Sunday, June 01, 2008

a little of this and a little of that

I have been stitching a lot in the month of May. I finished 2 cards by M Designs from the MB class that I took. I stitched up my monthly JCS ornament from the 1998 issue. The design is Mosey 'n Me's A Gift For a friend. There is supposed to be a little white bird button on the snowman's nose but I don't have any bird buttons in the house so I will have to pick one up sometime.

I also got quite a bit stitched on Fishing Santa Stocking. I am almost done with it.

Also is a pic of Justin's prom pic. They had a blast. He asked to use my car for the night and he was home by 11:30 as he did not want to go to parties as some had alcohol there. Smart kid. Justin is the one with the glasses on.

While stitching during the week I watched a bunch of movies.

The Waterhorse - Legend of the Deep

Umited 93


Stay Alive

X-Men :The Last Stand


The Secrets of The Summerhouse - Lifetime movie

I also finished an audiobook: Circle of Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini and I started another one by her called The Quilters Homecoming.

I won't be stitching much this month. Justin graduates on the 29th and I STILL have to put together his scrapbook. So I am finishing a square for a RR and then working on the scrapbook as much as possible. I will try to post pics of the pages.

I picked up a magazine. Cross Country Stitching June 2008. After reading on Becky's blog about the S is for Stitcher Sampler. I had to see the magazine in person and fell in love with this sampler and ,Peace,Love,Joy & Life Quilt Sampler and , Bee Kind , Bee True ABCs. So Does anyone want to do any SALs with me in the future. I want to do S is for Stitcher in the fall. The Peace Love and Joy in the winter and do Bee Kind in the spring. Just email me if interested.


Lisa said...

Your boy looks great! Hope he had fun at his prom.

Love the stitching finishes, too!

Ruth said...

Wow! I love the M Designs cards. You're reminding me of all the "great plans" I had for those..... hmmmmm.....

I can hardly believe that's your "little angel"!!!!!! :)

Sandy said...

Love the WIP and the finishes. Your son and his friend look so handsome, love the earring too. You sound like you've been very busy. :D