Monday, November 07, 2011

100 confetti stitches

That is all I could manage in 2 hours. I hate confetti stitches and this piece is loaded with them.

HAED Rapunzel
25 ct evenweave, DMC

Work was busy again. Guess it is job security lol.

I have decided to do a little exercising and walking in place while reading emails, forums and blogs. I am on the computer almost 2 hours so it wouldn't hurt. Wore my pedometer and it said I walked 1 1/2 miles. Not to bad.

I watched:
General Hospital
Live with Regis and Kelly- from last week

Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate them all.


Vicky L said...

I think you are doing a great job on it.

Anonymous said...

Hi girl! I'm gonna get back into stitching again.....finally! I've joined Meari's 2012 WIPocalypse

cucki said... is really looking so lovely..well done xxx

Pam said...

What a fantastic job you are doing on your piece Shelleen.. It's coming along so beautifully.. I know, confetti stitches are so such a drag but the end result is so worth it. I love your idea of walking in place while reading email and forums.. What a great idea.

Anonymous said... She is having like a challenge to do your WIPs in 2012 because the end of the world is Dec.21 and you don't want to leave all those unfinished projects do you?! LOL

Mel said...

confetti is painful. I hear you. But it will make the detail so amazing!
Good for you for getting out and walking. I have the same issues that it takes time from stitching, reading and blogging, but it really does just have to be done.