Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Movie Tuesday

Tuesday again with a movie and a pizza. Tonight's movie was from Netflix and called Murder.com. Dylan slept through most of it, Justin found it boring and I rated it a 3 out of 5 stars. The storyline was good. Was slow paced though and the main character looked anorexic.

I watched a little bit of General Hospital's Friday episode while winding floss on bobbins.

I have 3 sections of bookcases all lined up together, floor to a couple of feet away from the ceiling. I am trying to get the shelves all organized. They look so cluttered. I am trying to turn it into my cross stitch area. 1 of the bookcases is pretty crappy looking so once I am all done it will get thrown out. I then want to either buy a loveseat or a comfortable recliner and have it sit between 2 of the bookcases. I will keep my floss, mags, cross stitch books, beads, kreiniks and fabrics all neat on the shelves. It will probably happen next year. I have been working on one shelf at time and sorting through the books, do I want to read or can I get them on audiobook into my computer.

Tonight I watched Lost, only a few more episodes left of this series. Will be sad to see it go.

So while watching Lost and the movie I stitched some more on Valentine Kitty Moon. I also got in about an hour of the audiobook Rough Country by John Sandford. Anyways Valentine Kitty Moon is moving right along and I am hoping to finish it tomorrow night. Then onto St. Paddy's Kitty Moon.


MrsB said...

Lovely stitching! Such a cute design...

I watch Lost, too, although the episode is shown here on a Friday - can't wait to see how it ends!

DaisyGirl said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement, it's gonna be tough, I just hope I don't cry to much! lol

Carolyn NC said...

Nice progress!