Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend musings

I had a busy weekend. Went to a dinner at a church, to listen to Jill Kelly. She gave an awesome speech and I bought 2 of her books with prayers in them. She even signed them. The dinner was served to us, by the men of the church. They also did an awesome job and I was very impressed. Thanks so much for my manager in inviting me to this event. When I got home I crashed. It had been a busy day at work.

Saturday morning I slept in longer than I had planned to. I picked up Dylan's ex, Shelbi, and we went Christmas shopping. I am done shopping for my parents and my sister. I need to get 1 more thing for Justin. Next time I have to shop for Scott. Dylan still hasn't gotten a job so I am helping him pay his rent so that is his Christmas gift. I do plan on buying stocking stuffers though.
Then I went to a house where 2 friends, from high school, had an Open House. It was at one of the women's houses and it was for Mary Kay and also for jewelry , that my other friend makes. I bought me some lipstick and a Christmas gift.

Came home to find DH sound asleep. It was the first day of hunting season and the wind bothered him and he had a headache all day so wasn't out hunting for long. While he slept I pulled out HAED SK Sunny. I watched a cute movie called Igor.

Today DH took me grocery shopping, before he went out hunting. I came home and did laundry, caught up on dishes and watched TV all day while stitching. This is San Man Originals Witchy Boot freebie. I am hoping to finish it next Sunday.
Today I watched:
Fly Me to the Moon- cute movie
LMN Sandra Brown's Smoke Screen
DVR TV Shows:
General Hospital


Joysze said...

The WItchy Book looks so cute, Shelleen. Sunny looks great, as usual. :D

Carissa said...

You wip's look great!

Mel said...

Both are looking great!
Nice to see Sunny really popping.