Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Changing Habits

I know we all go through changes with out tastes in cross stitching and every once a in a while we get rid of charts that we once liked and are no longer something that we want to stitch on. Well I am now going through that with books. I used to love V.C. Andrews and had read most of her series. So I am missing about 3 of her newer series and went to the library and got them all. I read one and started another and just can't get into these books anymore. it is always oh whoa is me, I am a rich person and girls and no good. So I am taking them all back to the library. Does anyone else go through this?

I stitched on a RR last weekend and now am stitching JCS 2005 Brittercup Designs britty Christmas Kitty. Very cute and a quick stitch. The only thing is while I was stitching the fabricseemes to be to small, that I cut. Lo and behold, read instructions. 1 strand over 1. Well DUH to me lol. So tore out what i had done and started over. Looks a lot better.

Reading: Laced - Carol Higgins Clark
Audio: The Woods - Harlan Coben
Stitching: JCS 2005 Brittercup Designs Britty Christmas Kitty
Netflix: Ultraviolet , The Brave One, I now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

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Meari said...

Yup. I used to read VC Andrews. I looked at one at the store a while back, and it held no interest for me.