Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fragile Heart progress

It was crazy at work today. Came home tired and now have a second breath of life in me lol but it is time for bed.
Anyways uploaded photos to my photobucket so I could share pics on the forums. Read blogs and updated my wish list at Heaven and Earth Designs. To find it, you have to type in my email.
Sat down to stitch and watched General Hospital. Last Friday's Live with Regis and Kelly. Then watched a new show, called Grimm, online. I just found out it started last Friday night on NBC so watched it online and must say I was hooked. Then tonight I watched Revenge on ABC.
Anyways I put in over 200 stitches again.
I know that you are probably thinking, "wow 2 posts in 2 days". Well yes, you see, it is NaBloPoMo. "What is that?", you are asking. It is National Blog Posting Month. You are supposed to TRY to post, on your blog, every day for the month, of November. I will certainly try.

Thank you for all the comments and on the suggestions for my naughty cat. She behaved today.


  1. sweet post..enjoy your day xx

  2. I saw NaBloPoMo mentioned on another blog but couldn't figure out what it meant! 200 stitches is great progress!

    I also saw Grimm and it looks like a great show!

  3. I missed Grimm but I heard good things about it!

  4. This is lovely Shelleen - I could never stick with something like this. I admire you for sticking with it.