Sunday, February 16, 2014

L&L Fairy Grandmother weekly progress

I have stitched on this all week. Where there should be a neck is a high collar of her blouse and will be done in beads. I add the beads when all the stitching is done.
L&L Fairy Grandmother
I am hoping to get a lot more done on her this week.

Monday I started out with some stomach bug but I felt better by Tuesday afternoon.

I started listening to NYPD Red by James Patterson and am enjoying that. I also read a little more of Triumph and Tragedy by K.R. Whitaker.
Still watching the Olympics every day.

Friday night I watched my grandson so Dylan and Amber could go out. He was so good and he is very precious. Saturday night Scott took me out for our Valentine's dinner. We went to North Shore Grill, which is on Conesus Lake. I grew up on the lake so it was really nice to sit at the windows and watch the snowmobiles and ice fishermen.

Tonight I am dying my hair brown so tomorrow Allie can put blonde highlights in. Then this Friday I leave and will be with a group of close cross stitch friends. We are renting a house, on a lake, in SC. So I won't have any progress pics next weekend. You will have to wait til I get back, which will be March 3. I am so excited.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Olympics and stitching

I have been stitching away on L&L Fairy Grandmother. Done on 28 ct Nantucket Sky Monaco steph's Fabbys.

Last Sunday

As of today
I made quite a bit of progress.

I have been watching the Olympics since Thursday night.

Yesterday I had my Bookcross luncheon. I came home with 2 books. The new ones by Janet Evanovich and James Patterson. I took 4 books and they were taken.

Then hubby and I got our taxes done. Getting a little back from both state and federal. Better than paying in.

Yesterday I finished the audiobook Guilty Wives by James Patterson. I loved it and it did make me mad a lot. Tomorrow I will start listening to NYPD Red by James Patterson. I don't know when I will get a chance to read again. I know I will once the Olympics are over.

We have still been getting snow and cold temps. Wednesday we got a foot of snow and we had wind chill advisories for 2 days. I love the snow but it needs to warm up a little.

Well That is all for now. I am getting really tired so I may go to bed early and miss the last bit of the Olympics tonight.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

A new start

Yesterday I started L&L Fairy Grandmother. I am doing this as a SAL with a group of friends.
Started February 1, 2014
28 ct Stephs Fabbys Monaco Nantucket Sky

I stayed up late last night, well technically til 2 am this morning. I watched the last half of Gone With the Wind. I don't remember if I had seen it. Scarlett was a real bitch and no wonder Rhett said " Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". I need to watch the first half next time lol.

Today was Super Bowl Sunday. I started out at noon - 3 watching the Kitten Bowl on Hallmark Channel. Then 3-5 was the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet and then onto the Super Bowl. I rooted for the Seahawks but didn't expect a blow out game. The Halftime show was the best that they had in a long time. I wasn't to fond of the Red Hot Chili Peppers but Bruno Mars was amazing.

Also on this day it was sad. RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman. A very talented man but plagued by drugs. 
Friday I started listening to Guilty Wives by James Patterson. It is soooo good. Hoping to finish it this week. Plus finish reading the ebook by K. R. Whitaker Jason Turner saga book #3 Tragedy and Triumph. 
Yesterday I also watched 2 movies:
The Big Year - good
Bernie - good

I just got a weather alert for my area. Tuesday night through Wednesday night a snow storm with a possibility of at least 6".

Well I need to get to bed. Have a great evening

Saturday, February 01, 2014


Well I stitched on Drac on January 31 and watched Halloween cartoons.
I was hoping to have more done but I kept falling asleep. Plus I am mad because I ran out of 209 and when I pulled out what I had they are a lighter shade of this purple and I went to Michaels, today, and theirs is a lighter shade of purple so I must have started using an older color dye lot. So I am going to have to frog all that 209 and use the new dye lot. Grrrr!

I bought a 50" TV for the family room and that is hooked up today. Plus I bought a small one for Scott in his room. Can't wait to watch the super bowl on the big TV. Plus at noon on Hallmark is the Kitten Bowl and at 2pm is the puppy bowl on Animal Planet.

Today I will start on L&L Fairy Grandmother. I went to Michaels for floss. They have been out of one color for over a month. I asked when they order floss and she said every Friday. I looked at her and said oh really, then why have you been out of the same color for over a month? She said well we can order it for you. I said no, not if you send in an order every Friday then it should be here right? She didn't answer me. I looked at Walmart last time and , even though I am thrilled that Walmart brough back floss, why don't they carry all the colors? So of course they didn't even have a spot for the color I wanted. Oh well, next Saturday I will be by Joanne's and will get it there.

Dylan had asked me to help him and Amber scrapbook for the baby pics. So today I bought a bunch of baby stitckers and some paper, at Michaels , that were all on clearance.  The other stack of paper that I want was $19.99 and I didn't have a coupon so next weekend I will get a coupon for Joannes and get it there.

I have had a headache all day so once the ibuprofen kicks in then I will stitch. Not sure what I want to watch though. I have all The Fast and Furious DVDs, that I got for Christmas, so I may watch those.

Oh and by the way. GO SEAHAWKS!!!