Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Busy wednesday

Today was my day off. My plans were to clean the kitchen, vacuum hall and bathroom. Catch up on laundry and read all blogs. I got most of the kitchen done. I didn't get to the vacuuming but I am caught up on laundry and blogs.
Then I sat down and stitched. HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. I stitched a lot on this but it is all confetti stitching so very time consuming. I do have almost the one column finished.

While stitching I managed to watch a few DVRd shows:
General Hospital - 4/5, 4/6, todays
Lost - 3/30
Vampire Diaries - 4/1
Supernatural - 4/1

Tomorrow I have to work. Then I want to stitch quite a bit more on this piece.


Carolyn NC said...

Nice progress!

Lana said...

Awesome progress! You sound like me, sitting in front of the tube watching and stitching the day away, I have been hooked on CSI Miami, and have been watching episode after episode (we have seasons 1-6 on dvd) I always tell myself "When THIS episode is done, I'm gonna get up and do my work" But, darn it if at the end of every episode I'm in the middle of a length of thread, hafta finish the length, so I hit play, and keep on going, a vicious cycle I tell yah!!! lol

Anonymous said...

That is an intensive project. Wow!

Donna said...

Lovely progress.

Karen said...

This coming along nicely!