Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snowy Day

Scott got home from work, this morning. He works nights. I asked him to take me to work , since Dylan's doctor appointment is right up the road. The weathermen said the snow would start late afternoon and we were to get 4"-8" and once it starts it will be bad. I knew driving into work would be ok but I was worried about the drive home. I got to work at 8:45 and by 9:30 the snow started and never let up. By the time Scott picked me up from work we already had 6". The roads where I work weren't to bad but heading into my town was awful. Their snowplow drivers do a shitty job.
Meanwhile, while I was at work. Scott called me and said that Dylan's finger is worse than they thought and he has to have surgery tomorrow. I told him that I couldn't miss work. There is only 3 of us in the whole place and my supervisor is out tomorrow. The other lady works less hours than I do because she takes kids to school and picks them up from school. But they told me that Dylan is more important than my job so to take the day off and the one lady will have her daughter home, from college so she can help her at work. Did I tell you how great these women are that I work with. They said that I am a mommy and that my kids come first. We also have been having furnace problems at work. But I won't even go into that.
So on the way home from work Scott wanted his deer pictures developed. So I took my memory card in and printed up 2 pics and he could not believe how fast it was. Yes Scott is computer and electronically illiterate. Then he asks if I can buy him supper and he wants chinese so away we go and pick up chinese and burger King for Dylan, yes he actually went to work with his hand all bandaged up.
I plan on reading and watching TV for the rest of the evening.
I am reading Twelve Sharp by Janey Evanovich and am about halfway through the book. Very funny.
Supernatural, on the CW, is a new episode tonight so I will watch that and stitch on Fishing Santa Stocking.

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