Monday, November 01, 2010

I want a change (keeping at top)

to my blog. I want to change the title so I have a feeling that I have to start a whole new blog. The thing is I can draw and stitch but I am not good with coming up with titles. So I am looking for ideas from all my readers , for a title to a new blog. I will list info about me to help you out.

Favorite colors: Purple, Autumn
Hobbies: cross stitch, scrapbook (a little), Zentangle doodling, reading (audiobooks)
like:Cats, butterflies, TV and movies, Halloween, Autumn, HAED Fairies, dragons,

Also I see others have pretty pics in their header with the name of the blog in different color and size script and I want that too.

I do want to keep the 3 column so would need to know where to get pretty templates that would allow me to do that. I can do basic html but for more I need help.

So please send links and ideas and I will keep a list and will have drawings with whoever comes up with ideas for me, that I use.


Tammy said...

let me know when you have your new one so I can add you to my big list

Joysze said...

Are you thinking of staying with blogger? If so, try a google search for "new blogger templates." There are lots of great templates out there and hopefully there will be a 3 column template that will tickle your fancy. You can then custom it with simple html changes to your taste.

We recently started a new blog, and I found the template here:

I see that your current blog is based on the Watermark template. Have you played around with uploading your own picture for the background? Sometimes those are fun and so customizable. :)

In regards to a custom header... this needs to be built in another program like Photoshop etc and then you can upload it. If you access DESIGN>HEADER in your blog layout, you will see an option to deselect blogger's default title and upload your own title bar. For example, I did this for hubby's blog:

Here's a thought... there are lots of blogs whose addresses are different than their title. How about keeping your address the same: (this will ensure that all your fans will always stay connected) and just redoing the layout of your blog with a different title and look? This way, you won't have to do anything to keep all your old posts intact in your blog and it's just a matter of changing the entire look of your blog.

As for the a new title... I'm not much help there. :(

Jackie said...

You can keep your blog address the same and change the name/title of your blog. That's what I did.

I'm not great with coming up with titles. I happen to like yours though!

Stitching@HLR said...

Hi Shelleen,

There are some fun templates for your blog on blogger. When you're in the design tab (where you can see all elements of your blog), you have a link to "Template designer" which brings you to a new page on which you can chose different backgrounds and change the appearance of your blog.

I would also keep the address of the blog and if you really want to change your title, go for it. I can't help you with this (am so bad at finding original titles!!!).

For your header, you can try digital scrapbooking. You can find templates to download on the net and you can use the different elements for your digital scrapbooking with Photoshop (for example).

Really looking forward to your changes (eventhough I really like your blog the way it is).

Have fun.