Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching up

I have been stitching and had a pretty busy weekend.
Dylan came home Friday night and then spent the night at his girlfriend's house. Ended up getting bit by something. We were all at a Grad party and showed me his bit. Wasn't to bad but by Saturday night it was all swollen and red so we took him to the ER. They took lots of blood and hooked him up with saline and antibiotics. Told us he had blood poisoning. Late morning it got worse so we took him back to the ER. They drew more blood and informed us they didn't test the blood the night before. He does not have blood poisoning but an infection on the skin. Bunch of idiots. So they wouldn't allow him to drive for 6 hours, back to PA and he is to keep his leg elevated for a couple of days. So he couldn't go back to school this week. Today his leg looks pretty good and keeps taking his antibiotics and ibuprofen.

I did manage to get in some stitching time.
HAED Rapunzel

And yesterday I stitched on LK Halloween Rules

We found a car for Dylan. It is a '95 Riviera and is in really good shape. Not to bad on miles and Dylan knows the owner. He will have it on Friday.
I will post more tonight on what I am stitching on. UFO The Cross Stitcher - Joan Elliott Christmas Angel. I will stitch on this instead of Christmas ornaments, every month, until done. I have sooo many ornament stitched up that need to be made into ornaments and what a good way to commemorate Christmas every month plus finish a UFO :-)

Thank you everyone for all the comments you have been leaving, I appreciate it so much.


Lana said...

Pooooor Dylan!! First all this hooplah with the car and now he gets bit?! And those idiots at the hospital?! UGH! don't you just wanna punch 'em in the face? Or turn them in for being incompetant? Or something?! Grrr....Your stitching looks lovely as always, Shelleen!

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, Shelleen, poor Dylan. I can't imagine why they would take the blood and then not test it. Idiots!!! I hope he heals up very quickly!! Your stitching looks great, as always. I like your plan to finish up your angel too. What a good idea!! Glad to hear that you found Dylan a car too. That's awesome. At least he can drive back to school in his car, instead of putting all those miles on yours!!

SoCal Debbie said...

Your Rapunzel is looking great! Fast stitching! Thanks for not posting a pic of Dylan's bite! LOL.

Dee said...

Hope Dylan is feeling better soon. I swear, all ERs must employ the worst diagnosticians.

Julie M said...

Ooh, scary about Dylan! When Adam was little he got bit by a brown recluse and still has the scar on his back from it.

Great stitching! Halloween Rules is such a cute chart!!

Beth said...

I have been watching Dylan's progress on f/b, and I am glad he is doing better! I like both your WIP's, and can't wait to see the Christmas one!

Gabi said...

Hope Dylan is better soon. Lovely stitching :)