Monday, April 12, 2010

UTI school and Easter Kitty

The recruit for the UTI school in Exton, PA was here this evening. Dylan signed up and we have about 2 weeks to find out if he was accepted. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that this works out for him. He is taking the Auot/Diesel/Ford program which is a 17 month program.He would get 2 days off for Thanksgiving and a week off for a winter break at Christmas. No spring or summer breaks. This will be a good thing for him. I will miss him as he will be 6 hours away and he has to have a part time job as that is their requirement. Besides being one of ours.

So after he left I fixed dinner and then sat and stitched for 2 hours. I watched House and 24. This is my progress so far.


Dee said...

Sending good wishes your son's way.

naveed ahmad khan said...

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Carolyn NC said...

Hope things work out for Dylan and school! Nice progress on your stitching. :)