Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another finish

I was busy at the beginning of the day. Went grocery shopping, organized my cotton fabric, and did a couple loads of laundry. Then sat and stitched. I finished Cat and Pumpkin 2.

Cat and Pumpkin 2 - RoseMary Peddie
32 ct linen, oyster DMC

Then started LHN JCS 2009 Winter Sampler. Didn't get much done on it.
I would have started another Halloween piece but tomorrow is the 25th and I try to stitch an ornament every month. This year has not gone well with that goal :-)

While stitching I watched TV:
General Hospital
Supernatural - 10/8, 10/15
Smallville - 10/15
Nikita - 10/21
Desperate Housewives

Tomorrow night House is not on so I am going sew up the Halloween smalls that I did all week. Plus, hopefully, stitch some more on the Christmas ornament.


vEr0n!c@ said...

Cute kitty! I like the fabric you're stitching Winter Sampler on. What is it? It's pretty. o.O Why is House not on this week? It's one of my favourite TV shows.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Great finish!
You are really getting things done fast.

Jackie said...

You've done much better with the ornament stitching than I have! I've only done two and they need to be finished. Isn't that 3 ornaments for you in the last few weeks? You're doing GREAT!

Barb said...

It is so cute. Great job on it.

Karen said...

Another cute finish!

Missed you at Pals this year...hope to see you again next year.

Meari said...

Congrats on another cute finish!

Marie said...

Love your cat cross stitch. They are so cute.