Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Page 1 finished

of HAED QS Fragile Heart and then started page 2. There are 6 pages all together. But #3 and #6 are 1/4 pages.
HAED QS Fragile Heart
started January, 2011
25 ct, 1x1
For the past 3 nights I have also been watching movies:
Disney's Tangled - cute
Black Swan - Good
Skyline - combination of War of the Worlds meets Independence Day - enjoyed it, thinking there will be a part II
Life As We Know It - loved it

I edited my April goals and added my May goals. They are on my sidebar.

Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate them very much. I will be back to reading everyones blogs real soon.



Gwen said...

Looks good. You are making great progress.

Gabi said...

Great progress. She's looking gorgeous.

Measi said...

She's looking great!

Julie M said...

Quite the accomplishment Shelleen! When you are done with that I have the 12 Dancing princesses you could work on...just offering!

Nancy M said...

Congrats on finishing a page! That's always worth celebrating!

Anonymous said...

Love your fraigle heart,
I also listen to audio CD's, listen while I stitch.
just getting back into stitching after a brush with death that left me weak,still hard to write with pen.

Happy Mothers Day--- Rhonda polk