Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Kitty Moon

Netflix now has a disc for the Wii so you can waych Netflix through your TV via the Wii. My disc came in today. So I decided to try it. It took 20 minutes to stream a TV show so I could watch it. 5 minutes into the show it stopped to stream again and after 15 minutes and still nothing, I gave up. I will try again another time.

Meanwhile during all of this waiting I started stitching some more on Easter Kitty. Then at 9 Lost came on so I watched that. Only a couple more episodes left and I think this season is better than last.

Dylan and I got online for Fafsa so he can get financial aid and then we have to go on and sign up for grants and scholarships. I tried to get him to do this much earlier in his senior year but he kept putting it off.

It was very dead at work today. It was my managers day off and with only 7 samples for the day then the 3rd person didn't need to come in either. It was a very long day as I was done before noon and that was taking off numbers off of 15 trays of vials and there is 72 vials per tray. So then I moved onto putting our labels on ziplock bags for the clients. I ended up doing a couple of hundred of those. I thought I could listen to my audiobook while doing this but nooo, started listening and the batteries died. They are charged now lol.

A little housework tomorrow and laundry and hopefully more stitching on Easter Kitty. I would like to finish it this week.


Anonymous said...

Definitely starting to look more like a moon.

Isn't FAFSA great ---- but, I'm glad Stephen is graduating. No more paperwork to worry about.

Carolyn NC said...

Nice progress! FAFSA - enough to strike the fear in the hearts of any man...LOL