Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Not much stitching today

Was a busy day today, at work.I got out a little late. When I was getting ready to leave, Justin txt me "California Rollin". Oh yes, definitely. So I txt my sister and Shelbi, want to go for sushi tonight? Neither one could so it was just me and Justin. Good food. Since we were out that way Justin also took me to the bead shop. I was in awe but it was expensive.I did buy a few things. Got home around 8pm. Justin wanted to watch the Country awards. I sat and watched General Hospital and Monday's Live With Regis and Kelly. So I did stitch a little bit but not much.
HAED SK Rapunzel
25 ct evenweave

I am going to go play Sims3 for a little bit. Night all,


The Crafty Princess said...

Great day! I love sushi...and hey another thing in common I love playing Sims3, it's like being god the power is awesome!

Every little stitch counts and it's coming along nicely. xo

cucki said...

sound like a lovely day..
keep well dear...and happy stitching xx