Monday, December 30, 2013

Last post of the year

So I met my goal this month. I finished page 1 of 4 of HAED Literate Dragon
HAED Literate Dragon SAL
25 ct evenweave

My new start of the year is HAED Stocking Treasure Dragon
 This will be for my son Justin as the rest of us already have stitched stockings.
This will also be done on 25 ct. 1x1. I have most of the floss for this but will have to get the rest hopefully tomorrow. I will grid the first page on the fabric and start it January 1.

I watched all the new Christmas movies of this year on Hallmark, Lifetime, and UP. I might have missed a couple, but that is ok.
Also this past weekend I watched:
The Sentinel- good movie
Scooby Doo: Ships Ahoy! - cute
The Hobbit part 1- very good.

I am still reading Changing Habits by Debbie Macomber and listening to the 8th book of the Women's Murder Club by James Patterson. I am almost done listening to this. I am either on the last CD or I have 1 more to go.

So what are you stitching goals for 2014?
Any reading goals?
Personal Goals?

Stitching:I have in my sidebar what I plan on stitching on in 2014.

Reading- I want to read/listen to 40 books. I got a new iHome for my iPod so I can listen to my audiobook when I am stitching. I can listen to my iPod at work in the area with the microwaves.

Personal Goals: Smile more and be happy. Hoping to adopt a German Shepherd. Lose weight. Keep in touch with my close friends.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

3 Days til Christmas

I have been busy stitching away on HAED Literate Dragon
I am on the last column of page 1 and hoping to finish this month.

I will be making some changes on the side and posting my 2014 stitching goals.

This week was stitching while watching a lot of Christmas movies from Hallmark, Lifetime and UP.
I watched:
Christmas in Conway
Christmas In The City
Santa Switch
Window Wonderland
A Very Merry Mix-up
Guess Who's Coming To Christmas
Snow Bride
Hats Off To Christmas
Christmas on the Bayou
Finding Christmas
Pete's Christmas

I enjoyed them all.

I have 1 more gift to buy and then stocking stuffers. Scott, Dylan and I went shopping at what used to be my favorite mall. We walked out disappointed. Today I went shopping with Dylan. He wanted a TV for Christmas so I let him pick it out, I bought the last gift for Scott and Justin also. Tomorrow Justin and I are finishing up our shopping.

Christmas Eve will be wrapping everything. Trying to figure out what I want to cook and what to cook for the day after Christmas, since I have that day off. Christmas Day is at my parent's house and I take a tossed salad.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting Close to Christmas

I can't believe that Christmas is 10 days away. I still have a lot of shopping to do and we have had nothing but snow upon snow so I haven't gotten to the stores.

My tree is up and lit and this is the first time in many, many years that it is not a tree with 90%  handmade ornaments. In fact there aren't any this year. Justin (DS#1) wanted to do new lights so he bought Bright White and they really are. I had 16 pretty purple ornaments and he wants to get some more purple and silver ornaments. Right now it has a lot of Hallmark ornaments and other ornaments that are both my sons' ornaments since they were little. 

We went shopping to adopt a dog. We didn't find anything but I did find 3-4 online and want to check them out this weekend. They are German Shepherds and there is a 6 month old puppy that is a German Shepherd/Rottie mix. Which is what I have always owned in the past. We aren't in a hurry and will take our time.

This week I didn't stitch quite as much as I would have liked to.But I did manage to make some progress.
I was hoping to finish the column by tonight but I didn't.

I watched 2 good movies this week as well, off from my DVR.
Let It Snow- Loved it
The Christmas Spirit - still have like 20 minutes left on it but it is so good and will need kleenex for the rest of it.

General Hospital has been getting really good. Loved how it ended on Friday and can't wait for tomorrow.

Everyone have a great week!!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Dragon update

This month's UFO/WIP is HAED Literate Dragon. I have been stitching on this since last Sunday.

Hoping to finish the column by next Sunday night. Still on page 1 of 4 pages. 1 over 1 on 25 count.

This week was pretty good. I finished reading Sex, Lies, and Vampires by Katie MacAlister. I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars. I also finished an audiobook, Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson. I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Today I watched 2 movies:
The Omen 666 - 3 out of 5 stars
Lucky Number Slevin - 4 out of 5 stars

Sunday, December 01, 2013

November progress

This is all the progress on Spring Angel for now.
Spring Angel - Joan Elliott

December's piece is............HAED Literate Dragon. I had hubby pick a number and Literate Dragon won. I am hoping to finish page 1 this month.

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. I celebrated with my parent's, sister and her boyfriend, my hubby and DS#1.

Then Saturday I celebrated it again with my in-laws. I ate to much there lol.

I finished watching Under The Dome and loved it and then watched and finished Cedar Cove based on the books by Debbie Macomber. Loved that series. Can't wait for next summer for both of these series to return.

Today I watched The Shaggy Dog (2006) and enjoyed that. Just watched a Hallmark movie on the DVR, Three Weeks, Three Kids and that was really good too. Tonight is Once Upon A Time and then a Christmas movie that I will DVR. I haven't played Sims3 in over a week and am thinking about playing it. If not, I will watch the movie and stitch.

I have been waiting for a holiday weekend to clean my computer desk and I think it looks great and I hope to keep it this way.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spring Angel progress

Well I have stitched a lot on this all week.
I am loving the colors on this piece. Spring Angel by Joan Elliott. It's out of a The Cross Stitcher issue, from several years ago.

Movies I watched this week:
Think Like A Man- I was surprised that I liked this.
Iron Lady- Better than I thought it would be
The Thanksgiving House - Hallmark movie - Loved it!
Puppy Love - Hallmark movie I had DVRd a while ago - Loved it
Under The Dome - Stephen King 13 week series. Not sure if it was a mini series that started in the summer and continues or if it is all done with episode 13. I just finished episode 9. I am really enjoying this series I will finish it tomorrow night.

I will continue stitching on this piece through next Saturday and then will pick another UFO to stitch on during December. I have about 15 UFOS that I started in January and some are quick stitches and can be done in a week. I am hoping their number comes up soon so I can have a finish :-)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spring Angel

Since my last post, I had fallen really hard and did damage to my left leg. When I had gotten to Myrtle Beach, for the Pals Cross Stitch retreat, it had gotten worse. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with Cellulitis. So I was on antibiotics and pain pills. Not allowed to go shopping or walk the beach. I did get to stitch a lot. I also had a lot of fun anyways.
I also found a new home for our dog, or I should say my hubby did. She was hyper 24/7 and she wouldn't listen to me at all. I couldn't put a leash on her as she would try to bite at me. She is now at a home with a lot of land and 2 other dogs that she can play with. She goes on 5 mile hikes and seems much happier there. I gave it almost a full year and feel like I had failed her. I have owned several other dogs and 1 I trained as a puppy and never had this problem.

My stitching mojo is back and I have been stitching on Spring Angel by Joan Elliott.
I love the colors on her and am enjoying stitching on her. I will move to another UFO in December. I will choose another UFO every month.

I also have been reading again. Right now I am reading Sex, Lies, and Vampires by Katie Macalister. It's ok.

I am hoping to update my blog weekly now. I also should have some news to share with all of you by the end of the week. I need to have it official by then.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Hi everyone

I am coming back to the world of cross stitching and reading again. I have had a lot going on and was in a funk. I haven't stitched since May. Read about 2 books since then. Been depressed and just a lot going on but I am taking my life back and bringing the happy things back into my life.
I even revamped my facebook and got rid of a lot of people and will be getting rid of a few more this week.

So what have I been doing. Well I have been playing a lot of Sims 3 and I mean A LOT!! I have had a lot of fun doing it to. I have been watching the LPs on You Tube and learning more of playing the game. If any of you are Sim 3 players please let me know, I only have my son, Justin to talk to about it.

I haven't watched any movies this summer and the only tv shows I watched were General Hospital and Pretty Little Liars. I DVRd all of True Blood and will be watching the series this whole week. I am also DVRing The Dome which is based on the Stephen King book. Also The Cove series by Nora Roberts that has been on.

I will post once a week and share my progress of stitching, reading, shows I watched and maybe a little Sims 3 talk.

I don't get to read to many blogs anymore since my internet server is strict on my data usage and no longer start at 0 when the new bill comes in. It is a 30 day rolling system and with 2 of us using the internet it makes it hard to do much. Cable won't come down my road and neither will the phone company for DSL so I am stuck.

I have pulled out HAED Literate Dragon and will finish page 1 before moving onto something else from my UFO pile.

I am catching up on Janet Evanvoich. I just finished Notorious Nineteen and am now reading Wicked Appetite.

General Hospital has been great, mad about a few dragged out things and happy about others.
Loved how Pretty Little Liars ended for the summer. I also watched the season finale of Supernatural, today. Then started True Blood and will continue with this for the week.

During Christmas time I stopped watching Revenge all together and really want to pick up where I left off. I did DVR the season finale but hoping the season is now on CD so I can buy it.
Alot of new shows starting this fall and will give them a fair share.

I have been watching LPs on You Tube by QUXXN. She passed away in July and it was very sad as a fan of her channel. I just finished up with her LPs for Showtime. I have decided not to watch her LPs anymore that she had and will find someone new to watch. I played Appaloosa Plains from the Pets expansion pack and actually had my sim be a horse person. That was playing outside my comfort zone but I had a blast with it. I then was reading the forums and challenges that are out there. So I bought Monte Vista world and made my own challenge based on another challenge out there. I had a sim be a man whore lol. I put the aging on epic and had him be an author and he makes a lot of simoleons ( money) and have a female sim move in with him til she gives birth. I move her out and move in another sim to have a baby with. He raises them and if you want more details you can ask if you want to so I don't take up a lot of time on here. I am stopping this challenge for a little bit and getting ready to play Starlight Shores that came with the Showtime expansion pack. I can not wait to play that.
My inlaws had moved into the nursing home a few months ago and my FIL has gone down hill. He is now in hospice and doesn't have much time left. Please keep us all in your prayers.

We also had major roofing leaking as in buckets and pots and pans all through my bedroom, laundry room and hallway. The roof is fixed and now have to replace ceiling tiles and floors.

Dylan is supposedly a father of maybe 2 so that is on my mind all the time. Long story there and not something I want to get into on here but could use your prayers there as well.

Justin got promoted at Target as a team leader for food. He is liking that a lot. He wants to get an apartment but can't afford it on his own. So he is still at home and helping out here when he can.

Scott is still as busy with his 2 jobs as before. Then he worked on the roof during the weekends when he could. Now finding time to replace things inside the house..

Well I guess that is all it in a nutshell of what has been going on in my life for a few months. Some good, some not so good. I am learning to be happy again and keep the others from bringing me down. I did have a 30th class reunion and I have one every 5 years but this was the best one ever. It started on a Thursday night and lasted through Saturday night. Weather was perfect too.

I will post again in a week.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Progress on HAED Literate Dragon

I know, I know. I have been MIA since february. I have been stitching, honest I have.
Here is my progress

I am hoping to get back into blogging again. I sure do miss it. Not much else going on here. Same thing lol. I know a boring life. I have decided to to do TUSAL and IHSW. Just stitching for fun now and I don't think I will do more HAED SALs except for maybe the ones by artist. But not the yearly ones. I am missing out on my other stitching this year. But you ever know if I will change my mind lol. After all this is only April of this year. There is also a sale on the HAED site for Mother's Day and I am thinking of buying me a few charts. Not like I need any more. I have enough for a lifetime.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Progress, new start and stash

I have been working away on HAED Literate Dragon. It is a SAL with the BB.
There is a lot of confetti stitching so it is taking me forever to work on. I am stitching this 1x1 on 25 ct evenweave.

I started an ornament from the JCS 2003 ornament issue. It is I love Christmas by Gloria & Pat designs. I am stitching this on 28 ct evenweave.
I decided to stitch on a Christmas ornament on Sundays to give me a break from HAEDs.

I also received 3 HAED charts in the mail.
 HAED QS Night at the Pumpkin Patch- Ching-Chou Kuik
 Mini A Pale Comparison - Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Mini Village Bookstore - Randal Spangler

I have no idea when I will get to stitch these but I love the charts and collecting the HAED charts is addictive.  

I finished reading The Long Quich Goodbye by Avery Aames and it was a cute cozy mystery.

I am now reading The Gin and Chowder Club by Nan Rossiter and I am enjoying it.

I also have been cutting back on tv shows as I want to get back into watching movies. So I no longerDVR Live with Kelly & Michael, or Home & Family. If General Hospital keeps up with the vampire stories then I am done with that too. Don't get me worng I loved The Twilight series and I watch The Vampire Diaries, on Thursdays, on the CW. But not on my soaps. I also stopped watching Revenge and I am getting bored with Pretty Little Liars. Next season is the last for a couple of my shows, I believe.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

IHSW progress

I didn't get to stitch Friday night but I did all day yesterday and today. I made pretty good progress on HAED Literate Dragon.

Friday night Scott took me out for our Valentine's dinner. Very good meal. Second time at the restaurant. Tillman's Inn and it is in Albion. Corners of 98 and 104.

Dylan had my car today so Justin took me grocery shopping. I don't like our town's store called Tops. I LOVE Wegmans so we went there. Anyways we load up the car and they key won't turn at all in the ignition. It did this the other day and he got it to work. We even called Dylan to come save us and he got some tools and still couldn't fix it. We transferred the groceries into my car and left Justin's car there. He will take care of it tomorrow.The store is open 24 hours and well lit so it will be ok there. Dylan found out that there is a recall on the ignition of the car so hopefully it will be fixed without a problem.

So I ended up watching all this past week's Home & Family shows from the Hallmark channel, while I stitched. I am hoping this week I can get more progress done on this piece.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February TUSAL and a HAED progress

Sunday was TUSAL and here is a pic of my orts. In it are the threads from HAED Aurora's Garden and HAED Literate Dragon.

I also have a progress pic of HAED Literate Dragon

This weekend is also IHSW and I will still be stitching on this. Who else will be joining?

Does anyone else watch General Hospital. If you do what are your thoughts on the the show now? I do like that they have brought back some of the characters but the storyline with the vampires is losing my interest in the show. I have already stopped watching a couple of night shows ecause they are just dragging things out.

Reading wise I did finish listening to Fatally Flakey by Diane Mott Davidson. I am ready to listen to Crunch Time by her. I am still reading The Long Quiche Goodbye by Avery Aames.

Had quite a bit of snow last weekend but the temps came up so most of it is gone.

Happy Valentines!!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Major Happy Dance

I finished HAED Aurora's Garden!!
25 ct evenweave
4/19/09 - 2/3/13
I stitched this for one of Dylan's ex girlfriends , when they were together. I am still friends with her and she gets to choose if she wants it framed, put onto a tote bag or made into a pillow.

Next on my rotation is to finish page 1 of HAED Spangler's Literate Dragon. It is a SAL with the HAED BB.

Sorry that I haven't been reading anyone's blogs. I am now working fulltime and just haven't had the time like I used to.

I am reading a Long Quiche Goodby by Avery Aames. On my ipod I am listening to Fatally Flakey by Dianne Mott Davidson.

Well I had to give up my craft room since Dylan moved back home. So I got rid of a lot of items. I found homes for most of them.

Justin is now done with College and ready for a full time position. Since he took business classes as part of his accounting degree, and since he has worked at Target for a few years, the managers are helping him to get a job as an ETL (executive Team Leader). He won't be able to work at the Target he has been at. He knows everyone so has to go to a different store. He is up for anywheres and I know he wants to move to N. Carolina or Colorado.

Puppy training is still a big pain. She is housebroken and is a year old now. She is such a stubborn dog. She knows all the commands but will only follow them when SHE feels like it. We keep butting heads with her. 

I am hoping to find time to post once a week to let you all see what I am stitching on.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January TUSAL and IHSW

I have been stitching but not as much as I would like. Work has not slowed down and I am tired when I get home. Then there is cooking and cleaning to do lol.
Anyways here are my Orts for TUSAL

They are Orts from HAED Boo by Spangler
HAED Literate Dragon, which is the SAL for 2013
Also I stitched on HAED Aurora's Garden, which was also what I stitched on for the IHSW

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

I have a new start to the New Year. I am doing a SAL with a few other stitchers on HAED Boo by Randal Spangler. I did quite a bit today and it is being put away for it's next rotation.

I will be stitching on HAED Aurora's Garden til it is finished. I also have another SAL to start this week. It is with the HAED BB and is Randal Spangler's Literate Dragon. Just waiting for the first page to be emailed to me.

Did anyone watch the Tournament of Roses Parade? Beautiful floats and a moving float with the military and a husband was on a float to see his wife and son.

I took down all holiday decorations and ornaments off the tree. I did leave up snowmen and winter items because winter is still here til March.

Then I pulled out my Wii and worked out with Sports for 40 minutes. Felt pretty good. My favorites are bowling and boxing. I get right into the boxing and get a good workout.

I have also been watching a lot of Christmas movies that I had DVRd from Hallmark and Lifetime channels.

Well I am heading to bed with my book and hopefully can read a little bit before falling asleep. I am also hoping to post more on my blog.

Night all,