Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dylan's surgery

went well. He was mad as he had to stay at the hospital til 8 pm. We had planned on going to the LNS and mall so we did that on Saturday. Scott and I picked up Dylan's girlfriend and her friend after school and brought them to the hospital. The nurse asked if they wanted to put up the tree and decorate it for the pediatric wing. They said sure and had a great time. The nurse wrote up a letter that they had put in hours for community service so it was great for all involved.
Dylan has some pain and swelling but doing fine.

I ended up going to the LNS and got most of what I need but I am almost out of kreiniks 032 and I need 2-3 spools of that so will have to order online. Plus she doesn't carry Stitchy Kitty designs and I want the new snowman Trio. Then we went to a mall so Dylan and Justin could get some Christmas shopping done. Then off to Joanne's and I bought some fiberfill and 3 wooden boxes for Christmas gifts.
I crashed when I got home and the storm started around 7 pm and another front is on the way today so we are supposed to end up with 1-2 feet of snow all together. I want to put together some ornaments for gifts.


Sandy said...

So glad Dylan's surgery went well, I hope he's feeling better soon. Sounds like you had a good day shopping, even though you didn't get the SK Snowmen. :D Take care.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Shelleen, I just got some of the 032 in so if you need blending filament or #4 braid give me a shout I will send it out tomorrow. My treat. Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Dylan is doing better.

imbrilyent-stitching sisters said...

glad Dylan is doing better. We had gotten snow also, now to get ready for Christmas

Von said...

I'm sure that Dylan has healed from his surgery, mostly, by now!

We haven't had snow that we could measure in feet for YEARS! I can only imagine what life must be like with such snow. Stay warm and dry and have a very merry Christmas! :)