Thursday, November 10, 2011

Almost a row done

I was trying really hard but to tired to stitch and concentrate anymore, tonight. I made pretty good progress in 2 hours though.
I opnly have about another row of confetti and then blocks of areas where it isn't so dense.

Today was a cool,damp day with some rain. I feel like I am coming down with a cold . Not sure if it is the weather or my body is just tired from the busy week, at work.

When I left work I stopped, at Michaels, to see what night Bead Night was. It is next Friday from 6-8, for $5. It isn't a class but just a night to get together with other beaders. So I signed up for it. I also bought one string of beads and a book Beading 101. They also had all their Halloween decorations 80% off. How could I resist? I bought a couple of things and they were really cheap. So they are put away for next year.

Today I listed to some more of Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell. I feel that this one is just dragging and I am losing interest but I will finish it.

Tonight I watched The Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy. They both were fall finales and will be back on after the holidays. I Dvrd Private Practice and The Secret Circle.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I am off to figure out why Sims3 has been lagging. May have to uninstall Pets and restall it. Pain in the butt!!!



cucki said...

hello dear, here is a very hot day..i am inside and wishing for the rain..
well done for your stitching..looking so lovely.have a lovely weekend..
hugs xx

Faye said...

I dont know how you do it Shelleen~~ This is turning out so nice!!! Take care my friend, Faye

ArchangelDecker said...

It's turning out lovely!

demeter83 said...

It's looking brilliant, although that is a lot of confetti!

Linda Klinedinst said...

Hi are making great progress on your HAED Rapunzle....that is looking good...I hope that you get your Sims 3 figured out...I wish you luck on that.

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing! I can only imagine all the confetti :)

Patches said...

Great progress