Thursday, April 08, 2010

til next month

For HAED SK Mermaid of the Deep. This is how far I got today.

I got out of work early. Came home to do more organizing in the kitchen. Then cleaned out the cabinet in the bathroom. Cleaned off some of my computer desk.

Then I sat and stitched. Will pull it out next month.

TV shows watched:
General Hospital - wound floss on bobbins
Ghost Whisperer - 4/2
Smallville - 4/2
The Vampire Diaries - tonights
Supernatural - tonights

Tomorrow night I plan on stitching all night and starting Stitchy Kitty Easter Kitty Moon.


BeckySC said...

She's looking great, Shell :)

Meari said...

It looks really good, Shelleen.

drea_dear said...

Great work. I can really start to see the expression on her face.

Mel said...

She's starting to fill in. Looking great.