Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday night , movie night

Another Tuesday movie night with my boys.

First I took Dylan to get fitted for the tux , for his senior prom. We were in and out in 10 minutes. he wanted a black tux. Looked through the book and said they all look alike. I tried pointing out the differences with the lapels, pockets, coat tails and such. He saw none of it. ordered a basic black tux. Long tie and vest in Aqua since his date's dress is that color.

Came home and I cooked linguine in clam sauce and then sat down for tonight's movie. From Netflix we watched The Lovely Bones. We all liked it. After that Dylan and I watched The Animal.

I also stitched on LHN Snow Bunnies from the JCS 2007 issue. Maybe I can finish it tomorrow night.

Is anyone going to watch the new show tomorrow, Happy Town? Justin and I plan on watching it.


Natasha said...

I love your start on the LHN design, looks great. I have yet to see Lovely Bones there is a VERY long wait for it from netflix..

I did watch another LMN movie today LOL my new addiction. DH thinks they are all cheese, but I think thats what makes then so good LOL

Take Care!

~*Shar*~ said...

I want to see Lovely Bones and yes we do plan on watching Happy Town; I hope it's good. I love your start on the LHN deisgn; can't wait to see it finished.

MrsB said...

A lovely start on the LHN design!