Sunday, December 30, 2007

blogging again

I am catching up ,on Dylan's laptop. Made comments on several of my blogging friend's blogs. DH has my computer back online and with it being dial up, I will still use Dylan's laptop quite a bit. BUT I will start posting pics to my blog, now that my computer is back online:-)
The past few days I have been stitching , reading and watching Netflix DVDs.
Stitching on Joy Tree Ornament by M Designs.
Reading Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson , which is really good.
Watched Griffin & Phoenix, which was awesome. Carolina Moon, based on a Nora Roberts book and was really good ,and Tara Road based on a book by Maeve Binchy, which was good. I have Santa Clause 3 sitting here for today. Look for cross stitch pics this week :-)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

This & That

How was everyones Christmas? Mine started on Sunday with Scott's side. We didn't exchange gifts except for his parents. I received cash from them. They give cash to everyone because it is easier for them :-)
Monday my family got together with my sis and BIL at my parent's house. I received 3 Racheal Ray frying pans and the DVD collection Christmas Televison Favorites. Then all my aunts, uncles and cousins showed up, in the evening ,at my parent's. They had a grab bag exchange but we didn't do that as funds were low. But we had a great time.
Christmas day we slept in. Scott got me a fairie t shirt and calendar, dear form slippers. Justin & Alexbought me cranberry bath stuff from The Body Shop. Dylan bought me pedicure stuff and bath scented Moonlight Path from Bath & Body Works. Dylan's girlfriend bought me Honey Shea bath and body stuff. I sure will smell good.
We had a white Christmas , which is perfect. For those of you who don't get snow, I feel sorry for you because there is nothing more perfect than snow on Christmas with all the Christmas lights and carols.
Yesterday was back to work. I am getting caught up on laundry and cleaning as well.
I started stitching M Designs Joy Tree from the 2005 JCS Ornament issue. I watched the DVD Zodiac, which was good.
I am reading Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson and am listening to Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich. This is a sequel to Metro Girl and a little better as well. No more words NASCAR GUY even though he is in this book as well.
Tonight I plan on watching Carolina Moon on DVD, which is a Nora Roberts novel. Will stitch on M Designs Joy Tree.

Friday, December 21, 2007

checking in

Dylan has been doing well and had a doctor's appointment this morning. He is there now with his dad. I have been home from work for 2 days because of some stomach bug.
Putting stitched gifts together and watching TV.
CJ , I would love a spool of 032, thank you very much. You can email me
I finished reading Twelve Sharp and Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich and finished listening to Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich. I am getting ready to read Coming Out by Danielle Steel and listening to Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich.
I finished the Gilmore Girls series on DVD. Was sad to see that end. Now I have to catch up on Netflix and with the shows on hiatus because of the strike and Christmas season I am hoping to watch a lot of movies.
I have been stitching on Mill Hill's Flying High and on the Santa Fishing Stocking.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dylan's surgery

went well. He was mad as he had to stay at the hospital til 8 pm. We had planned on going to the LNS and mall so we did that on Saturday. Scott and I picked up Dylan's girlfriend and her friend after school and brought them to the hospital. The nurse asked if they wanted to put up the tree and decorate it for the pediatric wing. They said sure and had a great time. The nurse wrote up a letter that they had put in hours for community service so it was great for all involved.
Dylan has some pain and swelling but doing fine.

I ended up going to the LNS and got most of what I need but I am almost out of kreiniks 032 and I need 2-3 spools of that so will have to order online. Plus she doesn't carry Stitchy Kitty designs and I want the new snowman Trio. Then we went to a mall so Dylan and Justin could get some Christmas shopping done. Then off to Joanne's and I bought some fiberfill and 3 wooden boxes for Christmas gifts.
I crashed when I got home and the storm started around 7 pm and another front is on the way today so we are supposed to end up with 1-2 feet of snow all together. I want to put together some ornaments for gifts.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snowy Day

Scott got home from work, this morning. He works nights. I asked him to take me to work , since Dylan's doctor appointment is right up the road. The weathermen said the snow would start late afternoon and we were to get 4"-8" and once it starts it will be bad. I knew driving into work would be ok but I was worried about the drive home. I got to work at 8:45 and by 9:30 the snow started and never let up. By the time Scott picked me up from work we already had 6". The roads where I work weren't to bad but heading into my town was awful. Their snowplow drivers do a shitty job.
Meanwhile, while I was at work. Scott called me and said that Dylan's finger is worse than they thought and he has to have surgery tomorrow. I told him that I couldn't miss work. There is only 3 of us in the whole place and my supervisor is out tomorrow. The other lady works less hours than I do because she takes kids to school and picks them up from school. But they told me that Dylan is more important than my job so to take the day off and the one lady will have her daughter home, from college so she can help her at work. Did I tell you how great these women are that I work with. They said that I am a mommy and that my kids come first. We also have been having furnace problems at work. But I won't even go into that.
So on the way home from work Scott wanted his deer pictures developed. So I took my memory card in and printed up 2 pics and he could not believe how fast it was. Yes Scott is computer and electronically illiterate. Then he asks if I can buy him supper and he wants chinese so away we go and pick up chinese and burger King for Dylan, yes he actually went to work with his hand all bandaged up.
I plan on reading and watching TV for the rest of the evening.
I am reading Twelve Sharp by Janey Evanovich and am about halfway through the book. Very funny.
Supernatural, on the CW, is a new episode tonight so I will watch that and stitch on Fishing Santa Stocking.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

tree is decorated

and most of the house is as well. Justin and I put the lights on the tree, last night. Then I put the ornaments on tonight.
Dylan had his new girlfriend over and the ex kept calling him and crying. I told him he will lose the new girlfriend if he keeps taking her calls. But what do I know LOL.
I finished reading The Case of the Roasted Onion by Claudia Bishop. The main character is a vet and this was first in the series. I gave it a 4/5.
I am now reading Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich and plan on reading more tonight.
We have a storm coming in tomorrow afternoon and we are supposed to get 4"-8". It will come down fast and be hard to see so pray that it hits after I get home from work. Otherwise Scott will have to pick me up from work. Nothing else going on here and 2 days of no stitching time :-(
Not working for 18 years spoiled me and I got so much more done. I have no energy to do anything and less time to do it in. Insomnia would come in handy sometimes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

lots going on

I will play catch up the best way that I can. Ruth, you offered a piece of fabric and I would love it. Let me know what I can send you in return, thanks friend :-)
Friday I woke up feeling blah, sinuses I think. So I didn't go to Curves. Went to work but got worse so I left at noon. I got home and crawled into bed. The kids got home at 3 and what do they do? Ask me questions:
Dylan:Mom, did dad cash my paycheck?
Me: I don't know he has been hunting all day.
10 minutes , after I fell back asleep
Justin:Mom why are you home already and in bed?
Me:I am sick and trying to sleep.
Now I am awake so I might as well get up. DH also knows that I am home sick as I had called him when I left work. He calls me at 5 pm. Wants to know if I want to have dinner with his family. No, I am sick, DUH! Dylan also has a friend crashing for the night. Dylan comes home, from the neighbors with a swollen finger. Was piling wood and someone threw a piece which pinched his finger between 2 pieces of wood.

Saturday we get up. My car is going in the shop because it likes to stall and the engine light is on. So I take it next door for them to work on it. Dylan gets up for work and says he thinks his finger is broken, Scott thinks it is dislocated. Well Dylan has to be at work and we are down to 1 vehicle. So Scott drops Dylan off at work and then comes pick me back up, I drop Scott off to work Dylan's job and take him to the emergency room. They do an xray and his finger is broken and dislocated. OUCH!! So they put it in a splint and have to put the finger back into place. Now I can watch my kids get stitches, have blood drawn, ect. Watching them do this to my child's finger is a no go. So I watch Dylan's face and his face gets real white and his eyes are funky and he almost passed out. Now his finger is all better and says he will take me out for lunch. So we pick up lunch for Scott as well. Drop that off to him and find out my car is done. They put in a new fuel filter and spark plugs. I drive it and it is still not all better. So they put in new spark plug wires. Mean time I go back and pick up Scott from work and then go and pick up the Christmas tree. Bring that home and Scott takes Dyaln's friend home. I fall asleep on the couch, knowing that we have a Christmas party at 6pm and I still need a shower. When I wake up 2 hours later, Scott is still not home because the gas station was so busy that he helped out there for a little bit. I get my shower, he comes home and gets his shower and out the door we go for the Christmas party. Now I had planned on sleeping all day so I would feel better. That did not happen.
Sunday was a little better and I did sleep in. Justin even brought Dylan home at 9:30pm, from work so I could go to bed early. Great kid that he is.
Did I mention that 2 weeks ago Dylan and his girlfriend broke up? I was so thrilled but they were still hanging together all the time. I don't like her or her family. Well Monday he txts me from work about a girl coming over, after school. I said sure. This girl is very pretty and polite. I liked her alot. They are now going out and Dylan is such a happier kid without the ex in his life. She was a very depressing person and never smiled or joked around. This new girl is all smiles and very talkative. So I am thrilled for him.
My stitching and reading has taken a back burner to my getting rest so I will feel better. it is just sinuses and sudafed will help, if I remember to take it.
Today I leave for work and my engine light is on again so I call Scott and ask him if I can get a new car LOL. He said to leave mine on the railroad tracks LOL. I love my car but not to happy with it at the moment. Dylan's new girlfriend is here again and I hoping to decorate the tree and maybe stitch tonight.
Well I guess I talked all of your eyes off so I will go. Such drama for just a few days of no posting LOL.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blogging trouble

I tried blogging last night but when I entered the post it all got erased :-( so I gave up. Anyways the weather here has been horrible. The roads were fine where I work but once I hit my town it was horrible. Today schools are closed and DH is taking me into work since the roads are so bad. He is the greatest.
Last night I hunkered down with the warmth and didn't leave the house.
I finished the book Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton and loved it. Then I started reading The Case of the Roasted Onion by Claudia Bishop.
I stitched a few hours on Fishing Santa stocking and getting quite a bit accomplished on it.
I watched a DVD Gilmore Girls season 7 disc 3.
Well I have to go and wait for DH to come pick me up for work.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Sunday!

I had started stitching a scissor fob yesterday for December but then remembered I already had one that needed to be sewn up. So I sewed it up and now have it. I watched Gilmore Girls Season 7 Disc 1. Watched Hope Floats, one of my favorite movies.
Last night Justin called me and said he just hit a deer but he didn't see any damage to the car. Scott and I told him to call the police anyways. He is ok and there is just a small dent in the fender and some plastic broken off of a headlight but the light works. Glad that he is ok. Not sure about the deer though as they couldn't find it.

Today I got up early and went on the computer to read emails, blogs and BB. Then stitched on MH Flying High while watching Gilmore Girls Season 7 Disc 2. When that DVD was done I decided to read Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton. I am hoping to finish it before I fall asleep. This is a Cozy Mystery and a series that I will definately want to continue. Then back to stitching and watched Desperate Housewives. OMG it was so good and left you hanging at the end and with this writers strike who knows when it will be on again.

Ruth , I would love Halloween Fairy when you are done with it. Is there anything that I can send you in exchange? Thank you so much.

Old Yankee Stitcher, Knit One, Kill Two is a great book and you should read it.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

November and December Goals

How well did I do in November:
work on Fishing Santa Stocking - good progress
Stitch JCS 2003 Homespun Elegance Starry Santa - finished
Stitch MH Bewitched Kitty - finished
stitch MH Violet Angel - finished
stitch MH Bee Skep - finished
stitch MH Flying High - started

Peach of a Murder - Livia J. Washburn - finished
Kitty and the Midnight Hour - Carrie Vaughn - finished
The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers - Lilian Jackson braun - finished
Step On A Crack - James Patterson - finished
Knit One , Kill Two - Maggie Sefton - started
Tara Road - Maeve Binchy - audio finished
Nights of Rain and Stars - Maeve Binchy - audio finished
Quentins - Maeve Binchy - audio finished
Envy - Sandra Brown - audio finished
Metro Girl - Janet Evanovich - audio started
Motor Mouth - Janet Evanovich

December Goals:
Stitch on Fishing Santa Stocking
stitch on MH Flying High
JCS 2005 M Designs Joy Tree
Waxing Moon Simply Winter

Knit One , Kill Two - Maggie Seffton
The Case of the Roasted Onion - Claudia Bishop
Twelve Sharp - Janet Evanovich
Lean Mean Thirteen - Janet Evanovich
Coming Out - Danielle Steel
Sweet Revenge - Diane Mott Davidson
Metro Girl- Janet Evanovich
Motor Mouth - Janet Evanovich

Movie Fallen with 4 of the miniseries to go with it
Gilmore Girls last season
6 DVDs from netflix