Sunday, August 29, 2010

finished the exchange piece

I haven't had much to say. I didn't stitch for a couple of days so today I vowed to finish the exchange and I just did, a few minutes ago.

Sunday is my grocery shopping day and Dylan usually goes with me. So today was our last day to do this as he moves next Saturday. I am excited for him but nervous at the same time. My baby is leaving us, to go to school, out of state, for 18 months.

I pulled out my stitching and got caught up on General Hospital. Can't believe what the tramp did , on Friday. If you watch it then you know who I mean. I also watched tonight's episode of True Blood. The season finale is in 2 weeks.

Not much else going on.

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Donna said...

You seem like you are feeling better. I am glad! Congrats on the finish!