Friday, September 29, 2006

productive week

This is how much I have accomplished on BC Snappers as of last Sunday. I need to finish November and then start December. I am hoping to get quite a bit done on it this weekend.
I stitched on Snowy Forest Evening Stocking Tuesday morning - Thursday night and got alot accomplished. The bottom left just has a little bit of backstitching left on it.
I stitched on the Vermillion ornament, from the 2003 JCS ornament Issue. This I did on Monday the 25th in honor of Christmas. Should be done in October. Has a little bit of the beard to fill in then the backstitching.

I also finished reading A Wedding in December by Anita Shreve. it was ok, kind of slow. Now I am reading Cold Blooded by Lisa Jackson. So far it is good.

Have been watching DVD and TV shows. All caught up to Tuesday nights House. On Second season disc 2 of Grey's Anatomy. DS#1 has a friend that owns all seasons of Gilmore Girls and I have never watched that show so I will be borrowing them :-). I get a lot of stitching time in while watching DVDs LOL.

Today I am going to the LNS. I need to buy for a Pals Parcel and for the grab bag in Myrtle Beach. That's right , it is that time of year when I go to Myrtle Beach and have a Cross Stitch Pals reunion. I leave on the 13th and will be back around the 23rd. Taking my laptop so I can check emails and post on my blog.

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Von said...

You sure do get lots of stitching done while watching those dvd's! Great job. :D
Are you taking some extra time for yourself, Shelleen? The web page says the reunion starts on the 18th. Sounds like the perfect place to get away!