Saturday, February 04, 2012

Friday's stitching

Nothing exciting happening around here. I did sit and stitch while watching TV last night.
I will be stitching more on The 1892 Pledge again today. I am hoping to finish it this week. Then another UFO will be pulled out. At this time I do not know which one. They are all numbered. I have papers, with numbers on them, in a basket so I have Justin pull a number out and that will pick my next UFO.

I watched:
2 epsiodes Live With Kelly
2 episodes General Hospital

I also listened to Breaking The Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford. I am halfway through that. I also read some more of The Target by Catherine Coulter.

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Nan said...

You are making great progress on the 1892 Pledge. I think days where there is nothing going on are delightful so enjoy them. Can't wait to see your next WIP!

cucki said...

wow you making very lovely progress..
love cucki xx

Beth Pearce said...

Well, your piece gave me a history lesson. I had no idea that the pledge had been changed twice into what it is now. Google is a great thing - LOL! Can't wait to see which UFO into WIP you will pick up!

Mary Ivancicts said...

That is coming right along, looks great! Can't wait to see what is next!

Sharon said...

This is looking great Shelleen!

Elena said...

Nice progress!!