Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday SAT

I didn't stitch much this week. Justin and I went to the movies on Thursday and saw Despicable Me 3D. Loved the movie. Laughed so hard I had tears pouring down my face.
Then we went grocery shopping. Him and I are doing Weight Watchers. My mom gave me all her stuff so Justin and I have been fun buying for that and eating healthier. But then I had to buy other food for Scott and Dylan. They don't eat here much so not a problem. Then I went to a couple of websites and even found one for points in restaurant food. Some days I can't eat all the points I need and some days I go over 1 point. I have learned so much online from other weight watcher members.

My coworker let me borrow all 3 High School Musicals. So last night I stitched on Joan Elliott's Spring Angel for the SAT with Let's Stitch blog and Stitching Sister's Yahoo group. I didn't get a lot stitched on this as I was watching the TV more than stitching. I did get this much done on it.
I plan on stitching on more of this today. Not to hot this morning so I will clean and I have no plans for today. Maybe just veg out.

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