Friday, October 13, 2006

WIP pic and an exchange pic

I received this Halloween exchange from Julianne, through US exchange board. I just love everything.

This week I stitched on the stocking. I finished the backstitching on the left corner and started another section and then backstitched that. i am on another section now. This will be put away til I get back from Myrtle Beach. Yes, I am going to Myrtle Beach for the Cross Stitch Pals Reunion. I leave tonight and will be there on Tuesday.
I am taking my laptop so I am hoping to keep this updated a few times.

DS#2 is doing well with his leg. He did hurt it a little more but a different section. Just a small pulled muscle. he slipped and fell in the shower but is ok.
Today was our first snowfall, a very wet one and everything is covered and beautiful but way to early. There is no school as the town is without power. They are being told they might not get it back til Tuesday but I find that hard to believe. Tonight was our Homecoming dance and the boys each had a date. Now it looks like that won't happen either.


Meari said...

Your stocking is coming along well. Nice Halloween package, too! Have fun at the Pals reunion.

AnneS said...

What a great exchange you received - awesome :) Your stocking is coming along beautifully too :D