Sunday, October 01, 2006

BC Snappers is DONE!!!

Woohoo I finished it. All I have to buy is some black snaps for a couple of them. This will be done as a wallhanging and is a Christmas gift.

Von wanted to know since I go to Myrtle Beach a few days earlier than the convention, if I take time for myself. Yes I do. Some years DH goes with me , some years DH and both boys go with me. We make it a vacation for all of us and then when the reunion starts they go off and do things together. But this year and 2 years ago I rode with 3 other women and had a blast. We stop in Tenessee for a night and then in Manning , SC with Amy(owner of Cross Stitch pals) and then head on to the Beach.

Tony Stewart won todays NASCAR race and coasted most of the last lap since he ran out of gas. That was amazing.
Buffalo Bills beat Minnesota, woohoo!!!

Tonight is Desperate Housewives. I will DVR it though as I have to pick up DS#2 from work at 9.
Friday and yesterday I finished up the DVDs season 2 discs 2 & 3 of grey's Anatomy. I have Gilmore Girls season 1 to watch as I borrowed that from DS#1's friend.


AnneS said...

Way to go with BC Snappers - woohoo! :D

Meari said...

It's beautiful, Shelleen. I love it!

Julianne said...


Congratulations on a GREAT finish!

Von said...

Happy dance for a great project!!

It's good to hear that you get this great vacation time, Shelleen. Having some girlfriend time (especially with other stitchers) is so rejuvenating! And it's lots of fun on those family vacation years too - the best of both. :D

Sharon said...

congratulations on a great finish!

Janice said...

BC snapper is beautiful! Congratulation on wonderful stitching! Yeah Tony! Your vacation sounds great!!

Anonymous said...

Shelleen, I love the way this turned out! I really like when these little LK's are stitched on one piece of fabric. Congrats on a wonderful finish!