Sunday, March 06, 2011

Saturday SAT and Sunday Halloween SAL

Saturday was pretty busy. I took a huge bag of envelopes to the PO. I am in a Yahoo group where members post a RAK(random act of kindness) list and their addresses so I went through the list and all of my charts that I was getting rid of. I had a LOT! Then I cooked dinner for my in laws. Last Saturday my MIL had  another mini stroke. She was in good spirits and the hospital sent her home. I didn't have to cook but I did go visit  my in laws. Well her speech is hard to understand at times and she does get frustrated trying to get out what she wants to say. But I am so glad she is with us. My FIL is quiet so he doesn't say to much. Prayers for these wonderful people would be appreciated though.
I took my stitching as always and worked some more on HAED QS Fragile Heart
Today we had pretty nasty weather and Dylan and his *girlfriend* and I went grocery shopping. Dylan took groceries back with him and I had to get mine for the week. Some spots were pretty slippery.
I came home and stitched on Poof Hat by Ursula Michael while finishing listening to, Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich. Love this series :-)
Thank you for all the comments, I appreciate them very much,


Beth said...

Prayers and positive thoughts for your inlaws. I am really liking both your pieces, and you are moving along pretty well. Have you stitched anymore on RMC?

Kttycat said...

Sending prayers. Nice progress on your projects. I also just love Evanovichs series. So do you root for Joe or Ranger?

Measi said...

I hope your MIL recovers well. :(

Your projects are looking great!

Mary Ivancicts said...

Sending prayers for your MIL and family, hoping for a fast recovery for her.

Nancy in IL said...

Shelleen, I'm so sorry for your MIL's declining health. I will pray for them both.

Poof Hat is really coming along well for only a day a week, and it's fun watching Fragile Heart materialize!

chrisstitches said...

dramatic colors on the fragile heart. the hat is very colorful too. take care & hugs

Carolyn NC said...

Very nice progress!

Blu said...

Sending prayers.
Lovely progress on your WIPs.