Sunday, August 01, 2010

Saturday SAT and Sunday Halloween SAL

I stitched on Joan Elliott's Spring Angel, for a few hours on Saturday. This is a SAL with Only One Ewe BB and Stitching Sisters Yahoo group.

It also was a Movie day with Lifetime Movie Network. Scott and I watched:
Total Stranger
Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life
Seven Deadly Sins

Sunday was a SAL for Halloween with the Stitching Sisters Yahoo group. So I pulled out Cat-O-Lantern and got quite a bit done on it.
Before I stitched , Scott and I went to an Antique tractor and truck show.Not my kind of thing but Scott wanted to go and since he does a lot for me then I went along. We just walked around once and never stopped to really look at one. Don't know why, There also was a flea market but I didn't find anything. Came home and pulled out my stitching and watched Lifetime Move Network again.

Living With the Enemy- saw this before
Ann Rule's To Late to Say Goodbye

I have decided to go to a Weight Watchers meeting. I have been following it for a week and doing really well with eating healthy and staying within my points. Even went out for a sub yesterday. Had a 6" roast beef on Wheat with veggies and a little oil. Normally I have it on Italian sub roll with mayo as well as oil and I usually order a whole sub. So this was a big change for me but I didn't feel that i deprived myself. So there is a meeting by me on Thursdays at 5:15. The problem is it is in the town where I work and I get out of work at 3. I don't want to go back home, after work since it is a 20 minute drive one way. Then when I go to the meeting it is on the other side of the town where I work. There is a Starbucks and another coffee shop so I just need to find out if they have free wifi. I can order a coffee or tea and spend time on the internet before going to my meeting.


Beth said...

I am anxious to see how the Spring Angel progresses - where is your standard gridding?

Good luck at Weight Watchers, I know lots of people that have been helped by them.

Mel said...

Stitching is looking great!

Good luck with WW, I'm sure you'll make it work.