Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Sunday!

I had started stitching a scissor fob yesterday for December but then remembered I already had one that needed to be sewn up. So I sewed it up and now have it. I watched Gilmore Girls Season 7 Disc 1. Watched Hope Floats, one of my favorite movies.
Last night Justin called me and said he just hit a deer but he didn't see any damage to the car. Scott and I told him to call the police anyways. He is ok and there is just a small dent in the fender and some plastic broken off of a headlight but the light works. Glad that he is ok. Not sure about the deer though as they couldn't find it.

Today I got up early and went on the computer to read emails, blogs and BB. Then stitched on MH Flying High while watching Gilmore Girls Season 7 Disc 2. When that DVD was done I decided to read Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton. I am hoping to finish it before I fall asleep. This is a Cozy Mystery and a series that I will definately want to continue. Then back to stitching and watched Desperate Housewives. OMG it was so good and left you hanging at the end and with this writers strike who knows when it will be on again.

Ruth , I would love Halloween Fairy when you are done with it. Is there anything that I can send you in exchange? Thank you so much.

Old Yankee Stitcher, Knit One, Kill Two is a great book and you should read it.


Meari said...

Shelleen, I'm glad Justin is OK and that there wasn't too much damage to the car. Those deer can really cause havoc on a vehicle. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas fob.

Michele said...

wow, glad to hear Justin was ok! too bad they couldn't find the deer :(

sounds like you've been busy busy busy too :)

Ruth said...

:) No need to exchange, Shelleen. Just be happy. :) Now remember, I'm SLOOOOOW so it probably won't be for a couple months at least before I'm done! Say, if you like the fabric I put her on, I have extra of that-- want a hunk for her?

Von said...

Shelleen, I'm so glad Justin is o.k., the car is o.k., and I bet the deer is o.k. too. :D