Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday night SAT

It got warm today. Beautiful day outside.
Tonight was my SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. I put quite a few more stitches on LHN Glory to God out of the JCS 2008 issue.
I watched a lot of TV while stitching:
General Hospital
The Vampire Diaries
Supernatural - 1/2 of it was frozen on the DVR so will finish it online
Ghost Whisperer

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A finish and a new start

I did it! I finished Little House Needleworks Snowbunnies. This was a lot of fun to stitch up.

Little House Needleworks JCS 2007 Snow Bunnies

Then I started Little House Needleworks Glory to God.
Little House Needleworks JCS 2008 Glory to God

I started reading the Memory Thief by Rachel Keener, I have about 70 pages read and I am liking it so far.

TV shows watched:
General Hospital - today's episode
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

all good shows tonight.

Tomorrow night is a SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. Anyone else want to join in?

Thank you to all my readers and those who leave comments. They mean a lot to me.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LHN JCS ornament

I am trying to finish LHN Snow Bunnies from the JCS 2007 issue. I got the 2 bunnies done, some leaves and more of the border. I am hoping to finish this tomorrow night.

I got out of work at noon so I decided to catch up on General Hospital. I watched episodes:
4/21, 4/22, 4/23, 4/26, 4/27, and half of todays.

Tonight I watched the new show Happy Town. Interesting show.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday night , movie night

Another Tuesday movie night with my boys.

First I took Dylan to get fitted for the tux , for his senior prom. We were in and out in 10 minutes. he wanted a black tux. Looked through the book and said they all look alike. I tried pointing out the differences with the lapels, pockets, coat tails and such. He saw none of it. ordered a basic black tux. Long tie and vest in Aqua since his date's dress is that color.

Came home and I cooked linguine in clam sauce and then sat down for tonight's movie. From Netflix we watched The Lovely Bones. We all liked it. After that Dylan and I watched The Animal.

I also stitched on LHN Snow Bunnies from the JCS 2007 issue. Maybe I can finish it tomorrow night.

Is anyone going to watch the new show tomorrow, Happy Town? Justin and I plan on watching it.

pic of finished St Paddy's Kitty Moon

Stitchy Kitty St. Paddy's Kitty Moon
28 ct Millenium Blue cashel linen
DMC & Kreinik

Monday, April 26, 2010

St. Paddy's Kitty Moon is finished!

Unfortunately I don't have a picture. My scanner is giving me a hard time and only would work on the ornament below. I will try to scan another pic tomorrow.

After I worked on that I pulled out this ornament that I started in March. LHN Snow Bunnies from the JCS 2007 issue.

While stitching I watched TV:
Private Practice
General Hospital - 4/19, 4/20

I am hoping to finish this ornament tomorrow night. I am taking Dylan to get fitted for a tux. His senior prom is in 2 weeks.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mill Hill Treats Collage

Dylan and I decided to go grocery shopping this morning. Then we picked up his ex, Shelbi. I miss her and she always liked shopping with me. My car acted up on the way home. We got home but my car is not good. I can't afford a new one and I really love my car and 130,000 miles is not a lot of miles. So I will be saving to get it fixed. Could be 1 of 2 things wrong with it so Dylan is going to take it to Boces and have his auto teacher hook it up to see exactly what is wrong with it. So I have had a pity party for myself all day. I know, it is just a car and there are worse people off than me and going through grief and other things. To me this is my big thing at the moment.

I pulled out Mill Hill Treats Collage and stitched away. I am now adding beads to it so it should be done next Sunday. Today was Halloween SAL with Stitching Sisters Yahoo group.

I also finished listening to Rough Country by John Sandford. I gave it a 4 out of 5 star.

Tonight's TV was Desperate Housewives. Next weeks looks really good.

Tomorrow is back to Stitchy Kitty St. Paddy's Kitty Moon. Hopefully will finish it.

Saturdays SAT

I went to the LNS in the morning. I needed Kreinik gold but they were out of the silver. So she had one car of something else to substitute(mind is blank right now)it with. I know I need more of this but she said I had enough. I don't think so.

Came home to stitch on Joan Elliott's Spring Angel. It was a SAT piece with the Only One Ewe BB and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. Plus it is my incentive piece with the Only One Ewe BB. I got quite a bit stitched on despite that i am working with Kreinik BF.

I watched:
DVD - Tinkerbell & the Lost Treasure
DVR- Bones

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stitch In Friday , April 23, 6pm-midnight

at my house. Smoke Free home but I have 4 cats and a dog. You are all welcome :-)

Friday 4/23 SAT

We were pretty busy at work so I had to stay over.

I borrowed Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell 2, Videos and watched the first one tonight. Then I watched Avatar! So I should have finished this tonight but I watched the movie more than I stitched. Plus I had to leave for an hour. This is how much progress I got done. Should be finished Monday night.

Stitchy Kitty St. Paddy's Kitty Moon

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday progress

Thursday I got home from work, read emails and did a little Facebook. Decided to take a nap. it was 3:45 when I looked at the clock. I heard my cell phone go off for a txt message, thinking it is about 5:00, I read the txt and then look at the clock. it is 7:00. Holy moses, where did the time go? I slept hard! I got up had some dinner and then sat down to the TV and to stitch. I DVRd Bones and watched Vampire Diaries and then Supernatural. Then went to watch the new episode of Private Practice but oh no ABC were complete idiots and moved it to the Grey's Anatomy spot and moved Grey's to the Private Practice spot. Grey's was a repeat, which I already knew. Now I will have to watch Private Practice online.

I stitched on Stitchy Kitty St. Paddy's Kitty Moon and got a little bit more done it.

Dylan picked up Avatar for me and that is what i plan on watching Friday night during my SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Valentine Kitty Moon is finished!

Today I read all my blogging friend's blogs and commented on some. I love getting comments on mine and I do try to comment on others.

I worked out with the Wii Fit Plus. Really like it.

Tonight's dinner was from the Taste of Home Cooking School Spring magazine. Crab & Spinach quiche, which was very good.

While it was in the oven I watched General Hopsital 4/16 while winding floss on bobbins

Then after dinner I sat down with my ipod and Valentine Kitty Moon, and it is finished. I really like stitching on these. I listened to a few more discs of Rough Country by John Sandford.

Stitchy Kitty Valentine Kitty Moon
28 ct cashel Millenium Blue
DMC, Kreiniks

Then I stitched some more on Stitchy Kitty St. Paddy's Kitty Moon. I will stitch on this some more tomorrow night and Friday night and will hopefully finish it.

I am on a finishing kick so after St. Paddy's Kitty Moon I will finish up last month's ornament and then start this month's ornament. Then onto a UFO. Not sure which one. I thought of pulling out my oldest one. That would be Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell. But Christmas Angel is calling my name and so is I Shall Wear Purple, or maybe even Mirabilia's Winter Queen. Hmmm. Tough decisions lol.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Movie Tuesday

Tuesday again with a movie and a pizza. Tonight's movie was from Netflix and called Dylan slept through most of it, Justin found it boring and I rated it a 3 out of 5 stars. The storyline was good. Was slow paced though and the main character looked anorexic.

I watched a little bit of General Hospital's Friday episode while winding floss on bobbins.

I have 3 sections of bookcases all lined up together, floor to a couple of feet away from the ceiling. I am trying to get the shelves all organized. They look so cluttered. I am trying to turn it into my cross stitch area. 1 of the bookcases is pretty crappy looking so once I am all done it will get thrown out. I then want to either buy a loveseat or a comfortable recliner and have it sit between 2 of the bookcases. I will keep my floss, mags, cross stitch books, beads, kreiniks and fabrics all neat on the shelves. It will probably happen next year. I have been working on one shelf at time and sorting through the books, do I want to read or can I get them on audiobook into my computer.

Tonight I watched Lost, only a few more episodes left of this series. Will be sad to see it go.

So while watching Lost and the movie I stitched some more on Valentine Kitty Moon. I also got in about an hour of the audiobook Rough Country by John Sandford. Anyways Valentine Kitty Moon is moving right along and I am hoping to finish it tomorrow night. Then onto St. Paddy's Kitty Moon.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Valentine Kitty Moon - Monday's progress

Had a productive day today.

Stitchy Kitty Valentine Kitty Moon. Got more of his body stitched up and the white border of the middle heart.

lost 2 lbs
Wii for 30 minutes

Cleaned living room

Made a new recipe from the Taste of Home Cooking School Spring mag. Tuna casserole. Very good.

wound some more DMC on bobbins

GH - 4/15

audiobook - Rouch Country - John Sandford. Very good so far.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Halloween SAL Sunday

Today was Halloween SAL with the stitching sisters Yahoo group. So I pulled out Mill Hill Treats Collage and got most of the cross stitching done on it. I have a couple of letters left and then I can add the beads.
While stitching I listened to Heat Lightning by John Sandford and I finished it. Then I watched Wild Kingdom, Life, and Desperate Housewives.

This week I want to finish Stitchy Kitty Valentine Kitty moon.

Spring Angel progress Saturday SAT

Saturday was the SAT with the Only One Ewe BB and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. I stitched on Joan Elliott's Spring Angel. I wanted to back stitch what I had done so far but I need Kreinik cord in silver - 2 spools- so I will have to order some.

I also watched a movie:
The Other Boleyn Girl. Awesome movie but hate how women were treated back then. I would have never made it past 12 lol.

Scott and I went and visited my parents as I had to pick up a book to read and then we went to Wegmans to get the grocery shopping done. Plus in the same town is our favorite sub shop so grabbed that for dinner. The book I picked up is from the author and our book club won the books and will be discussing it with the author on a phone interview with her. The book is The Memory Thief by Rachel Keener. Read the back blurb and it sounds really good.

Today is Halloween SAL with the Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. I will be stitching on Mill Hill Treats Collage.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good SAT night, a finish and a wip

We weren't busy at work today so I left at noon. The one young woman that has been with us for about 9 months left for a full time job. Her last day was today.

Came home and took a nap for an hour and a half. Fixed another recipe from the taste of Home Cooking School's mag. Was really good.

Then I sat and stitched all night while watching TV.
I watched :
Vampire Diaries
movie: P.S. I love You (loved it)

I finished Stitchy Kitty Easter Kitty Moon. It came out really cute. I am thinking I will finish this in a cube like I did the Halloween Kitty Moon. I do want to stitch up the kitty paw fob that is also in this pattern but I dn't have 28 ct jubilee mint green. So I will have to get that for another time.

Stitchy Kitty Easter Kitty Moon
28 ct Cashel Millenium Blue
DMC, Kreinik and buttons
Then I pulled out Stitchy Kitty Valentine Kitty Moon and I put in a few stitches on it. I will stitch on this next week to finish it. Remember this month I set aside for some finishes.
Stitchy Kitty Valentine Kitty Moon
28 ct Cashel Millenium Blue

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Kitty Moon progress

I have been making good progress on this, all week.

Yesterday I watched Where The Wild Things Are , from Netflix. let me tell you this is a dark , angry and depressing movie. Nothing like the book. Would scare little kids.

I had today off from work so did a couple of loads of laundry.
I stitched while watching:
Live with regis & Kelly
Rachael Ray

Today I wound more floss on bobbins and am on the 3300s. I put the 3ooos in the storage box. While doing that I watched:
General Hospital - 4/9, 4/12, 4/13, 4/14

Tomorrow night is a SAT with Stitching Sisters Yahoo group and Let's Stitch Blog. Anyone want to come to my house for a SAT night? I will hopefully finish Easter Kitty Moon and then pull out Valentines Kitty Moon, again.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Kitty Moon

Netflix now has a disc for the Wii so you can waych Netflix through your TV via the Wii. My disc came in today. So I decided to try it. It took 20 minutes to stream a TV show so I could watch it. 5 minutes into the show it stopped to stream again and after 15 minutes and still nothing, I gave up. I will try again another time.

Meanwhile during all of this waiting I started stitching some more on Easter Kitty. Then at 9 Lost came on so I watched that. Only a couple more episodes left and I think this season is better than last.

Dylan and I got online for Fafsa so he can get financial aid and then we have to go on and sign up for grants and scholarships. I tried to get him to do this much earlier in his senior year but he kept putting it off.

It was very dead at work today. It was my managers day off and with only 7 samples for the day then the 3rd person didn't need to come in either. It was a very long day as I was done before noon and that was taking off numbers off of 15 trays of vials and there is 72 vials per tray. So then I moved onto putting our labels on ziplock bags for the clients. I ended up doing a couple of hundred of those. I thought I could listen to my audiobook while doing this but nooo, started listening and the batteries died. They are charged now lol.

A little housework tomorrow and laundry and hopefully more stitching on Easter Kitty. I would like to finish it this week.

Monday, April 12, 2010

UTI school and Easter Kitty

The recruit for the UTI school in Exton, PA was here this evening. Dylan signed up and we have about 2 weeks to find out if he was accepted. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that this works out for him. He is taking the Auot/Diesel/Ford program which is a 17 month program.He would get 2 days off for Thanksgiving and a week off for a winter break at Christmas. No spring or summer breaks. This will be a good thing for him. I will miss him as he will be 6 hours away and he has to have a part time job as that is their requirement. Besides being one of ours.

So after he left I fixed dinner and then sat and stitched for 2 hours. I watched House and 24. This is my progress so far.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Taste of Home Cooking School and a WIP

Yesterday I went to a Taste of Home Cooking School. If it ever shows up at a school by you then go. The cost was $12 and you get a goodie bag and there are tons of giveaways. I didn't win anything but learned a few cooking tips. I have 2 of the mags with recipes. The chef cooked about 9 recipes and they are in one of the mags. Plus we all got 1 year free subscription to Taste of Home. The doors opened at 1. The gym had booths all set up with party plans and home improvement places. Dove candy now does parties in your home. I didn't know that. Home Interiors and Home&Garden merged into one party plan. Some had free trials to take and some had food tasting. Then at 3 the doors opened to the auditorium and we found our seats. There was a registration form , which is where you fill out which Taste of Home mag you want. Plus the bottom half goes into the bin for a chance to win prizes. The cooking wasn't to start til 5 and my mom was hungry. The school, which is where my kids go, well Dylan is a senior and Justin graduated, was putting a beef on weck. So she had that to eat, I wasn't hungry. We went back to our seats and the show started. It was phenomenon. The chef told you what page he was cooking out of and we would yell out what the next ingredient was. I would definitely go again.

Today I needed to go grocery shopping so I made my list including 2 or 3 recipes from the magazine I brought home. Then I caught up on reading everyones' blogs. Tonights stitching was Mill Hill Treats Collage. I got some more of the border done and Tric.
I watched :
Wild Kingdom and both episodes of Life!

Tomorrow at 5pm the guy from UTI in Exton Pa is coming to our house and talk to Dylan about the school. Dylan is pretty sure he will sign up tomorrow but wants to ask a few questions and I am sure I will have some as well. Wish us luck.

Then I am hoping to stitch on Stitchy Kitty Easter Kitty Moon.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter kitty

We weren't busy at work today. Had a little problem with online service going down but it wasn't down for long. 40 degrees cooler today than yesterday and so my sinuses are kicking in again.
Scott had to work tonight, Justin had to babysit and Dylan was at his girlfriend's house. So since tonight was, a StitchaThon with Stitching Sisters Yahoo group and Let's Stitch blog, I sat and stitched all evening. I started this new piece.

Stitchy Kitty Easter Kitty Moon
28 ct Millenium Blue Cashel Linen

while watching:
Ghost Whisperer

I don't know if I will get much stitching time in tomorrow. I have plans with my mom. For my birthday she bought us tickets for Taste of Home Cooking at my kid's school. They have it all over at different schools every year. We tried to go last year and we sent in our money but it was already booked. So my mom sent away for the tickets early and is my birthday gift from my parents. Looks like it will be a lot of fun.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

til next month

For HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. This is how far I got today.

I got out of work early. Came home to do more organizing in the kitchen. Then cleaned out the cabinet in the bathroom. Cleaned off some of my computer desk.

Then I sat and stitched. Will pull it out next month.

TV shows watched:
General Hospital - wound floss on bobbins
Ghost Whisperer - 4/2
Smallville - 4/2
The Vampire Diaries - tonights
Supernatural - tonights

Tomorrow night I plan on stitching all night and starting Stitchy Kitty Easter Kitty Moon.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Busy wednesday

Today was my day off. My plans were to clean the kitchen, vacuum hall and bathroom. Catch up on laundry and read all blogs. I got most of the kitchen done. I didn't get to the vacuuming but I am caught up on laundry and blogs.
Then I sat down and stitched. HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. I stitched a lot on this but it is all confetti stitching so very time consuming. I do have almost the one column finished.

While stitching I managed to watch a few DVRd shows:
General Hospital - 4/5, 4/6, todays
Lost - 3/30
Vampire Diaries - 4/1
Supernatural - 4/1

Tomorrow I have to work. Then I want to stitch quite a bit more on this piece.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

more HAED progress

I accomplished a little bit on HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. Yesterday I stitched on it while watching the 2 hours of 24. Then today while watching Monsters vs. Aliens (kids movie) and then Lost.
Yesterday I managed to workout with the Wii Fit plus. I could feel it when I was done. Tomorrow I think I will do the Sports Resorts. I have tomorrow off , for my day of the week to take off. I am hoping to finish the laundry and do some more cleaning. Plus organize more floss while watching some TV shows.

Monday, April 05, 2010

sunshine award

I received this Sunshine award from drae_dear and would like to thank her. I have seen this on a lot of blogs and so will not list my favorite blogs. This award goes out to all the amazing cross stitchers out there, whose blogs I read and try to leave comments on. Also for those of you who read my blog and may or may not leave comments.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

a small finish and a wip

I finished EEK! from the LK Boo club flip its. It is now being turned into a RR. So now I have to figure out what I want to start next Sunday.

Then I pulled out HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. Got a little done on her. I willw ork on her more this week.

Also catching up on TV shows.
I watched:
General Hospital 4/1, 4/2
Before They Were Famous
Medium 4/2
Supernatural 3/25

Tonight's episodes of LIFE.

started Spring Angel

Yesterday's plans were to stitch all day and catch up on laundry and DVrd shows til my hair appointment at 4:30. Scott decided to go grocery shopping so I was gone a couple of hours. Came home and stitched again and watched some more shows. Got my hair cut and eyebrows waxed. I feel human again. The last time I was there was in June. Can you believe it? Every time I have had money to go then someone here seems to need it more. So it was my birthday gift from Scott. Then we had a small cookout with Dylan and his girlfriend, Britt. Not sure if I told you that him and Shelbi broke up several months ago. They are still friends though. Then sat and stitched some more last night.

Anyways I started Joan Elliott's Spring Angel from The Cross Stitcher April 1997 issue. I got a small part of her wing worked on.

watched GH episodes: 3/24, 3/25, 3/26, 3/29, 3/30, 3/31

Today is stitching on LK Boo Flip Its, I am going to finish EEK and then send it onto a RR.

HAPPY EASTER everyone who celebrates it.

Friday, April 02, 2010


Stitch on:
Joan Elliott - Christmas Angel
HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep - yes
S is For Stitcher - yes
Mirabilia Winter Queen
TW The Storyteller - yes

Stitchy Kitty St. Paddy's Kitty Moon - started
JCS Ornament - LHN 2007 issue - started
Joan Elliott - Spring Angel

Books/Audiobooks - 4

organize floss - did some

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I am a BAD blogger

I am still alive. Bet you were all wondering where I have been. Well not on here that is for sure :-) Not online hardly at all. I dropped all but one of my Yahoo groups. I haven't read blogs in weeks or the BBs. Just needed to take a breather but I am back. So wondering what I have been up to?
March 25 Justin turned 20 and I still am wondering how the hell that happened when March 27 Dylan turned 18 and will graduate in June. Ok deep breaths now. Those birthdays floored me. Justin is no longer a teenager and Dylan just keeps giving us grey hair :-) I never minded turning 40 and will be 45 tomorrow, that doesn't bother me but my own boys, wow!

March 19-21 I went to a Cross Stitch retreat in Syracuse NY. it was at a Ramada Inn and there was around 20 of us. The theme was Americana, She even sent us the fabric and floss we had to only use for making our name tags. Everything was Americana, napkins, patterns, candy and you name it.The price included all meals, all classes and our room. Nice rooms as well. They had a conference room set up for us all weekend to stitch all we wanted. We had to get our own meals on Friday night and then the activities started at 7pm. They had one bedroom set up as a small cross stitch store plus the owner of the store, who sponsored this retreat, had us shop at her shop on Saturday. Any ways Friday at 7PM we had a Two True class (exclusive design from Elizabeth design, who was there). I also rode with her to the retreat. She is such a nice woman.
Then Saturday morning we were up and early for the breakfast as class started at 9AM - 11:30 by Patti Connor of Samsarah Designs. I just loved her. She had a special pattern made up for us.
1-3pm was Schoolhouse Samplings class. We did Bluework, not fond of that, counted canvas work, Loved it!!, and hardanger, which was fun. Then we drove over to the Cross Stitch shop. I bought 2 pieces of canvas, 2 patterns and the floss , an Elizabeth Designs pattern and 3 cards of Wispers White thread. 7:30 pm was fun and games and stitching. I had a blast.
Sunday morning we had a punchneedle class by Karina Hittle of Artful Offerings. That was a fun class as well and her and her husband are the nicest people. Then we had a buffet lunch in the room and prizes. Check out was at 2. I definitely will go on this retreat again. No pics as I didn't see anyone take pics til the last hour for a group pic.
Anyways since all we did was sit and stitch for 3 days I got a little burned out and took a break from it. Plus I have had a post nasal drip going on which causes me to cough so I hadn't slept well for 2 weeks and was tired when i got home from work. Found a medicine that i like and that works so now I am rearing to go again. I did play a lot of Sims3 during this time. Found out it works on my laptop lol.
I have a RR to work on and get out in the mail. Then I need to stitch on HAED Mermaid of The Deep, start Joan Elliott's Spring Angel, for OOE BB, and start Stitchy Kitty Easter Kitty Moon. I also want to have this month for finishing some of the WIPs. So I need to go and update my monthly goal at the top.