Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Please support HAED

If you are a fan and collect their charts, not to mention stitch them, then please read on.

After Michele mentioned on Facebook that she's very concerned about being able to continue her business, citing declining sales, copyright abuse, increasing operating costs and taxes, some stitchers suggested a HAED
 Appreciation Week.

Here's a copy of the message being shared on Facebook:
CALLING ALL BLOGGERS! Please show your support for HAED and Michele Sayetta by considering advertising HAED Appreciation Week on your blog. The event is from Sept 10-14th; during this week we are encouraging all HAED customers to make an extra purchase to support the HAED business so Michele
can continue to provide us with the extraordinary charts we have all come to love.
I know many of us are actively stitching HAED charts, so I thought I'd share this with you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The other day was TUSAL and I didn't get to post til tonight. So the threads in my glass are from:
Marty Bell's Rocky Mountain Christmas, HAED Faces of Faery 66, and HAED Aurora's Garden.

Also this weekend was IHSW and I stitched on HAED Aurora's Garden.

Friday - I got up and got all ready for work. I stepped down into my family room and stepped right on top of the dog's rubber fire hydrant and twisted my ankle so bad. I ended up staying home from work, I couldn't walk very well so kept my foot elevated and iced every once in a while. DH kept yelling at the dog about his stupid toys. The dog is totally mine so he came over and was licking my face with his sad eyes. Ended up propped up on the couch stitching all day an catching up on TV shows that I had DVRd.

Saturday - we went to the Erie County Fair, outside of Buffalo. The boys went with us and Dylan brought Allie and Justin brought his best friend. I ended up being able to walk all day. Saw a wolf show, they are so gorgeous , and monkeys. Gt home and rested my ankle. Didn't really swell up.

Today- Kept an eye on my ankle today. Is a little sensitive but I can walk on it. Watched all the rest of the DVrd shows and just have movies left. Stitched and washed laundry all day. Watched tonight's episode of True Blood. Next Sunday is the season finale.

Have a great night!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HAED Aurora's Garden progress

I pulled out Aurora's Garden from the UFO pile. I haven't stitched on this since April 2010. This is for a very special young woman and it is back in my rotation so I can get it done. Right now I am on page 2 and when that page is done it will get put away until the next rotation. So this is what I have done including stitching last night and today on it.

Last night I got caught up on the General Hospitals that I had DVrd, while the Olympics were on. Tonight was catching up on Pretty Little Liars. Tomorrow night will be True Blood and about 3 weeks worth of Live With Kelly! When I watch Live though they don't take me as long. If I don't care for her co host then I am done after their little chat session. If I don't care for the celebrity that they are interviewing then I skip that part. Thursday night I will try to finish the Live With Kelly's.

Last night I finished the book The Chocolate Pirate Club by Joanna Carl and started The Chocolate Castle Clue by Joanna Carl. I am also listening to Whiplash by Catherine Coulter and am almost 1/2 done with that.

Everyone have a good night.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Closing Ceremony

First I want to say how much I enjoyed the Summer Olympics. I don't usually watch them and was actually quite surprised that it was on every time I was home. Justin even watched them with me. Our Favorite was Misty and Kerri for the Beach Volleyball. I liked our other team too but these 2 had us on the edge of our seats. Synchronized swimming and diving was also another one we got into. I always said I would never watch them , well we did. I am proud of all our teams and the other countries even the ones who didn't get a medal. They made it to the Olympics and should be proud of themselves.
Now I LOVED the opening ceremony but the closing was ok.
Remember I started a new piece for an Olympic challenge? I started it during the Opening Ceremonies and stitched on it til 7 pm last night. My parents invited Justin and I to watch the ceremonies at their house, They bought 2 HD tvs and said we had to come over. So now I want a HD tv lol.

Anyways here is what I did during the Olympics. She will go into my rotation.
HAED Faces of Faery 66
25 ct - 1x1

I also bought 2 new charts since HAED had a 50% sale and who can pass those up. I bought Faces of Feary 81 by JBG and also Boo by Spangler. There are 4 of us starting Boo as a SAL and will start January 1. Should be fun.

I also received a pkg in the mail from a friend, full of specialty floss, tea, bookmarks, 3 cozy mystery books and a HAED. Love getting pkgs in the mail.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Faces of Faery 66 progress

I am still stitching away on this and watching the Olympics. Last night Dylan and Allie decided to come over and hang out. We watched Battleship. Awesome movie. They fell asleep an hour into the movie. They can't keep up with the old lady lol.

Wednesday i went to wash clothes and my wash machine was broken. It was old so yesterday Scott and I went and bought a new one. Nothing fancy.

Supposed to be in the 90s and humid today so you know I will be in my air conditioned family room.

Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Aug. 1 WIPocalypse

I don't know where July went. Flew on by. This month there are 2 WIPocalypse to report on.
This time I have 3 pics to share since last month's Wipocalypse.
I finished HAED SK Sunny

I stitched a little bit on Marty Bell's Rocky Mountain Christmas.
Then I joined the bandwagon to have a new Olympic start and only stitch on this during the Olympics, then put it back in my rotation.
This is HAED's Faces of Faery. It was RAKd to me as well.,

I finished listening to Knockout by Catherine Coulter. Next up is Whiplash by Catherine Coulter. I am also reading the Chocoholics mysteries by Joanna Carl.

Thanks for visiting and for the comments