Thursday, April 01, 2010

I am a BAD blogger

I am still alive. Bet you were all wondering where I have been. Well not on here that is for sure :-) Not online hardly at all. I dropped all but one of my Yahoo groups. I haven't read blogs in weeks or the BBs. Just needed to take a breather but I am back. So wondering what I have been up to?
March 25 Justin turned 20 and I still am wondering how the hell that happened when March 27 Dylan turned 18 and will graduate in June. Ok deep breaths now. Those birthdays floored me. Justin is no longer a teenager and Dylan just keeps giving us grey hair :-) I never minded turning 40 and will be 45 tomorrow, that doesn't bother me but my own boys, wow!

March 19-21 I went to a Cross Stitch retreat in Syracuse NY. it was at a Ramada Inn and there was around 20 of us. The theme was Americana, She even sent us the fabric and floss we had to only use for making our name tags. Everything was Americana, napkins, patterns, candy and you name it.The price included all meals, all classes and our room. Nice rooms as well. They had a conference room set up for us all weekend to stitch all we wanted. We had to get our own meals on Friday night and then the activities started at 7pm. They had one bedroom set up as a small cross stitch store plus the owner of the store, who sponsored this retreat, had us shop at her shop on Saturday. Any ways Friday at 7PM we had a Two True class (exclusive design from Elizabeth design, who was there). I also rode with her to the retreat. She is such a nice woman.
Then Saturday morning we were up and early for the breakfast as class started at 9AM - 11:30 by Patti Connor of Samsarah Designs. I just loved her. She had a special pattern made up for us.
1-3pm was Schoolhouse Samplings class. We did Bluework, not fond of that, counted canvas work, Loved it!!, and hardanger, which was fun. Then we drove over to the Cross Stitch shop. I bought 2 pieces of canvas, 2 patterns and the floss , an Elizabeth Designs pattern and 3 cards of Wispers White thread. 7:30 pm was fun and games and stitching. I had a blast.
Sunday morning we had a punchneedle class by Karina Hittle of Artful Offerings. That was a fun class as well and her and her husband are the nicest people. Then we had a buffet lunch in the room and prizes. Check out was at 2. I definitely will go on this retreat again. No pics as I didn't see anyone take pics til the last hour for a group pic.
Anyways since all we did was sit and stitch for 3 days I got a little burned out and took a break from it. Plus I have had a post nasal drip going on which causes me to cough so I hadn't slept well for 2 weeks and was tired when i got home from work. Found a medicine that i like and that works so now I am rearing to go again. I did play a lot of Sims3 during this time. Found out it works on my laptop lol.
I have a RR to work on and get out in the mail. Then I need to stitch on HAED Mermaid of The Deep, start Joan Elliott's Spring Angel, for OOE BB, and start Stitchy Kitty Easter Kitty Moon. I also want to have this month for finishing some of the WIPs. So I need to go and update my monthly goal at the top.


Mel said...

Your retreat sounds like fun! :)

Karen said...

I was wondering where you were...your retreat sounded fun! I can't believe all of the different classes you had.

Jackie said...

The retreat sounds like a lot of fun. It's good to take a break every now and then.

Kids...I'm not sure they ever stop giving us gray hair!

chrisstitches said...

How wonderful to attend this retreat! Sounds like a very good time for all 20 of you.