Wednesday, December 29, 2010

O Christmas Tree is finished

Tonight I sat and stitched on O Christmas Tree by Angel Stitching, from the 2005 JCS issue. I don't know how I am going to finish it off.
While stitching I watched:
General Hospital
Bart Got a Room

JCS 2005 O Christmas Tree - Angel Stitchin
32 ct Silkweavers, DMC, GAST, WDWs
This morning I went out to start up my car. Got out of the car and fell forwards into the ice. Went to work. Had a twinge in the back and was on my feet most of the day. Got home and relaxed and all of a sudden my knee hurts. Scott says put the heating pad on it. So I did for a couple of hours, while stitching. WRONG! you are supposed to put ice on it for 48 hours. So now am doing that.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Nice Christmas

Christmas Eve I had cooked a beef lentil soup and took it to my in laws. They hadn't had a great year health wise and my SILs do everything for them so I gave them a break. Plus Christmas was at my house, on Christmas day, with my parent's and sister. The inlaws were all getting together on Christmas so we couldn't be with them. This way Scott could spend time with them on Christmas Eve. After that Scott, Justin, Dylan and I went to a local road, to see the Christmas lights. Came home to cheese, crackers and pepperoni.

Christmas morning we all got up and we opened our stockings. Then we ate breakfast before opening the gifts. Was a tradition for me growing up and I have continued it.

Scott got me 4 large jar candles from Yankee candle, 2 scents from Bath & Body works of body gel, lotion and spray. A Trans Siberian Orchestra CD. Justin got me a really nice purse(I am very picky and he did a great job picking one out.) He also got me a iHome for my ipod, a Starbucks plastic cup and a cute Christmas teddy bear. Dylan didn't have money so he is going to do me a favor :-) My sister bought me Satsimu from The Body Shop and my parents gave me a gift card for CJ Banks. My manager at work gave me a cute little plastic bath tub filled with bath items.

Sunday I went to CJ Banks and spent my GC. They had great sales going on. Oh and my boss gave us all Visa cards. So I plan on shopping at a Cross Stitch store that is 2 hours away. I have never been there but heard that it is huge and they have everything.

I have stitched a little bit on O Christmas Tree by Angel Stitching. I am hoping to finish it this week. Tonight I watched: Body of Lies and it was ok.
I am getting ready for the Crazy January Challenge and the Up For a Challenge.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

O Christmas Tree

We weren't busy at work today.
Anyone else on Facebook having troubles with it. I have lists for friends. Cross Stitch friends, book friends, school friends, family. None of the lists show anymore so I can't get into seeing what everyone has been posting. This has been like this for 2 days now.

O Christmas Tree - Angel Stitchin
2005 JCS ornament issue

I did sit and stitch tonight while watching movies.
I watched:
Alvin & The Chipmunks The Squeakquel
The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Monday, December 20, 2010

new start

Today was crazy busy at work so tomorrow will probably be dead lol.
I have been doing laundry tonight and then Justin and I watched General Hospital episodes: 12/15* 12/16* 12/17* 12/20
I also started a new ornament. Jcs 2005 Angel Stitching O Christmas Tree.

I kept falling asleep while stitching this.

I received the floss list and pic of the new 2011 HAED QS SAL. I am going to be stitching Fragile Heart by Hannah Lynn. Real pretty pink colors. Yes, another HAED. Like I need another HAED to start. Maybe 2012 will be HAED finishes for me lol.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A WIP and a finish

I had a hair appointment today and also got my eyebrows done. I was scaring people thinking I had a Caterpillar on my forehead.
Came home and stitched for quite a bit on Happy Halloween by RoseMary Peddie

I watched a couple of Christmas shows like Rudolph's Shiny New Year and Twas The Night Before Christmas. Then I watched 2 movies. Home By Christmas - Lifetime movie. The Time Traveler's Wife-awesome!!

I finished up the Tinkerbell bookmark as well.
 Dylan also was home for the weekend. And brought a friend from school, who is from New Jersey. They seemed to have a great time. I haven't cooked big meals in a long time. Usually it is just Justin and I that eat here. Scott always orders out or we go somewheres to eat, on the weekends. Dylan has class on the 23rd and then has off til January 3. So he will be home the whole time.

Thank you all for the comments that you leave. They mean a lot to me.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Halloween/Autumn/Thanksgiving SAL Sunday

I will be stitching something Halloweeny, anyone else going to join me?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bookmark progress

I stitched a couple of hours on the bookmark. All I have left is the backstitching. Should be done tomorrow night.

I finally got to playing the DVD from Netflix. I have had it for a month. The movie was Toy Story 3. Ok I am sap when it comes to movies and this one made me cry. It was really good and sorry to see this series end.
Then I put it on Happy Days just for something to watch.
The snow is still falling. It cleared up for a while and the main roads were bare. Now it is nasty out again.
Time for me to go to bed. as my eyes are closing on me. Night all.

Thanks for all the comments that you are posting. They mean so much to me.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Looks like Christmas!

It hasn't stopped snowing all day and still have an advisory til tomorrow sometime. The tree is all decorated and looks really nice. This year I bought clear lights and a new fiber optic angel tree topper. She is so pretty. Justin helped me decorate while listening to a Martina McBride Christmas CD and the Charlie Brown CD. Then I watched 2 movies. Farewell Mr. Kringle and the A Dog Named Christmas, which is a Hallmark movie and have a box of kleenex ready.
Tomorrow I will put up the lights in the bay window and out up all the window clings. Maybe get the green garland hung up as well.
I also have been stitching on Tinkerbell Bookmark.  My manager is having me stitch this for her daughter. It should be done tomorrow night.

Thank you to everyone that have commented on my blog. I appreciate you all :-)


Monday, December 13, 2010

Changes to my blog

I changed the title of my blog. Purple is my favorite color and my son said that purple is a color for royalty so hence my new name. I do need to ask my readers/followers for help. I see that others have tabs at the top of their blog. I would love to do that but have no idea how. That way I can have one for the 2011 Crazy January Challenge and another one for the Other challenge that I am going to do. Please help me.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a week has gone by

without any posting. I just haven't felt like it. I did finish an ornament. LHN Winter Sampler from the JCS 2009 Ornament issue.

Then I finished a RR square for Gis

Thanksgiving was great and Dylan came home.
The weekend was for movies and stitching. I watched a lot of movies including all 6 Star Wars movies.
Then we dropped Dylan off an hour away from us. He had ridden with a school friend. He got back to college. yesterday his 2 friends(roommates) dropped out of school and then moved out of the apartment today and had to pay a big fee for canceling the rent. Now Dylan is stuck and has to be out of the apartment like maybe this weekend. He has no job and does not want to lose the opportunity of this school. I am sitting here 6 hours away in tears because these 2 boys left him high and dry. He can't afford rent on his own and I don't have the money to get to him til next weekend. I am so angry that the boys just left him hanging. They moved out today, while Dylan was in school. I have no idea if they took any of his stuff or what happened to his cat, which is an indoor cat, while moving things out. Scott and I are taking the cat home with us, next weekend. But what do I do if he has to be out this weekend? I am so scared for him. They also expect him to pay December's rent but no way should we pay when he can't stay and they did this. What is wrong with people. He went to high school with these boys. So please keep us in your prayers and that Dylan can move in with some kids this week. This has all happened since yesterday morning. I am numb!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend musings

I had a busy weekend. Went to a dinner at a church, to listen to Jill Kelly. She gave an awesome speech and I bought 2 of her books with prayers in them. She even signed them. The dinner was served to us, by the men of the church. They also did an awesome job and I was very impressed. Thanks so much for my manager in inviting me to this event. When I got home I crashed. It had been a busy day at work.

Saturday morning I slept in longer than I had planned to. I picked up Dylan's ex, Shelbi, and we went Christmas shopping. I am done shopping for my parents and my sister. I need to get 1 more thing for Justin. Next time I have to shop for Scott. Dylan still hasn't gotten a job so I am helping him pay his rent so that is his Christmas gift. I do plan on buying stocking stuffers though.
Then I went to a house where 2 friends, from high school, had an Open House. It was at one of the women's houses and it was for Mary Kay and also for jewelry , that my other friend makes. I bought me some lipstick and a Christmas gift.

Came home to find DH sound asleep. It was the first day of hunting season and the wind bothered him and he had a headache all day so wasn't out hunting for long. While he slept I pulled out HAED SK Sunny. I watched a cute movie called Igor.

Today DH took me grocery shopping, before he went out hunting. I came home and did laundry, caught up on dishes and watched TV all day while stitching. This is San Man Originals Witchy Boot freebie. I am hoping to finish it next Sunday.
Today I watched:
Fly Me to the Moon- cute movie
LMN Sandra Brown's Smoke Screen
DVR TV Shows:
General Hospital

Thursday, November 18, 2010

WW weigh in Thursday

Work was crazy and I was really tired. I almost skipped going to WW and talked myself into just going to get weighed but once there I stayed for the meeting. I gained .2 lbs. Such a slight gain. I have 2 weeks til the next meeting to get that off and more. I blame the chocolate and the cheese that has been in the house lol. Oh well back on track again.

Tonight I watched:
General Hospital 11/15 , 11/16
Grey's Anatomy
Private practice

Plus I stitched on HAED SK Sunny. I am liking my progress on this piece.
I don't think I will get any stitching time tomorrow. My manager asked me to go to a dinner at her church. The men are cooking and serving. Then we are having a program with Jill Kelly. Her husband is Jim Kelly, former quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. She will be discussing her book. I am looking forwards to this.

Saturday I am picking up Shelbi (Dylan's ex) and we are going Christmas shopping at the Galleria Mall and then onto an Open House for 2 friends that are combining Mary Kay and jewelry. That should be fun.

Here is info on the 2011 January Challenge.

I will post again sometime this weekend and hopefully catch up on your blogs. Hunting starts Saturday so I plan on watching movies during the weekend, that I had DVRd.

My final decision

about the January Challenge. I will be doing it. After more thinking, I already try to stitch an ornament every month and I stitch Halloween/Thanksgiving/Fall every Sunday so there would be that many new starts anyways. So I will be going through those charts and making my list. Wish me luck :-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Hope everyone had a great day. We had a rainy, windy day.
After much consideration, I have decided not to do the 2011 challenge. I am going to stick with my stitching on UFOs. I have enough to stitch on one each month. Then that leaves me 1 JCS ornament every month and leaving my Sundays for Halloween/Thanksgiving/Fall. Thanks for all of your comments and advice. If I finish alot of my UFOs next year then I may try the challenge for 2012. But you know how us stitchers are. Never know when we might join in on SALs lol. Especially HAEDs.
I stitched quite a few hours on SK Sunny. With it being colder out and hunting season starting up then there is a chance on finishing this page by the end of the month.

I had to clear a lot of shows on my DVR to make room for movies. So Justin and I watched:
General Hospital: 11/8 11/10 11/11 11/12
Then I watched:
House: 11/8

Have a good night everyone

It's a Sunny Night

Work was crazy again today. At least it isn't boring lol.

Came home and read a lot of my stitcher friend's blogs. I am debating on something. I read of a blog challenge or BB challenge. Now I can't find it. Anyways January 1-15 of 2011 you start a new project each day so you have 15 new WIPs. The thing is I have about that many UFOs and I really want to finish them. So do I do it anyways and starting January 16th I stitch 10 hours on a rotation with my UFOs and when one is finished then I add in one of the new starts? Hmm, I am seriously thinking about it LOL. Anyone who knows of this please leave a comment because I can't find it now.

So tonight I sat down and stitched on HAED SK Sunny. I am moving right along on this. This is only the first page though out of 3 so I have a long ways to a finish and will add it to my rotation next year. I also know that HAED will probably do another SAL at the beginning of the years.

So while stitching I watched a few shows on the DVR. Because I have been DVRing movies all during the days and evenings the DVR is almost full. Mine holds 100 hours. As of right now I have 10 hours left lol/
So tonight I watched:
The Vampire Diaries - 11/11
Nikita - 11/11
Smallville - 11/12
Supernatural - 11/12

I also read today that Medium has been cancelled. They are only doing 13 episodes of the 22 that they were supposed to. They will finish it as a series finale though. I really like this show. I also know that it is Smallville's last season. Not sure about any of my other shows I watch.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I finished listening to Hot Flash Holidays by Nancy Thayer. Next up is The Hot Flash Club Chills Out.

Justin had to work at Starbucks tonight. He bought me a Christmas mug that is not on their web site. It is white with a red and white handle like a candy cane. The inside is painted red with silver snowflakes. It is so cute. So I had a cup of tea in it. he wanted to give it to me for Christmas but thought to give it to me now so I can enjoy it. he is so sweet.

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them.

{{{night all}}}

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stitching with Knitters/crocheters

Today was crazy at work and then I was still busy when I got home. I had to work an hour over. Came home and started a load of laundry and preheated the oven for dinner. Once the dinner was done I had to leave right away so the dinner had to wait for me when I got home. Tonight was stitching at the library. Every Monday the knitters/crocheters get together and I go with my cross stitching. So I stitched some more on Little House Needleworks Winter Sampler from the JCS 2009 issue. It is something small that I can work on at the library.
I came home and ate my dinner. Then got ready to sit and stitch and watch a movie. So I pulled out HAED SK Sunny. I got quite a bit accomplished in 2 hours. Tonight's movie was on Lifetime called The Angry Juror. Loved it! The actress who played Arizona on Grey's Anatomy was the Angry Juror and she was also an attorney. I recommend it if it is on again.
Well it is time for my bed as I can hear it calling me :-) 


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playing catch up

I thought I have been posting but obviously not. Today I had a stitch in at my house and 4 stitching friends all showed up. Karen, Jill, Char and Laurie. None have blogs but I have known them for 11 years thanks to The Cross Stitch Pals. We had a great time and can't wait to do it again.

So I started a new halloween piece since it is Halloween SAL Sunday. I am thinking , starting in January, to also do Fall and Thanksgiving on Sundays. Anyways here is Witchy Boot by San man Originals. Done on 28 ct jubilee Mint Green.

Thursday is Weight Watchers , after work. I always go to Coffee Culture and get a cup of tea and a muffin but this time I wanted to try their Ultimate Grilled Cheese sandwich. Since I eat lunch at noon and don't get out of the WW meeting til 6 I do have to eat something. Anyways when I was done there I headed to the parking lot and still had 10 minutes, til the doors opened. So I started a new Zentangle. I started with a few hearts. I then pulled it back out last night and finished it. I think it is cute. I started a new one today and forgot to scan a pic so will do that when I finish it. By the way I lost .8 lbs so I have an average of a lb a week.
All week I stitched on HAED SK Sunny. I got one column done and started working on another one. I am hoping to finish this page this month.
Monday night my local library has knitters and crocheters come in and sit at the table to work together and I was told I could bring my stitching. So I finished Quaker Halloween by San Man Originals. I don't know what is up with the San Man freebies but I have stitched a lot of them and still have quite a few more.
Thank you all for looking and appreciate the comments.


Sunday, November 07, 2010

Halloween SAL

Today is Halloween SAL Sunday.

Last night we had to turn back our clocks. Well I went to bed early last night and then set our clocks back so I ended up waking up at 5:30, which should have been 6:30. I couldn't fall back sleep so I came online to get things done and get started for the day. I knew I could get grocery shopping done, dishes washed and laundry started all before noon.
Then I pulled out Quaker Halloween by San Man Originals. I thought I could finish it today but no, I only have a little bit more to go. So I will finish it next week.
I also have a lot of TV shows to catch up with on the DVR. So I watched:
Vampire Diaries- 10/28, 11/4
Nikita - 10/28, 11/4
Smallville - 10/22, 10/29
Supernatural - 10/22, 10/29
Desperate Housewives-tonight's

I had Justin go through my Halloween kitted up projects to pick out a new Halloween piece when Quaker Halloween is done. Wouldn't you know he pulled out another San Man Originals lol. Plus it is another freebie. I will have to figure out what fabric to stitch on. The freebies I don't have kitted up. I just put the patterns in with the kitted projects.

Well time for bed. Night all.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday SAT

Tonight was my Friday SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sister's Yahoo group. So I stitched a few more squares on HAED SK Sunny. Love this piece. There is 3 pages to this design and I am only on page one.

I also watched quite a bit of TV.

Medium- 10/29, 11/5
Disney's The Haunted Mansion
Live With Regis & Kelly Halloween Party
General Hospital - 10/27

I will stitch some more on this tomorrow and Toy Story 3 is coming from Netflix so I hope to watch that tomorrow.
I have all my mags organized now and my charts. I have a few more skeins of specialty threads to take care of and then put my organized beads on a shelf, then I will take pics :-)

Thanks for all of your comments, you are great friends :-)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Weigh In Thursday

Work was crazy today.

Went to weight watchers for weigh in and meeting. I lost 4.8 lbs since last week. So I reached the 5% goal and a total of 12 lbs lost. Since I am done with work usually around 3 and today 4:30, I am usually starving when the meeting ends around 6pm. So WW had sales and I bought a box of Twisted cheddar snacks and a box of chocolate pretzels. This way I can have them on hand for my ride home from WW and even to have a snack for afternoon, when I stay late at work. They are really good.

Justin and I had Chinese for dinner and I had shrimp with Chinese veggies. Healthy and enough leftover to make a meal for my lunch tomorrow.

Sat down and stitched on HAED SK Sunny. I will take a break from it on Sunday for Quaker Halloween and then back on this til next Thursday. Then I want to finish Quaker Halloween and the JCS ornament I had started. Then this HAED will be my main focus til it is done.

While stitching I watched:
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

Thanks for reading and the comments

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sitting in my Happy Chair

It was an average day at work today. Came home and did 2 loads of laundry, washed dishes and then caught up with things online. Waited for Justin to get home so we could vote. Scott voted in the morning. Then organized my cross stitch magazines. Almost done with that.

Curled up in my Happy Chair, in my craft room. Stitched on Quaker Halloween by San man Originals and listened to The Hot Flash Club Strikes again. Finished that one and started Hot Flash Holidays by Nancy Thayer. This is the 3rd book of the series.

My one cat The Outsider came in and curled up with me in my chair. Then Dylan called me to shoot the shit. More like missing his mom :-) He had an interview this morning so please wish him luck that he gets hired. Did I mention that someone gave him a kitten and he took it back to PA with him? A long haired orange tiger. She is beautiful. Dylan is coming home the weekend of the 12th so guess who gets to babysit the furbaby? yep, me. Wonder how my other cats will like that lol. When I am not home and when sleeping she will be locked up in my bedroom so the other cats will leave her alone.

Well that's it for tonight. Tomorrow is more stitching on this and it is movie night :-) Let's see what Netflix movie do I have sitting here......Just Wright with Queen Latifah.

Night all


Monday, November 01, 2010

I want a change (keeping at top)

to my blog. I want to change the title so I have a feeling that I have to start a whole new blog. The thing is I can draw and stitch but I am not good with coming up with titles. So I am looking for ideas from all my readers , for a title to a new blog. I will list info about me to help you out.

Favorite colors: Purple, Autumn
Hobbies: cross stitch, scrapbook (a little), Zentangle doodling, reading (audiobooks)
like:Cats, butterflies, TV and movies, Halloween, Autumn, HAED Fairies, dragons,

Also I see others have pretty pics in their header with the name of the blog in different color and size script and I want that too.

I do want to keep the 3 column so would need to know where to get pretty templates that would allow me to do that. I can do basic html but for more I need help.

So please send links and ideas and I will keep a list and will have drawings with whoever comes up with ideas for me, that I use.

a new Halloween start

It was a busy day at work today. Then I had a bunch of errands to run. Came home and cleaned, laundry and finally sat down to stitch. This is Quaker Halloween by San Man Originals. It is a freebie if you belong to the San Man BB. I started it last night and continued on with it tonight. It is stitched on 28 Ct Tumbleweed. Since there is a pumpkin in it then I will also count it towards my Pumpkin challenge.
While stitching I watched an awesome movie on Lifetime. It was called Lying to Be Perfect.

Since my 20 year old son knows me real well he came up with a great title for my blog. I will keep my blog here but change the title and some of the look. Thank you for the comments that I received.

Have a great night!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I sat down last night and sewed all the pumpkin finishes, well 4 of them anyways. Into pillows. I stuffed them tonight and then tomorrow I will sew the holes closed. Yes, I will take pics. I need to root through my frames to see if I have one for Cat-O-Lantern.

Well today was the day for my furniture to arrive. They called yesterday and said delivery was between 10am-2pm. I couldn't be home but DH would be. Justin calls me before noon and says Ruby Gordon called and the delivery truck broke down can I reschedule for next week and they will take the delivery charge off. I said sure, Tuesday would be fine. I got home and there sits the furniture. Scott put Justin up to calling me. My Happy Chair is in my craft room :-) and I love it. I haven't used it yet since I am not putting a TV in my craft room, and I wanted to watch a couple of movies tonight. I know I won't get into it tomorrow night either. But this weekend watch out!!

Dylan called and said he was coming home this weekend as he was invited to a Halloween party. Can't wait to see him. It has been about a month since I saw him.

Thanks for reading and leaving comments

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Zentangled instead of stitching

Tonight I made a Weight Watchers recipe, which was very good. I had chicken left over from it so i made homemade chicken noodle soup. MMMM. My manager gave me a tub of chicken base instead of broth. I added some poultry seasoning, dried minced onions, celery , carrots, and chicken. Simmered for 2 hours and then added Kluski noodles instead of egg noodles. OMG! That was the best chicken soup I have ever made.

I sat down tonight and watched Halloween (the original one with Jamie Lee Curtis). Pulled out my sketchbook, pens and Zentangle books for ideas. This is what I came up with. Very relaxing and lots of fun.

My plan was to sew up the Halloween finishes. But by the time I was done in the kitchen and online it was 8:00 so I did this instead.

Oh by the way DH and I have lived here almost 23 years. It will be 23 on Halloween plus it is DH's birthday. Anyways we have never bought any furniture for this house except for a couple of end tables, coffee table, lamps and one glider rocker. Everything was always given to us or given as gifts. Well DH and I stopped at a furniture store on Saturday, just to look. I want a happy chair in my craft room. This is what Spinster Stitcher calls her stitching chair and I love the name. Anyways I found the chair that I want. Then we walked around some more and found a huge sale clearance section. We got a sofa and matching loveseat for $560. it goes for over $1000. We could not pass it up so I also added in the happy chair which is a big comfy recliner. I did sit in it and pretended I was stitching. How pathetic is that? Haha. They will be delivered on Wednesday. The sofa is going in my living room and the love seat is going in the family room. So tomorrow night I have to sew up the finishes so I can take down my sewing table to make room for the chair. I will still use the table when I need to. My craft room is looking good. I still need to buy 2 bookends and I did find them. Springtime I will need to replace the floor and paint the ceiling. Let's just say that Dylan loved one of his girlfriends and is written in neon colors on the ceiling lol.

Thanks for all your visits and comments, they mean alot to me.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another finish

I was busy at the beginning of the day. Went grocery shopping, organized my cotton fabric, and did a couple loads of laundry. Then sat and stitched. I finished Cat and Pumpkin 2.

Cat and Pumpkin 2 - RoseMary Peddie
32 ct linen, oyster DMC

Then started LHN JCS 2009 Winter Sampler. Didn't get much done on it.
I would have started another Halloween piece but tomorrow is the 25th and I try to stitch an ornament every month. This year has not gone well with that goal :-)

While stitching I watched TV:
General Hospital
Supernatural - 10/8, 10/15
Smallville - 10/15
Nikita - 10/21
Desperate Housewives

Tomorrow night House is not on so I am going sew up the Halloween smalls that I did all week. Plus, hopefully, stitch some more on the Christmas ornament.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday SAT

I was still tired yesterday so I took a 3 hour nap, after work. Stitched away on Halloween Kitty and finished him. This was part of my Friday SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. Plus it is still Pumpkin Challenge 2010 with BeckySC blog.

Halloween Kitty - Jennie Young (1999 freebie)
32 ct linen, oyster

Then I started on Cat and Pumpkin 2 by RoseMary Peddie. She is an online friend. I am hoping to finish this today. Still a pumpkin challenge 2010 and Saturday SAT with Stitching Sister's Yahoo group.

While stitching I watched:
3 General Hospital episodes

Today I plan on shopping with Scott for some craft organizers. I know 2 things that I am getting. Then once in place I will take pics.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

That's it, I am done cross stitching

on Halloween Kitty, that is. Now all I have left is the backstitching.

It will be done tomorrow night and I already picked my next Pumpkin piece :-)

Tonight's TV:
The Vampire Diaries
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

I have been exhausted the past few days and we have been busy at work. I don't know if it is all from work though. I am not sleeping to well, for some reason. Today was not busy at work. I got to leave at 2 , came home and slept for 3 hours. But all I dreamed about was rechecks at work. AAUUGGHH!! I am now getting tired again and I hope I sleep much better tonight. Maybe I am coming down with something too and not realize it yet. Maybe I should just go buy some vitamins.

Thanks for all the comments. You all are the best :-)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Kitty progress

Had another busy day at work.
Came home and cleaned a little bit, did a load of laundry. Cooked stuffed peppers and fish.

Then sat and stitched. This is how much I got done on Halloween Kitty.
I was hoping to get more done or finished but I can't keep my eyes open anymore and I need to go to bed.
I watched Dear John tonight and it was very good. Then ABC Family has 13 nights of Halloween. Tonight's movie is Hocus Pocus. I watched the first half but was nodding off.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Kitty finished

Work was very busy today which made it a long day. Plus I didn't sleep very well last night. Came home and checked things online. Too tired to cook and Justin told me he wouldn't cook so he ordered pizza and wings if he could use my car to pick it up. Sure, my car needed gas in it anyways so handed him the money and the keys.

Pulled out my laptop, my audiobooks are on it. I listened to and finished The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer. Loved it and am looking forward to the next one in the series.

While listening to it I finished Pumpkin Kitty. Another Pumpkin Challenge done :-)

Pumpkin Kitty - San Man Originals
32 ct linen, oyster DMC

Then I started my next Pumpkin challenge. This is Halloween Kitty by Jennie Young. I printed this from online and by reading the paper it says I printed it in December of 1999. So looks like I am finishing a lot of freebies. Of course it has a pumpkin in it :-)

Halloween Kitty - Jennie Young
32 ct linen oyster, DMC

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween/Autumn/Thanksgiving decorations are FINALLY up

So when I got home from work, I got online and did everything that I needed to do and THEN put out all the decorations. I am just a few weeks behind lol. No pics though.

Then I pulled out my ipod and my stitching. I am listening to The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer. I am enjoying this first book of a series.

I accomplished quite a bit on Pumpkin Kitty. I also watched House and a Lifetime movie that I had on the DVR. It was called Reviving Ophelia and has to do with teenage abuse from a boyfriend.
I am hoping to finish Pumpkin Kitty tomorrow night. Not much left to stitch on.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

new pumpkin start

Last night I started this but didn't get much stitched. Today I sat and stitched it while watching 2 movies and a TV show.

Pumpkin Kitty- San Man Originals
32 ct linen, oyster
How To Train Your Dragon
Letters To Juliet
Desperate Housewives.

Yesterday I also listened to The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer. I am hoping to finish it this week.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Eyed Jack finished!

I finished One Eyed Jack. This was part of the SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sisters yahoo group.

One Eyed Jack - San Man Originals
32 ct linen, Oyster
Work was crazy yesterday and never made it online when I got home. Last week I had promised Dylan's ex, Shelbi, that we would go out for a fish fry. Turned out Scott finally had a Friday night off from OT. So we all went to Alex' s Place, in Batavia. Really good food.
Came home and I watched TV : Medium and General Hospital, while finishing this piece. Then pulled out my next pumpkin challenge chart. I will start it today.
Went to the Farmer's Market today and am hoping to go to Joanne's Etc for a rollaway storage unit, for all my cotton fabrics. Then grocery shopping.
Stitching tonight on a new start.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

almost done

Well I tried really hard to finish this tonight. I have a little more backstitching to go so hopefully it will be done tomorrow night.

We didn't have to much work today. It was an average day.
Had Weight Watchers and I stayed the same for weight.
Had salmon and stuffed pepper for dinner. Then watched TV.
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

Audiobook is The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer and I am enjoying it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday update

Stitched some more on One Eyed Jack.
Dh had worked a little bit in my craft room so my file cabinet is now where I want it to be and I put some files in it, of my charts and patterns. Then I found everything else that I have had kitted up, and put them in the rightful bins. I will have to take pics this week.
Sat down with One Eyed Jack and an audiobook. I am listening to The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer and so fair it is really good. I would have liked to have stitched more and listened more but I kept nodding off for a second and so I gave up. Going to bed now.

Thank you for all the comments, they mean a lot to me.


Monday, October 11, 2010

One Eyed Jack

Another pumpkin for the pumpkin Challenge. This one is One Eyed Jack by San-Man Originals freebie.
TV watched:
General Hospital

I have had an exchange to mail out for a long time. It has been stitched but haven't been able to figure out how I wanted to finish it. Well I finally figured it out and have it put together but the 2 main things I need, I can't find. So now I have to make a trip to the craft store. And you know as soon as I buy them then I will find the ones here.

Thank you everyone for the comments. I appreciate them very much.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

It is finished!

Springberry Kreek Designs
7/18/10- 10/10/10
28 ct white Monaco, DMC
I finished this a few minutes ago and just love it. I bought this in 1999 at my first PALS retreat. I finally pulled it out this year. My plan is to frame it.

Went to the Farmers Market and this Saturday is the last one til next Summer :-(
Then Scott and I went to my bookcross meeting. Karen and her husband were the only ones there. I called my dad, to see if my mom was coming. She was with a friend. My dad was upset though as their beloved dog was hit and killed. Both of my parents are upset but my dad is worse. He took her everywheres with him and she helps him with his depression. Even helped him when he was recuperating from a couple of surgeries. She was around 5 years old. he is blaming himself as he knew she goes in the road, and he didn't tie her up. I will miss her as well.

After the meeting Scott and I went to Home Depot to get the 2 shelves that I wanted for my craft room. Bins were set up on the shelves.
Dinner time we went my Scott's parents to make sure they took their meds and to eat dinner.
Came home and stitched all night while Scott slept.

I hate grocery shopping by myself. Justin and Scott were working and Dylan, as you know, is in PA.
Got my Cross stitch projects in the bins then sat down and stitched while watching TV.

Supernatural 10/1
The Vampire Diaries 10/7
Nikita 10/7
Smallville 10/8
Desperate Housewives

Tomorrow I plan on putting some of my Halloween Decorations out. Will start stitching a new Halloween piece with Pumpkins, for the Pumpkin challenge with Becky SC.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday SAT

Tonight was Friday SAT and I stitched quite a bit on Cat-O-Lantern. Loving this piece and hope to finish it this weekend.
This week I also finished my first Zentagle. It was a lot of fun and took me back to my teenage years.

Tonight's TV viewing:
General Hospital - 10/7 , 10/8
Smallville - 10/1

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have my bookcross meeting at Lovin' Cup and Scott is going with me so we can get him a new cell phone. The volume is going in his. Then I can buy 2 shelves and the brackets. Hoping to get some magazine holders as well.

Dylan txt me tonight and he is doing well in UTI. They have what is called phases every 3 weeks and they graduate every 3 weeks. Well last Friday he was done with his first phase and has a GPA of 4.0, woohoo! I am so proud of him.

How do you organize your floss? & pics

I stitched on HAED SK Sunny all week and accomplished some progress. This is what I have done since last night. It will get put away til the first week of November.
Meari asked how do you store your floss? So this is my system. This is a makeup case that I bought, from QVC, many years ago. I bought it specifically for my Kreiniks. Each drawer is in numerical order. I think I can fit 20 spools in a drawer, if not more. I also have the glow in the dark, braids, and hi lustres.
These are my specialty threads. I will end up with 4 photo boxes of these. I use GAST and WDW the most so they each have their own box. They are in alphabetical order and have indexed tabs. To keep the bags standing up I use an index card in each bag of floss.
This is what the boxes look like on the outside.
These are all my DMCs in Jammers. Jammers are the boxes for Matchbox cars and are 2 sided. I can hold a whole set of DMC embroidery floss in 1 box. Not incuding the metallics and other DMC specialty threads.

So how do you organize your floss?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

more HAED progress

I stitched for 2 hours on this and it doesn't look like much progress but I did pretty well since it is a lot of confetti stitching.

I stitched on this while listening to Hold Tight by Harlan Coben and I finished it. It was an awesome book.

I took pics of my organized floss but forgot to upload the pics on my computer. I will have to remember that for tomorrow.