress in 2 hours though.
I opnly have about another row of confetti and then blocks of areas where it isn't so dense.

Today was a cool,damp day with some rain. I feel like I am coming down with a cold . Not sure if it is the weather or my body is just tired from the busy week, at work.

When I left work I stopped, at Michaels, to see what night Bead Night was. It is next Friday from 6-8, for $5. It isn't a class but just a night to get together with other beaders. So I signed up for it. I also bought one string of beads and a book Beading 101. They also had all their Halloween decorations 80% off. How could I resist? I bought a couple of things and they were really cheap. So they are put away for next year.

Today I listed to some more of Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell. I feel that this one is just dragging and I am losing interest but I will finish it.

Tonight I watched The Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy. They both were fall finales and will be back on after the holidays. I Dvrd Private Practice and The Secret Circle.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I am off to figure out why Sims3 has been lagging. May have to uninstall Pets and restall it. Pain in the butt!!!


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Not much stitching today

Was a busy day today, at work.I got out a little late. When I was getting ready to leave, Justin txt me "California Rollin". Oh yes, definitely. So I txt my sister and Shelbi, want to go for sushi tonight? Neither one could so it was just me and Justin. Good food. Since we were out that way Justin also took me to the bead shop. I was in awe but it was expensive.I did buy a few things. Got home around 8pm. Justin wanted to watch the Country awards. I sat and watched General Hospital and Monday's Live With Regis and Kelly. So I did stitch a little bit but not much.
HAED SK Rapunzel
25 ct evenweave

I am going to go play Sims3 for a little bit. Night all,

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I will sleep good tonight!

Our new mattress set arrived. Mine was very old. Scott works nights so when he got into it earlier today he said he wanted to cry. It was so comfy and he wanted to know why we didn't get a new one sooner lol. Justin also has a new one so I am hoping he enjoys his as well.

I am very sore and tired again. Another super busy day at work. Tomorrow looks as busy already.

I didn't get a chance to read anyones blogs, sorry. I am not sure if I will tomorrow either.

Anyways I did manage to stitch a couple of hours on HAED SK Rapunzel. I put in over 100 stitches so I did accomplish a little on it.

I received an email from a stitching friend. It explained about a SAL so I joined. It is called 2012 WIPocalypse and is at Measi's Musings. I was already going to do something like this anyways so may as well join others. I am hoping she accepts me.

I am also doing a UFO/WIP challenge with my Stitching Sisters Yahoo group.

Tonight I watched:
General Hospital
Live with Regis and Kelly

Audiobook: Scarpetta Factor-Patricia Cornwell

Well that is it for today. Thank you for reading and the comments. They are always welcomed and appreciated.


Monday, November 07, 2011

100 confetti stitches

That is all I could manage in 2 hours. I hate confetti stitches and this piece is loaded with them.

HAED Rapunzel
25 ct evenweave, DMC

Work was busy again. Guess it is job security lol.

I have decided to do a little exercising and walking in place while reading emails, forums and blogs. I am on the computer almost 2 hours so it wouldn't hurt. Wore my pedometer and it said I walked 1 1/2 miles. Not to bad.

I watched:
General Hospital
Live with Regis and Kelly- from last week

Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate them all.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Halloween Sunday

Yes, it is another Halloween Sunday. Although every Sunday is Halloween to me. That is what I stitch on as it is my favorite holiday/time of year.

Dylan, Allie, and I went grocery shopping. Came home and unloaded groceries. I am caught up on blog reading. Then sat and stitched for a couple of hours.
2 episodes Live with Regis and Kelly
Once Upon A time
Desperate Housewives

The next 2 weeks I will be stitching on HAED Rapunzel, except for Sundays.

Thanks for reading and all the comments. I appreciate them.


Saturday, November 05, 2011

Saturday SAT

I stitched about 300 stitches in HAED QS Fragile Heart. It won't be pulled out again til December.

I watched a lot of my DVRd shows.
We ended up getting KFC for my inlaws. which was really good. My favorite is their biscuits. I can eat all of them by myself lol.

I was informed that my jewelry party orders came in. I am hoping to get them tomorrow. I am so excited but now I need some new shirts. Most of mine are t shirts and I would like some pretty plain colored ones that my jewelry will go with. Maybe for Christmas?

Also tomorrow will be grocery shopping day with Dylan and Allie. It is supposed to be warm and sunny and Dylan has promised to wash and wax my car.

Then stitching on LK Halloween Rules.

Thanks for all of your comments. I appreciate all of my friends.


Friday, November 04, 2011

No pic

I stitched for an hour but was more engrossed in the tv show I was watching

Today was an average day at work but I am still tired from yesterday. When I got home Scott and I decided to go buy Justin a new bed mattress. They were 50% off at Ruby Gordon's. Justin also didn't have to go into work so he went with us. Then guess what happened? Scott and I also bought a new mattress for our bed. He has a bad back so I told him to pick one out and the one he picked out was heavenly. The mattresses will be delivered on Tuesday.
After that we went to Ruby Tuesdays. I was craving a hamburger and don't usually order them. It was goood. Scott then took Justin and I to a liquor store that has great prices. So we bought 3 bottles of wine. MMMMM. So of course I had 2 glasses while stitching. Now I am really sleepy and ready for bed. I don't have to get up for anything, in the morning so I plan on sleeping in.
Oh yeah, Dylan came home for the weekend and is taking my car tomorrow for an oil change, and he is going to wash and wax my car.
I don't have plans for tomorrow besides feeding my inlaws their dinner. I will have to go to the store though for whatever I need to cook for them. So I plan on stitching most of the day.

Thank you everyone for all the comments. I appreciate them a lot.


Thursday, November 03, 2011

To tired to post

but I am. I worked OT today and am very tired. It was crazy busy at work. I did ask at one point "it's Friday, right?" and was told no :-(
I didn't make it to weight watchers. The meeting starts at 5:15 and I didn't get out of work til 5:30. I could have just gone and gotten weighed but didn't have the energy to drive all the way there in the traffic. So I figured as much moving around and stuff that I did that I earned plenty of activity points. I was naughty and had loaded fries for dinner. I know, it was crazy and I haven't had them in over a year but they were good.

I also listened some more to my audiobook Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell. I am enjoying it.

Tonight I watched General Hospital, The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. Also stitched some more on HAED QS Fragile Heart.

Thank you everyone for the comments, I appreciate that someone is actually reading my blog.


Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fragile Heart progress

It was crazy at work today. Came home tired and now have a second breath of life in me lol but it is time for bed.
Anyways uploaded photos to my photobucket so I could share pics on the forums. Read blogs and updated my wish list at Heaven and Earth Designs. To find it, you have to type in my email.
Sat down to stitch and watched General Hospital. Last Friday's Live with Regis and Kelly. Then watched a new show, called Grimm, online. I just found out it started last Friday night on NBC so watched it online and must say I was hooked. Then tonight I watched Revenge on ABC.
Anyways I put in over 200 stitches again.
I know that you are probably thinking, "wow 2 posts in 2 days". Well yes, you see, it is NaBloPoMo. "What is that?", you are asking. It is National Blog Posting Month. You are supposed to TRY to post, on your blog, every day for the month, of November. I will certainly try.

Thank you for all the comments and on the suggestions for my naughty cat. She behaved today.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Over 200 stitches

Was put into HAED QS Fragile Heart, tonight.
Isn't she beautiful?

I am all caught up on blogs and hope to stay that way.

Tonight I watched:
General Hospital
couple of episodes of Regis & Kelly
The Ringer

My cat Ruby must be bored. She has been getting into trouble. 2 weeks ago she chewed the wire to a speaker, she chewed the wire that hooks my ipod to my computer and she chewed the telephone wire. She is almost 2 years old now and never did this as a kitten. She has toys and 2 cat houses. I am thinking I will need to get some more bird feeders by the windows and make sure they are filled. She is also a lovey cat and gets plenty of attention. She eats and acts fine. Today I caught her in the bathroom cabinet carrying out a roll of toilet paper lol. Silly girl.

Thank you everyone for the comments. You make blogging more fun and I can't believe that you actually read what I post :-)