Sunday, August 19, 2012


The other day was TUSAL and I didn't get to post til tonight. So the threads in my glass are from:
Marty Bell's Rocky Mountain Christmas, HAED Faces of Faery 66, and HAED Aurora's Garden.

Also this weekend was IHSW and I stitched on HAED Aurora's Garden.

Friday - I got up and got all ready for work. I stepped down into my family room and stepped right on top of the dog's rubber fire hydrant and twisted my ankle so bad. I ended up staying home from work, I couldn't walk very well so kept my foot elevated and iced every once in a while. DH kept yelling at the dog about his stupid toys. The dog is totally mine so he came over and was licking my face with his sad eyes. Ended up propped up on the couch stitching all day an catching up on TV shows that I had DVRd.

Saturday - we went to the Erie County Fair, outside of Buffalo. The boys went with us and Dylan brought Allie and Justin brought his best friend. I ended up being able to walk all day. Saw a wolf show, they are so gorgeous , and monkeys. Gt home and rested my ankle. Didn't really swell up.

Today- Kept an eye on my ankle today. Is a little sensitive but I can walk on it. Watched all the rest of the DVrd shows and just have movies left. Stitched and washed laundry all day. Watched tonight's episode of True Blood. Next Sunday is the season finale.

Have a great night!


Lana said...

Aurora's Garden is beautiful!! I LOVE all those blues and turquoise colors! And Sea greens! So beautiful! I hope your ankle is feeling much better soon! I'm surprised I haven't done that on a baby toy...I have stepped on them and hurt my foot slightly but still waiting for the day I turn my ankle on one!

cucki said...

lovely orts and sweet stitching..
i hope your ankle get well soon.
hugs xx

Faith... said...

You made lots of progress on your stitching, ahe looks great.

Glad to hear that your ankle is feeling better!

Meari said...

Your project looks pretty so far. Glad your ankle is doing better. Thanks for the TUSAL reminder!

SoCal Debbie said...

Aurora's Garden looks wonderful! I'm so sorry you tripped at home. I have done that before too. Good deal that you got to catch up on your DVR shows, though!

Mindi said...

I'm so sorry about your ankle! There have been a few times when I've almost taken a header down the stairs thanks to a dog toy.

Anonymous said...

Aurora's garden is looking great ! I hope that ankle is doing better ! You stitch beautifullly!

Bea said...

Aurora's Garden looks lovely and you've made good progress.

Hope your ankle heals quickly.

Anne said...

Very sweet HAED!! You've made some nice progress too! Sorry to hear about your ankle I hope it feels better soon!

Anonymous said...


Beautiful stitching!
Hope your ankle is better soon.

Holly x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ouch! I've sprained my ankle in the past and I'm currently dealing with "foot issues" so I know how uncomfortable and a PITA it can be!