Friday, November 04, 2011

No pic

I stitched for an hour but was more engrossed in the tv show I was watching

Today was an average day at work but I am still tired from yesterday. When I got home Scott and I decided to go buy Justin a new bed mattress. They were 50% off at Ruby Gordon's. Justin also didn't have to go into work so he went with us. Then guess what happened? Scott and I also bought a new mattress for our bed. He has a bad back so I told him to pick one out and the one he picked out was heavenly. The mattresses will be delivered on Tuesday.
After that we went to Ruby Tuesdays. I was craving a hamburger and don't usually order them. It was goood. Scott then took Justin and I to a liquor store that has great prices. So we bought 3 bottles of wine. MMMMM. So of course I had 2 glasses while stitching. Now I am really sleepy and ready for bed. I don't have to get up for anything, in the morning so I plan on sleeping in.
Oh yeah, Dylan came home for the weekend and is taking my car tomorrow for an oil change, and he is going to wash and wax my car.
I don't have plans for tomorrow besides feeding my inlaws their dinner. I will have to go to the store though for whatever I need to cook for them. So I plan on stitching most of the day.

Thank you everyone for all the comments. I appreciate them a lot.



  1. keep well dear and have a lovely day today xx

  2. We got a new mattress last year and I just love it! I think it's one of those purchases that one tends to put off.

    Enjoy your weekend!