Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Friday evening DH and I went to Walmart and got the kid's school supplies.DS#1 will be a senior this year.
Then we visited with my parents.
Saturday DH and I went to Dansville for the Hot Air Balloon festival. We had a good time. DH bought some fudge, he loves the stuff. I got a cute ghost wind chime, for Halloween, of course :-) They had a stall for Italian Charms. 5 for $10 and I want to make my one watch into Nascar so I bought Nascar girl, #8, #3 , #12 and one that says Daytona. To eat I had a rueben sandwich , which was very good and DH had 2 hamburgers.
Today is DS#1's anniversary with his boyfriend. So DH and I are dropping them off to a nice restaurant and then doing some shopping. I need to also sit and stitch on the model that I have. I did do a little bit yesterday and as soon as I am done here I will work on it some more. Yesterday I also watched Perfect Stranger which I had from Netflix.
Right now I am reading The Cat Who dropped A Bombshell by Lilian jackson Braun.
I do have reading goals and stitching goals for September and I will post that seperatly.


BeckySC said...

Happy Labor Day to you as well my friend :)

Sharon said...

Happy Labor day to you all too. The festival sounded like such fun. I have had to work all weekend-yuck! Good luck with the goals.

Mary Ann said...

It sounds like you have had a busy weekend and Happy Labor Day to you, too! Good luck with your September goals!!

Michele said...

woo hoo! sounds like a lovely day! Can't wait to see that nascar bracelet :)