Wednesday, July 20, 2011


let down your hair. Boy do I have a long ways to go on this, before you see any hair lol. There is so much confetti stitching that it seems I am not making any progress. But I finished 2 squares tonight.
Another hot and humid day today and we already have a heat advisory for tomorrow from noon to 7pm. So I will be watching movies and stitching all night.

Here is tonight's progress:
I watched : Live with Regis and Kelly
General Hospital
movie: No Strings Attached, which I loved.

That is my last Netflix movie. I have cancelled their service because now they want to charge me separately for getting DVDs and watching it on their website or through video systems. I know a lot of people are starting to unsubscribe from them. Besides I haven't been watching them much. I also have all the movie channels on Dish Network plus movies that I DVRd a while ago and movies that I downloaded online.

I want to thank you all for the comments, I appreciate them more than you can know.



Cindy from Artists for Hire said...

That one was actually my favorite, and then Phuan, but I picked Treasures. Looked so confetti heavy, and that's what I am hearing from others. But I'm sure you'll get there!

SoCal Debbie said...

I'm planning to drop my Netflix too! I waste so much money by keeping a DVD for a month at a time. I have all the movie channels for free for 3 months, so I'm recording lots of movies on the DVR to watch later. I love, love, love the DVR. How did we survive without it?

mdgtjulie said...

I had heard from someone that Netflix was gonna start doing that. Bet they'll lose a lot of customers and go back to the old way. Your Rapunzel will get there, eventually. And the confetti will be worth it as it will be sooooooo detailed!

Myra said...

You are so brave with these huge projects - bet this one will be beautiful.
I am dropping my Netflix except for the streaming. DH got a Roku for Father's Day and we are really enjoying the streaming movies.