Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm So Excited and I just can't hide it!!

That song has been going through my head the last 15 minutes I was up stitching on this. LOOK!!! It is almost done. Now I am getting antsy LOL.

I plan on going to the movies tomorrow after work, so I may not get it done tomorrow. But I know I will get it done on Friday.

I watched General Hospital and wound more floss on bobbins. All the 3700's DMC are now wound and tomorrow I will get them in numerical order in the Jammer. I will need to buy some more bobbins though for the next set of DMC numbers.

Then I pulled out my Ipod and listened to a few more chapters of Web of Evil by J.A. Jance. Great series.

Tonight's movie was Footloose. It was on CMT and since Justin and I saw the musical on Sunday he had informed me that he never saw the movie. So for about my 30th time seeing it we watched it together. He loved the movie!


Julie M said...

how exciting for you Shelleen! I always get a knot in my stomach when I am nearing the end of a project.

Laura said...

That is awesome, Shelleen. I've enjoyed watching it come together. Did you watch Pretty Little Liars this week? It is getting so good!

Donna said...

Woo hoo!